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Sciencify is Pune’s leading Inter School science initiative with more than 30 schools on board. We conduct inter-school science exhibitions, science fiction writing camps, summer camps and hands-on science & math workshops for schools. Sciencify 2019 is being organized by PAI College of VEDA, Azam Campus as a part of its Sciencify India Programme. The event was being organized in collaboration with Life-Lab & Marathi Vigyan Parishad, Pune. This year, students made models with materials provided at the time of competition. We also had a science fiction storytelling workshop, including a story narration contest based on India’s leading science graphic novel Gappu & Bobo! The awards to students were given on basis of their performance in the Design Challenge:

● Award for Best Creativity

● Award for Best Innovation

● Award for Best Problem Solving.

The winners of various contests are as follows:

  • Design Challenge (Junior Category)

🥇 Utakarsh English Medium School

🥇 Anglo Urdu Boy’s High School & Junior College

🥇 Jawahar English Medium School

  • Design Challenge (Senior Category) 

🥇 Anglo Urdu Boy’s High School & Junior College

🥇 DES New English Medium School

🥇 Iqra English Medium School

  • Comic-Con Story Narration Contest (Junior Category) 

🥇 Mount Litera Zee School

🥇 S B Patil Public School

  • Comic-Con Story Narration Contest (Senior Category) 

🥇 Mansukhbhai Kothari National School

🥇 PAI Parvaaz Division, Azam Campus

The Prizes were distributed by the hands of Chief Guest Dr. Harshada Babrekar, She is a Research Scholar I Science Park, Savitribai Phule University of Pune. She Said: She was so very much impressed with the performance of Students by Instant Designing Module; she also said that this will help them understand better in real life.

The event organizer Mr. Lewitt Somarajan, CEO & Founder of LIFE-LAB was also present for award ceremony along with Dr. Vidyadhar Borkar an Executive Committee  Member of  Marathi Vigyan Parishad (MAVIPA) was also present.

Dr. Rishi Aacharya, Director of Sciencify India Program & Principal of PAI College of VEDA said: We will create much more opportunities for students to understand Science in a simple way & get the best creativity & Innovation from the students.

helpful tools For Freelance writers!
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So you have made the decision to break the shackles of a 9-5 job and become a free-spirited freelance writer! Congratulations, it’s one decision if taken considering all factors in mind which shall see you grow in time. BUT it is one mode of working with its own set of immense pitfalls which need to be addressed well in time so that you remain committed to your cause and complete everything on the table, well in time!

One thing which has come as a great boon to humanity, very much including freelance writers is the digitization of means of communication and the world of internet, cloud, and cyberspace! With these in place, a plethora of sites and apps have come up using which one can not only save time and money but also increase one’s productivity immensely! We mention a few below!



The best of writers too need to read. What you read translates directly into how and what you write. The best of bloggers too have their own set of folks whom they look up to not just for the right information but also the style of writing and ways of presentation. Feedly thus is one place where blogs have been segregated interest-wise. Register and you get blogs on your subject/ interest practically every day. Read them and get enlightened without the worry of going from site to site trying to read the best of stuff. you see is an aggregator of news and articles which gets you all the possible information which figures anywhere in the world!




Enter the site above and the landing page says

Focus@Will. Reduce distractions at work. Music scientifically optimized to help you focus

In just a few words, it is amply clear as to what this site does. Music, as we all know, either distract or attracts us towards work. If you are the kinds who finds music bringing you into focus, register at this site. You are given a limited free offer post which you pay and avail the services. At INR 700.00 a month, it may see a wee bit expensive by Indian standards though. And the best part is that you can select music according to different times of the day and different settings of work! So what you get in not one size fits all! Your music shall change with your moods and work pressures!



For those freelance writers who need to do repetitive work, this site is a sheer god-send! Imagine if at the end of each article you were to write a lengthy “terms and conditions” and had to do it each and every time! Yes, you could cut and paste things but wouldn’t it be just as good if you could configure the same on a website and use it by writing just an abbreviation (like T&Cxxx!). You could do this anywhere on the globe give that this is a cloud-based application! For most writers, such things are standard stuff. So, this site can be of great, great use!



You were to Madagascar and this was the photograph that you got in the jungles there. What if you want to send it to a friend on the fly- right there with the action right in front of you! You could either download it from your camera onto your comp and using the latter add to the obvious ring. Or, you could transfer it to skitch, an awesome product from evernote and do the same right there from your camera – without the need to do anything else. And send it to the world right away! Cool, isn’t it! And this is where it comes in handy for most freelance content writers! Use it to make a point or to point out things which would be difficult to describe in words!


