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Frequently Asked Questions

For students with the right talent, we have several scholarships initiatives. Every year we providefor students who are brilliant at work but are unable to pay the stipulated fees. Performance in sports is also a criterion.Such students are given a scholarship of up to 10% of course fees.Do contact our course advisor on 020 640 13 441 / 44 to know schemes which may suit your needs best.

Yes, you can. While pursuing your graduation, you can side-by-side also pursue any of our professional degree courses which will not only increase you knowledge but also the chances of getting a gainful employment with higher returns. Following courses can be a best option for you.B.Sc. in Animation

M.A. in Animation

Yes you can. The ability to drawand sketch gives an edge at best. Besides, there are several jobs of multimedia, VFX and Animation totally dependent on the mastery of systems, computer and programmes like Inking and Painting, Editing, Compositing and Rotoscoping etc. where the knowledge and ability to draw, paint or illustrate is not of great relevance.Additionally, from the very beginning of the course, we do teach elementary drawing required for animation so that even if you do not have any background of arts and drawing, you will learn it during the duration of the course.

We have a very active placement cell manned by a dedicated HR manager who meets and contacts animation and designing studios nationally and internationally. When companies call upon us with their requirement(s), we pass on the information to our students, groom them and arrange on-campus and off-campus interviews for them.One clarification we would like to make here is that our services for placement are free of charges to our students (please see the terms and conditions). Credit goes to the respectedemployers as also the students who may fulfill the former’s criteria.

We organize lots of industry tours and outdoor activities for our students to study nature and be inspired by it. We also have a dedicated sports academy with a big, big play ground which is ideal for students to hold tournaments in addition to daily sports. We also celebrate our annual day, Animation day and other important festivals in the academy.This is just a snippet of what all we do. To know more, please visit our student life section.

I want to join your Degree Program but the fee is a problem?

We request you to take time and visit our campus once. Rest assured that the visit would be an eye opener. A beautiful, secureand serene campus with the best of facilities to pursue the course as also other interests, you would surely find the fee way too competitive for what we have on offer. Our staff, course-related infrastructure and free placement in known animation studios would surely bring you around to the view that the fee is commensurate with what we offer.

Where you still have doubts regarding the fee, we strongly suggest you pay a visit to our facility and meet the Student’s advisor who just might come-up with something of mutual interest to both you are the institution. You might consider checking our scholarship page also.

Yes, a beautiful hostel just opposite to college building with an internet facility exists within the rooms. The latter has blanket security with night-vision CC TV cameras, great living experience and plenty of dense greenery. For women students, there exists a separate hostel inside the campus. Admission to the hostel is based on the course selected (i.e. priority would be given to students who may have to stay on the campus for the longest duration) and the availability of rooms and space.Hostel fee is not included in the course fee and are chargedseparate at prevailing rates which presently are around Rs.2500.00to 3000.00 per month, payable quarterly. The hostel gates close for the night at around 10.00 PM and strict discipline is maintained.

The college infrastructure is made to accommodate not more than 20-25 in one class. Our Computer Labs where the students practice their skills on machines though are open for extra seating. These in addition are open on weekends to facilitate students’ practice sessions.Practical for 3D Animation and Visual Effects are typically done in the computer lab. For 2D Animation and Graphic Designing,separate rooms are allotted. Check out our College Photos.

Animation as an industry is more of hands-on experience than qualifications like degrees and diplomas though the latter is necessary to give the students a head-start in the industry filled with half-baked, half-trained manpower.Owning to this VEDA has taken on itself the task of training people and certifying their competence in-house instead of awaiting a formal university-college certification. The latter in addition to being a lengthy, time consuming affair are also relatively expensive and sometimes not within the reach of people with modest financial means. University-certified courses also demand resources like regular time and efforts in the form of assignments which may not be conducive to most employed people who in most cases are already short of time.

VEDA’s courses are tailor made to the needs of people and so are a great hit with people on tight budgets and timelines.

Our animation and multimedia courses like B.Sc MGA and M.A. Animation are mostly affiliated with the YashwantraoChavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU),Nashik and the Karnataka State Open University (KSOU). All the students taking admission in university affiliated courses get their qualification certificates directly from either one of the above two universities. Please read your university admission form and prospectus thoroughly before attempting to gain admission.Check our University profile page to know more.

Presently non of our courses have any affiliation to the Pune University.

Yes,our university affiliated courses are under the Distance Learning mode. As such, anyone from anywhere can join these courses in the open and distance learning mode. But, be informed that Open and Distance learning Degree carry the same weight and validity as any regular college degree as per UGC’s provisions and proclamation.Being distance learning based, we strongly suggest you attend classes at VEDA regularly for all courses. Classes for 3d animation, web designing, 2d animation and graphic design can be fun in addition to being informative where you attend formal classes which you may miss-out where you try doing the same from a remote location.

Please check important notification of UGC for distance learning courses.

Student clubs are small groups of like-minded students aimingto develop themselves personally and socially. Students by their free will join these groups during their college years. At VEDA, it is mandatory for a fresher to join the student club immediately after admission though they are free to change their clubs where the existing one does not further their cause or they are otherwise not comfortable.

VEDA’s Office of Career Development provides anarray of services to assist students with professional development. These include help in securing campus jobs, co-ordination of job interviews and career fairs, assistance with preparing a résumé, and identification of internship opportunities. The college provides internship facilities and part-time jobs assistance to students to improve upon their work experience.However, VEDA does not claim and provide any guarantee for placement or of any particular remuneration. Please read our students handbook (Code of conduct) carefully to know in detail our placement policies.

PAI International Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an apex (Parent) company governing all the affairs of VISUAL ELEMENT DESIGN ACADEMY (VEDA). All financial transactionsare to and from PAI International Learning Soltuions Pvt. Ltd. College of Visual Effects,Design & Art is established and affiliated to the MCE Society’s group of institutes at Azam Campus in Pune.

Yes, upon enrollment, every VEDA student receives his/her personal email ID. Students get to use the latest in technology both within the classroom and outsidefor such varied activities as completing coursework, internet research and communicating with professors, classmates, friends and family. For more information on academic facilities check our page.

There doexist elaborate sports-related infrastructure on Azam Campus of which VEDA is a part. Also, we have the VEDA Sports Club, which coordinate all the sports related affairs whether inside or outside the college. Our students are great sportspersons which can be gauged by the fact that the VEDA cricket team is one of the finest sports team in the city.Check our sports facilities page to know more.