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If Akshay Kumar’s razor-sharp shark teeth are any indication, Shankar’s 2.0 is set to tear thing apart and tear them to shreds! And that it does with its super tagline “The world is not only for Humans”

One thing it has already done and that too even before its release is that it has torn the idea that things can’t go beyond Bahubali’s INR 250 crore earnings! As on date just the cost of 2.0 is close to INR 500 crores- almost double the cost of making the Bahubali series!

And for all the nay-sayers who gloat on the sidelines that such a huge budgeted movie would be difficult to sell, let it be known that the movie has already sold its satellite rights for a whopping INR 110 crores! The rest rests on the impressively mighty shoulders of Rajni Sir and Khiladi Kumar, both known to turn around the fortunes of any movie they work in.

Yes, a movie of this magnitude does have its share of scares what with Rajnikant’s last movie “Kaala” not doing enough to set the cash registers on fire. It barely managed INR 10 crores in its Hindi avatar and has the producers worried. Is the Rajni effect waning? Most likely not. And even if it did, there is Khiladi Kumar whose starts are on the rise for quite some time now.

As for the movie itself, its built around the idea of the transformers which transforms from one entity to another in the mater of seconds. Here, it’s not cars to machines but cell phones to machines. Yes, cell phones from everywhere (in your hands, in shops, at homes, everywhere) get sucked on the calling and form a swirling ferocious mass which then shows the face of the Antagonist. Actually, the real story from whatever we can surmise is that the villain is actually a Scientist who is concerned with what we have done to birds and bees with our crazy obsession for technology and this fact comes to light in the very first scene in the teaser when a huge, huge swarm of birds are seen flying around a cell-phone tower (the other could be the tagline “The world is not only for Humans”). Presumably this is their way of showing their anger towards what it has done to birds- all but destroyed them.

Somewhere in his quest to set things right, things go very wrong for the Antagonist (Akshay Kumar’s character) and he develops a strange appearance and wants to bring harm to humanity. And he can, which becomes evident from the novel way in which he snatches phones from everywhere!

When it becomes evident to everyone in power (Adil Hussain, the Minister) that the Antagonist is hell-bent upon destruction and that nothing in the world can stop him, they turn to Dr.Vaseegaran who in turn looks to Chitti, his look-alike robot. And so goes the story!

The bigger story here is not the story itself but the story of the making of the movie, its budgets, and the number of languages it is being dubbed in and so on. For the records,

  • Of the whopping INR 540 crores, a huge, huge chunk goes to pay the leading men. Figures, don’t ask. Instead, go figure it out!
  • Of what-ever remains, INR 100 crores accounts for cost and time over runs, meaning no addition to the movie itself but an expenditure all the same- and a big, big one at that!
  • Bahubali’s earnings were INR 250 crores. 0’s costs itself is double that!
  • Part of the INR 540 crores have already been recovered by selling the satellite rights for INR 110 crores!
  • 0 shall be dubbed in “over 15 languages” (Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and many other languages). Even the likes of Sound designer Resul Pookutty finds this formidable and says it would take a minimum of three months to work things out.

We could go on and on and on about the movie and you would be sitting there reading and turning into something like the antagonist. Better still, book the tickets RIGHT NOW and see it first day, first show on 29 November 2018 when it is being released! BOOK THE TICKETS RIGHT NOW. If nothing else, you would be doing your bit to recover the costs!

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Silence sometimes speaks louder than words. In noisy times like ours, it is silence which creates the most noise!

Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin knew this way before others. And helping him in his silent movie endeavors was the era of silent films. They didn’t speak a word then, but they communicated a lot more than we do these days because situations create emotions and we equate emotions with sounds! His movies are always a source of inspiration for many of our students specially those who take admission in our Diploma in Visual Effects and Film Making courses.

One of his greatest classics, the silent comedy movie “City Lights” still lights up people’s lives even today- a full 87 years after it was released! It is said that by then i.e. 1931, sound and dialogues started to appear in films but Charlie Chaplin was adamant he did not want the same for this feature. And boy it worked wonders!

Looking back, it may seem like the story of a time when there still was innocence in the air around us; when cell-phones and gadgets did not occupy the entire waking hours of us humans, when before buying anything, we seemed to reflect how deep our pockets were and to the depth the seller had gone to bring the product to us. Yes, those were slower times when digital watches weren’t around but time still passed by fairly well.