  • Keep notes with Google Keep!


If there is one thing Freelance writers do that is keeping lots and lots of notes. And they do it all the time in all possible places on all possible gadgets. Result? In the normal order with very limited synchronization, it means only one thing: CONFUSION! But now with Google Keep, you can make notes on a mobile phone, link it to your email ID and see it on ANY gadget anywhere! Not it even has a voice-activated avatar so that you needn’t even type stuff! As for keeping notes, it is one of the most comprehensive which takes care of all your needs- IN ONE PLACE!


  • Focusbooster


Freelance writers are notorious for slacking on work and then overworking themselves to the point of exhaustion when the deadlines are near. And they do this all the time. To keep up with productivity, write well and enjoy both work and free-time, a system call Pomodoro was introduced somewhere in the 1980 for software development. Over time with digitization and mechanization, the Pomodoro methodology has been adapted in the form of apps which guide you on how much and when to work and how long to slack. This results in a huge improvement in productivity and ends up helping completing the work well in time with enough time to spare for other commitments in life. Focus Booster is one such application for sure!



Original writing is something rare in the cyberworld and it has started to affect the quality of information available. To know if the article you wish to peruse is original or not, use copyscape to know before-hand if the same is original as it claims or not. You just need to post the article here and the next thing you know if who was its originator and who all have been using it!



What is the thing worse than copying? It is creating a poor copy with lots of spelling and grammatical mistakes! And folks do it all the time little realizing how it affects the quality of their work. Freelance writers, if you want your articles to be taken seriously enough, invest in Grammarly (the paid version of course!). It helps you check everything from grammar to sentence formation, punctuation to overall language quality. What you shall get at the end of the Grammarly checking are sentences and articles that folks feel like reading and referring. With quality going through the roof, it’s a matter of time before the famed Search Engines too take notice and give you a high ranking!

Dumbo, the real jumbo
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We have legs so we run. Which means if we have hands, we should climb. And if possible, even fly!
And what if you had large, large ears like Dumbo? What would you do? Fly obviously! But, is it that easy? Well, to those who are gifted, and have large ears, this could just be a reality!
This then is the story of Dumbo, the flying elephant (or at least a baby elephant) who landed in a circus almost like being born there (you see, it’s the stork who brought it above the circus and promptly dropped it into Mama Elephant’s waiting arms!). Yes, to those wanting something badly enough, god and the universe too conspire to have them come true- even if it’s a jumbo (named Dumbo)!
But why the name Dumbo? Because that’s what the world took him to be due to his super-large elephant ears (yes, larger than normally large elephant ears!) which was also the source of all his embarrassing goof-ups which led him further down the stairs into complete ignominy. And what about Mama Elephant? Surely, she could have helped her godsend of a son. She could but then the circus where she was one of the performing elephants had locked her into one of the prisons not wanting her to instigate her son to do more inadvertent harm.
And what happens to kids where they are forced to stay away from their parents? They become everyone’s favorite punching bag. And the world does it remorselessly because they can get away with it. But then, as luck would have it, the elephant makes friends with a mouse! Yes, the large makes friends with the small. And it’s small which helps the large realize how large, large really is! Yes, the mouse Timothy helps Dumbo realize that the latter can fly!
We have given you a very, very brief excerpt of what Dumbo is all about. Given that the movie comes from none other than the best of makers of animations, Walt Disney, it is a given that the quality of storytelling would be awesome! Also, the voice-overs of all the main characters would also be very known faces like Colin Farrell, Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito, Eva Green, and Alan Arkin.
With a storyline such as this and a creator such as Disney, the movie would certainly be anything but dumb!
An aside. Who creates the best in Animation? Of course, without a doubt, Disney! And who in the world of education in Animation, VFX, 2D & 3D is the most trusted and recognized in Pune (and certainly beyond!)? PA Inamdar College of Visual Effects, Design & Art! More than a decade in the industry with leading lights as its faculty and ex-students, it’s one place that teaches animation such that its pass-outs don’t go after jobs. Jobs come to them…all the time. With a campus on the greenest corner of Pune city, the Azam Campus abutting Pune’s help MG Road, it has both the traditional and modern on its campus. Traditional are its thoughts about education and modern are its ways of implementing and teaching. A huge library, own green and blue rooms, computer lags, massive classrooms, huge and lush outdoors, own hostel and staying facility, it’s one place where only the serious come to get a serious education. And when they complete it, jobs land up at their doors like Dumbo landed up on the circus tent- very big and very obvious!
For a movie that makes sense, wait for Dumbo to get released on the 29th of March 2019. For education in animation movie making, come to the PA Inamdar College of Visual Effects, Design & Art! Because animations come to life when animators get an education ONLY here!

