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By : Veda

Top 5 Film Making and Television Colleges in Pune

If there is one thing about India that is way, way above other countries, it’s the thing about expressing themselves before the world. Besides the fact that we have the largest gathering of humans per sq ft, we also have the largest and most thriving film-making industry. And, and equally large number of institutes which teach the awesome art of film-making! Even before we gained our independence, there came about forces which saw to it that India had more than its share of healthy theatre and later, moving making experiences such that today we are acknowledged as the biggest, and in some cases, also the best.

If film-making is an art, it also has its side of science which does not come simply come to people on a hunch. One needs to learn it step by step, and that too at the hands of masters. That then calls for institute which teach film making and tv serial production in all its spread and depth. Pune always was ahead of the pack. In fact, it was Pune which opened its doors for the first time to India grand-old man of movie making, the Prabhat Studios which today is known as the FTII! Over the years there have been others who have entered this space and contributed substantially to teaching not just the locals but Indian from all over the country, the fine art of movie-making.

We present today, a list of top 5 Film Making and Television Colleges in Pune!

1.The Film and Television Institute of India!

The Grand Old Dame of TV & Movie making has been around from 1960. Back then, it was the Film Institute. With time, things got added, including a campus, and lots and lots of departments and divisions, and of course prizes and accolades. What had not gone down thought is the Alumni’s quality of work. They continue to be India’s best actors, directors, technicians and everything else when it comes to movie making. Today at par with a university, it holds courses be it for kids to understand the process of movie making to the elderly who find individual facets of movie making very exciting and want to get into it, like sound engineering, editing etc. It’s for this reason that FTII’s courses range from a few days to a few years.

2. Deccan Education Society’s Institute of Film and Television, Navi Peth, Pune

The Institute by its own admission “teaches stuff that is needed” without un-necessarily falling into theoretical stuff that is hardly ever used. And this it does by keeping its courses short and to-the-point. All its faculty are hands-on professionals in the field with over 10-15 years of experience. Plus, the infrastructure, which as per the institute’s website “offers a state-of-the-art Media Centre to all its students. This Media Centre that is open 24 x 7 houses the latest equipment, tools and technology required in the industry. There is a full-fledged studio, an Edit Bay, a Green Room, world-class digital equipment and editing software. Students have full access to DES’ Jerbai Wadia library on the Fergusson College, Pune campus housing more than 2 lac titles and reference material. A glance at the equipment below is proof that we are leaving no stone unturned to turn you into a hard-core media professional ready for new-age challenges!”

3. School of Film and Media, Ajinkya DY Patil University, Lohegaon, Pune (Private). Set-up in the year 2015

This institute carry with it the formidable name of Pune’s most known educational institutions, the DY Patil Group! Ajinkya D Y Patil, an educationist and economist is the son of the founder Shri DY Patil, a known and admired name in the field of education, who in his time held important positions in the Indian National Congress in Maharashtra. As for the course ie Film and Media, they hold only 3 years bachelors courses and 2 years Masters (MBAs) in media, communication and all allied fields. The institute’s infrastructure is one of the best in the country. They, in addition to concentrating on movie and TV software making, also teach everything digital, the way the world is going, and that too keeping in mind all possible avenues.

4.MIT School of Film and Television – MITSFT, Loni Kalbhor, Pune (Private), Set-up in 2015Expect MIT to go the whole distance to give its students quality in all its form and content. The MIT School of Film and Television, Rajbaug, Pune, true to its form awards renowned degree qualifications be it B.Sc. & M Sc in Film Making with specializations in Direction, Screenplay Writing, Cinematography, Editing, Sound Recording & Design, besides an MSc In Visual Effects and Motion Graphics. Their campus situated in Loni Kalbhor, a suburb of Pune is a student’s dream when it comes to education and knowledge gaining. With its own well-stocked library, digital studios, classrooms and of course, the presence of the most eminent in the field, a qualification from here is sure to bring success to any student at any time in their career! Incidentally, the campus itself has been awarded the ‘Best University Campus’ at the 10th National Education Excellence Awards, 2017, by ASSOCHAM!

5.Design Media and Edutainment Solutions, Camp, Pune (Private)

They may not have the kind of heft the others may have but what they lack in a name and fame, they compensate in their sheer dedication to teach their students. That, and their faculty being low-profile but serious folks with 20 years of experience in various facets of arts makes them a formidable combination. While the others speak of communication and its design, Design Media and Edutainment speaks of design communication in fields as vast as:

Textile and fashion designing

Animation film design

Visual-effect design

Communication design

Industrial design

Game design

Digital film and TV production

Their full-time courses in the above subject make their students absolute professionals given the intense work they have to go thru.

That apart, what makes them stand-out are their short-term courses which are mostly of 6 months of which 5 are intensive in-institute training & 1 month on-the-job! These certificate courses cover important areas mostly in animation like:


3D Maya

Graphic Designing

Art & Design

And if you aren’t already in awe with them for the range of their courses, be informed that they have plenty of 1-2-day workshops on every aspect of design, be it about developing the right aptitude to learning a new software for everyone from trained people to those who barely understand the field.

In all if one were to learn animation or any one aspect of it, this institute could be your best bet!