About the story, it’s about the infatuation/ love of the Tramp (who else in a Charlie Chaplin movie!) to a blind flower-seller girl. He was always is on the road doing odd jobs to keep himself aloft. With a heart full of gold, his pockets, unfortunately, are just as empty. Never-the-less, he tries in his own super-sweet, super-innocent and super-emotional ways to make a difference. Life seems to support the tramp in his mission to bring the gift of sight to the hapless flower-seller girl when he meets a drunk millionaire who is about to commit suicide. He too is a regular with the blind-girl for flowers. Drunk, he becomes a large-hearted benefactor. Sane, he doesn’t remember a thing. His extremes bring in the essential comic relief. And is also the reason the tramp ends up behind bars once too often! The tramp’s attempts to make money doing odd-jobs come to a naught and he has finally to depend upon the Drunk (in the right mood to relent!). He does get the money but not before his share of crazy capers including an attempted robbery. Behind bars, he finds it hard to explain how he got the money. Add to that the Drunk millionaire who doesn’t remember a thing of having given it to the tramp!

The money finally reaches the blind flower-seller girl. And not before the Tramp is arrested for robbery! By the time he is released, she has her sight restored- but doesn’t recognize him! How she finally does, is the stuff of sheer brilliant story-telling, and needs only to be seen to understood and appreciated!

If you are a student of Visual Effects Course or studying Film Making in Pune, be informed that Veda College Pune is holding a special screening of this awesome silent-era movie at Hi-Tech Hall, Azam Campus on 23 Nov 2018 .

Be there and see the power of silence being spoken and how love transcends everything!

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Why did it happen?

This may seem an innocuous question. It is. Think deeper and you realize that a “Why” is the reason behind most stories! It is the central reason which propels stories to be formed and told over and over again.

Why did the world come about? Because Adam and Eve came together! And why did they come together? Well because they ate the forbidden apple and were cursed to become humans and so out of heaven!

Something similar is the case with questions like” Why did the Mahabharata happen? Why did Mahavir Singh Phogat go after his daughters to become wrestlers? Why did they have to land a rocket on the moon? Why, why, and more whys!

The fine art of story-telling and weaving magic (including lies in office, lies to the wife/ girlfriend, lies to the teacher and all other lies which were never caught!) by bringing facts across does not arise if the “Why” is not considered strongly at its very onset.

This fact comes out rather strongly when the stories get related to a larger audience like for example movies, TV serials, news articles etc. Implausible stories get some traction till the audience is small as is the case with most folk-lore which are region & religion specific and somehow does not fit into any other genres or stories which need the backing of another story or are not stories at all but are portrayed as such. Like a small fish in a deep and rough sea, small & weak stories get lost in as their “Whys” aren’t strong enough to support their existence. The bigger, more plausible and strongly built stories get told over and over again as there is substance, drama and a certain degree of attraction for the characters therein, like for example the central idea of the Gita and the Mahabharata and such epics. People will listen to it a million times. And yet want to listen to it again! Here, the element of “Why” comes out in capital and bold!

To understand the effect of the “Why” in story-telling remember a time in Bollywood in the years between min 90s and early 2000s. Movies were made in numbers and went down just as fast. Why? Because their central themes, the story & bedrock which carries the load of the movie on its shoulders, was very weak (if not completely non-existent in some cases!). The mid-2000s to the present, Bollywood has sprouted some seriously good movies which have been greatly appreciated by the masses. Why? Because the story-line is strong and its narration impressive. A case in point is Anurag Kashyap’s “Gangs of Wassypur”, a gritty yet earthy film on the lives and times of families in a small town in hinterland India which was located on the crossroads of India’s coal belt. The story strongly in place, each character and situation has been given the treatment which sees them stand on their own two feet!

So, for all those among you who want to become story-tellers across mediums, forums and platforms, if there is one thing you ought to keep in mind to make effective stories which get told a million times (and more if it possibly can!), get your “Whys” in place. And do it strongly with all the bells and whistles in place. If done as desired, you could just be on of the most effective story-teller the world has ever seen- and one who can have a name and fame which matches the best in the world!


Prof. Rishi Aacharya
M.Sc.-I.T. ,B.Sc. Multimedia
Principal & Director
University D.L. Programmes
MCE Society’s College of Visual Effects,Design & Art
Ground Floor , Hotel Management Building ,Azam Campus , Camp, Pune 411001

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Our B.Sc third year Students  got an Opportunity to an industry tour of  Reliance Games arranged by  P.A.INAMDAR COLLEGE OF VISUAL EFFECTS DESIGN & ART.