What are the best colleges for a BSc in animation in India?
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If you are based in Punjab and want to complete your animation degree programme, the sad news is there are not many options available in Punjab state. Most of the animation institutes in Punjab are providing good animation courses but unfortunately, they are not affiliated with any university and hence they can not offer B.Sc. in animation kind of degrees to the aspirants.

We see many students of Punjab are really possessed excellent creative skills and can do really cool in Animation and VFX but due to lack of awareness and govt initiatives till date, there is no animation learning hub or innovation center for students to go and get professional animation skills. However if you are determined to go for B.Sc. in animation and can not move out of your state you can consider B.Sc. in animation from Punjab Technical University, Kapoorthala. The university was established in 1997 and quite popular for value-added programmes.
Apart from this CT University, Ferozepur Road, Ludhiana, Punjab can be another option. CT university was run B.Sc. in animation and B.Des in Animation. If you are ok to study in Kapoorthala, GNA University Kapurthala is also an option. Apart from these universities Chitkara University, Guardian School of Design and Management, RIMT University, SBBS University also run various degree and diploma programmes in animation. However, we always recommend the students that animation is a professional career option and one should give the priority to quality of education rather than local factors.
Veda College Pune is offering animation degree B.Sc animation for a decade and saw many creative students from Punjab coming to Pune for doing their bachelors and master course in animation.

Giving ranking of best or worst to any college depends on various factors like their academic excellence, technical infrastructure, peer to peer learning, Industry exposure and of course placements. Hence I strongly recommend the students looking for the best college in animation to not just search the colleges or institute in their local areas but to also go outside to compare the above-said parameters through multiple sources. Do not forget to talk to the ex-students of the college or to check google reviews of the college before you make a final mind for anyone.

B.Sc. animation in Punjab is one of the hottest and most search course in Punjab and students should be very selective before they choose anyone for their future.
But in case you want to take exposure to animation and VFX studies in Pune, Veda Animation College is ready to welcome artists and aspirants like you. Please check our B.Sc. Animation Programme for more information.

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Firstly let’s get to know what actually design and animation refers to. The logos, icons, signs, as well as the structure of various things, are included in designs category, whereas animation is typically a mode of imagination, which helps us to think of a particular concept in an imaginary world. So how do these all help in the upliftment of the society or you may say the country’s development?

In the past times, a man used actions to communicate instead of languages which are used in today’s time. Likewise, nowadays even actions are used for the ones who can’t hear or speak. For them to understand and for their entertainment, animation took a major part in their life.

Advertisements gave us an idea about the product how it is and for what it is used. For example Glasses . The advertisers use animation to show how glasses have a uniqueness like UV protection and explain us, how it saves our eyes from the hot sun rays. Not only for the deaf but also for normal people animation has helped to spread awareness of weather, crimes happening around and how to be safe from them. Animated movies, clips don’t only entertain but they also have a hidden message in them. Like, Cancer by smoking cigarettes, Education is important whether be a girl or a boy, how plastic is getting worst for humans, shortage of water, the growing pollution, etc which may go to the extent of taking our lives and thus may save several lives.

Now, let’s move on to Designs. In which you may see sign-boards situated on roads have helped the drivers tremendously in just watching the signboard and moving without slowing down rather than taking time to read the text and understand the path ahead. So the arrows, a part of designs help us to take the right way even if lost in a lonely place. Icons of silence in libraries inform that we have to be silent, no smoking signs are to stop the smokers to smoke in places like hospitals, schools etc. No parking signs explain where to park and where not to, imagine if it didn’t exist people may have parked anywhere and even may have blocked someone’s way by parking in front of peoples door, etc.

Let’s take another example like if you go out of town, where you do not understand the local language and suddenly you have an emergency and need to visit the hospital, you can’t read but you can identify the plus sign of hospital which is typically the icon or logo. It will be easy to find the place and a quick way rather than explaining my actions and wasting time. Even at times, you want to go to the washroom, the signboard especially the images of a man & woman says it all. Suppose you can’t read it and take the wrong one, which may cause great confusion. Similarly, in huge public places like shopping malls or marketplaces you want to go to food corner, or any specific store & the place being too big to walk all over and search, there you can easily identify the signs boards hanging around for quick path.