In the session they tested a game which is designed by the studio and shared their reviews with the game developing team. They also learned about the Workflow of the 𝟐𝐃 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝟑𝐃 𝐠𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐠 Pipeline, which will be very beneficial for them in future.

The overall session was fun and interactive. Students enjoyed the visit and learned so much from the studio.

BENEFITS FOR STUDENTS: Students got the knowledge of Gaming Industry Pipeline, also the studio is interested in giving workshop to students and taking students for internship also.

  • Our visit started with a warm welcome by the Reliance Studio Team.
  • Afterwards, the team provided their Game to the students, for testing.
  • After the testing of the Game, they took feedback from each student.
  • Our students from both PAI VEDA & VEDA EXTENSION CENTRE gave their feedbacks based on the testing.
  • The feedback session went for a long time but was quite interesting.
  • Reliance Team took the students feedback positively and was quite impressed with some students as they haven’t expected this type of quality feedback from students.
  • Afterwards, they provided some refreshment to the students and the staff.
  • Post lunch they provided one more game for testing and took a quick feedback for that also.
  • After the testing and feedbacks, we interacted with the Team Leads of Modeling & Texturing, Rigging & Animation and Pre-Production Departments.
  • All the Team Leads shared the work pipeline of Game Industry.
  • They also shared some valuable information regarding Modeling, Texturing, Rigging and Animation.
  • Also, they told us about the Importance of Sketching and Color Theory in Game Industry and Production.
  • They shared some good tips on making a good Demo reel/ Portfolio for Fresher’s.
  • We also met with the HR of the studio.
  • In the discussion with the HR, they told us that they can do a 1 day workshop after Diwali.
  • Also, they are interested in taking up some students for internship and might be do some hiring.
  • The overall tour was quite interesting, fun and knowledgeable.

Students who wish you create their career in Game  Designing can also join Diploma in Game Designing , an year long programme for teaching the complete aspect of game design and making a strong vote for the job in Game Industry.

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Dear Students & parents,
As per our previous communication through official what’s up group dated 6th and 13th Oct we had a visit to KSOU on 25th to 27th Oct to discuss the progress of KSOU related degree mark sheets & results of previous students. During this visit from the university office, we came to know that university is working in the direction to resolve the issue. They had assured to find out some solution in next three four-month time. As this was our last & final official visit to KSOU Mysore we would like to inform that students can now directly do the correspondence to university if they want.
The college will release next notification only after any confirm news from the university.
Thank you
Akhil Bhartiya Kala Gaurav Samman
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On the auspicious day 17th International Animation Day PAI College of VEDA celebrated their 4th Akhil Bhartiya Kala Shikshak Gaurav Samman on 28th Oct, 2018.
Principal Prof. Rishi Aacharya started this initiative to appreciate and reward eminent personalities from the field of art and animation, who have made a mark in the society. The result was Kala Shikshak Gaurav Samman Awards. He added in his speech: We will continue inviting & appreciating the Artist of India.

The List of Awardees was:
1) Shri. Vaibhav Kumaresh (2D animator) http://www.vaibhavstudios.com/

2) Shri. Sudhakar Chavan (Artist) http://sumbaran.org/about.html

3) Shri. Nitin Desai (Film Production) http://www.nitindesaiartworld.com/

4) Shri. Ravsaheab Gurav (Artist) http://www.ravsahebgurav.com

The Chief Guest for the Program was Dr. Uday Kumar Dharmalingam; He is the Designer of the India Rupee Symbol. He was very much thrilled with the concept. He addressed Students & in his Speech he said: One should have passion for his working. One should learn ourselves to discover our self to rule the world.

Students were awarded for their good work done in Arts, Shri. Vaibhav Kumaresh added: Variety of Talent among Students is needed to scale their individual performance.

Shri Sudhakar Chavan after receiving the awarded was so touch with his feelings commented that, I appreciate PAI College of VEDA for this honour to him as a Teacher. He also said that we need to have sensitive thinking & imagination!

While awarding Students Shri Raosaheb Gurav expressed his valuable views: Dedication is required in all the students & he himself will never give up ART.

Teaching, Non Teaching Staff & students of PAI College of VEDA attended the Session.

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It was a great day 6th Aug 2018 when our president Dr. P.A. Inamdar Sir and Veda College got “Lifetime Achievement Award” for creative excellence in Graphics, Animation, and VFX education field in past 8 years

The award was given by legendary production designer and Art Director Shri. Nitin Desai himself in the presence of renowned film Director N.Chandra at ND Film World Karjat.

More than 200 members of press and media along with many TV and Film Celebrities were there in the programme.

Shri Irfan Shaikh Sir Joint. Secretary of MCE Society has received the honor on behalf of Inamdar Prof. Ifran Shaikh Sir has always been the guide and coach of our college. We would like to thank him for his presence

On this occasion along with the VEDA College Staff, all the final Year Students were also present. The occasion was even got special due to the participation of Veda Extension Center MG Road. The Director of the Center Shri Saleem Sarfani Sir and his team of MG Road have also attended the programme
This is a new beginning of Veda College’s strong relations with the Bollywood and film industry and will sure open new doors for students’ placement
The “Lifetime Achievement Award” is a stamp of our quality education the field and proves us a market leader. Please refer some of the event photographs too

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Date of Visit: 25th July, 2018                                 Company: ND’s Film World

Location: Karjat Road, Khalapur, Raigad. Maharashtra

P.A.Inamdar College of VEDA organized a visit to ND’s Film World along with their BSC Media Graphic & Animation Students. The purpose of the visit was to make awareness of the process & the history of Indian Cinema.

ND’s Film World its a very beautiful example of great articheture.  Its has the Hindi Cinema wall which denotes the story & growth of Entertainment

Nitin Desai Art World Private Limited was set up in 2002 By Nitin Chandrakant Desai. In 2005 he started ND a film and television production studio, established in northern suburb of Mumbai in Karjat, Maharashtra

ND studio offers a unique proposition as it provides services for all stages of Film production, from the initial stage of Storyboarding to the final stage of VFX

ND Studio is spreaded in wide 52 Acres of land, which has beautifully lush greenery & has sets for:

  • Pre Production
  • Production
  • Post Production
  • ND Art School
  • ND Theme park
  • Sets of Different famous Movies. To Mention Few:

Jodha Akbar; Prem Ratan Dhan Payo; Sholay, Shivaji; CST- The Famous Victoria Terminus-Bombay; Town Square; Sheesh Mahal

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industry-visitAbout Start Copiers:
Since its establishment in 1988, Star Copiers has strived hard to carve an identity that denotes integrity, quality, and reliability. What started as a small venture has today turned into an industry which provides its customers with a variety of products, services, and choices. Achieving customer satisfaction and quality are the objectives that Star Copiers stands by.


industry-visitP.A.Inamdar College of VEDA organized an Industry visit for their BSC Media Graphic & Animation Students. The purpose of the visit was to make awareness of printing in today’s world of Digital Printing.

Learning for Students:

  • Types of papers
  • The complete process of printing different types of books
  • New Technology in Printing
  • Different type of Machines
    • Binding
    • Glue
    • Press
    • Cutting
  • Lamination & Framing
  • Know how of Flex Printing
  • How does climatic changes, Temperature makes a difference in paper quality
  • Revolution of Digital Printing

The visit has made students understand the values of papers & how to make maximum use of technology. All students had a great learning day at Star Copiers.


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veda-staffPAI College of VEDA is B.SC Animation College & also a research division of Animators, Photographers & Film Editors., VEDA is a Pune based Institute has Introduced India’s First ever learning modules even for School Students in the age group of 6 years to 14 years & for above BSC Animation Certified & YCMOU Approved Courses. Students are trained thoroughly by our expert Trainers in Animation

VEDA (Visual Effects, Design & Arts) concepts are imbibed in our students to help them understand the school academics and gain meaningful knowledge of Animation

studentsPAI College of VEDA has been on the forefront of technology knowledge promotions since 2009. On 16th July 2018 we had Students orientation / Fresher’s Day program.

Induction Program was hosted by Prof. Rishi Aacharya-Principal of PAI College of VEDA. The program was attended by First Year Students along with their parents. We also conducted Musical Chair activity for Parents & Innovating thinking program for Students.

Animation field is growing because the potential of creative & imagination. This year we have got enrollments from 13 States of India

rishi-acharya“We are committed to spread the awareness on Visual Effects, Design & Arts. As Animation is an excellent approach to engage students in meangiful learning for their bright future.’ Said Prof. Rishi Aacharya (Principal of PAI College of VEDA)