Designs like “do not disturb” signs on doors for privacy or lights on the signboards for visibility, has helped us to live smoothly. Every design has a uniqueness in it, whether it be the same thing but it has its own levels like the chair is for sitting, but a chair with king’s design has its own level. Especially, in the bank, the designs over the machines help to access the service quickly. Designs of tires which lift the heavy load defines it all.

In India, there are a number of poor people, and their poverty leads them to be illiterate. They can speak, but can’t read or write. So for them, logos and icons are not just a piece of art but also have made their life so easy.

In ancient time, India had its own tradition for animation. The animation was just a small theatre with a stage, where a man used to have puppet shows controlling the characters of the story. It was really great and fun loving, which audience smile & enjoy. It used to be quite a friendly environment. The puppets used to be of cloth or paper. It helped to strengthen children’s imagination skills more than the books did. There used to be one more type of animation done by shadows. The actor used to make different kinds of hand movements portraying images like dog, eagle, deer, etc. Later on, the puppets were replaced by a man, and they used to act in dramas & theatres. Later started, the stop motion animation which came into being by the first Indian stop-motion film ‘Ek Anek Ekta’ by Dadasaheb Phalke in 1941. Since then Animation has made a long & a happy journey, in India and continues to grow tremendously.

Let’s conclude, we saw various examples here though there are many more. it is easy to understand that animation and design have really helped for the upliftment of the society by making each one’s life easy, comfortable, and in an entertaining one, but most importantly it has always grown a smile on the faces of small and old.

Cheers to the world of Animation!!

…The End…

6 Reasons Why Should Hire a Professional Graphic Designer for Your Business Logo
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A business to its owner, founder and creator is nothing less than his or her own child brought into this world with extreme care and caution and imbibed with his/ her values and ideals. Ideally, a businessman, like a parent would want to do everything for his fledgling enterprise be it act as the accountant, the marketing head, the recruiter, the cleaner and so on. But from experience, we know for a fact that, that is impossible. No one can specialize in everything and if they do, they shall end-up doing a bad job at most if not all.
The above holds true for even the very reason one should hire a professional graphic designer for one’s business:
It saves on time money and efforts
Graphic designing is a highly-specialized business that calls for years of practice and experience to be the best in that activity. You are either a graphic designer or you are not! And if you are not, get one to save on time, money and efforts. Imagine an automotive company trying to design logs on its own without the requisite experience of a graphic designer! They would have to break their heads to come up with relevant ideas in the first place. And when they did, they would find it difficult to justify their creation- much less create alternatives where the primary ideas do not sound appealing enough. In all, trying to do the job of a trained graphic designer would result in the wastage of all- time, money and efforts. And in all probability, the outcome would not be worth the mention!
It gets in professionals and professionalism in the design work.
Imagine trying to create a creative though complex business logo of an organization- without the experience and expertise of a trainer graphic designer! The outcome would in most cases be anything but professional. Even an entrepreneur with a good standing may find it very, very difficult to create a business logo to his/ her own exacting standards. A professional’s work stands out in terms of look, feel and the idea behind it. This becomes even more imperative where the entity wanting a business logo has a foreign affiliation which it wants to flaunt through the logo to the whole world. Giving it to a lesser professional or not appointing a graphic design professional is a sure way to kill a business logo at the very start.
It helps to specialize in niche activities while leaving specialized activities to others
A businessman, irrespective of everything else ought to do business while leaving the rest to others. Most businesses in themselves are humongous activities. And bigger the business, more the complexity. In such a scenario, every business ought to appoint a professional graphic designer for their business logo so that such a person can bring a professional approach while incorporating everyone’s ideas and ideals while bringing across the right ideas. All this can take place while the entrepreneur and his/ her team can concentrate on their individual activities towards running the business and al its crucial daily activities. Neither of them then needs to look into what the other is doing and if the outcome is correct or not.

It helps bring out the right ideas in the right manner
Graphic designing in itself is quite an exacting and extensive subject- almost a science in itself of putting forth things in ways which attract the attention of the right audience. Where a business appoints the right candidate as their Graphic Designer, there is every possibility that the business logo designed by such a person would be correct, concise, creative, clever and quite cool! In the span of a few days and with the expenditure of a very small sum, the right idea about an organization would be conveyed to the world at large!
It’s a win-win for everyone
By appointing a graphic designer to design a business logo, everyone wins! The business gets the right recognition, the right image, and the right approach. The entrepreneur does not have to invest his/ her own time, money, efforts, and ideas into something he/ she is not well-versed with and can instead depend upon the expertise of a professional who is sure to bring in ideas which the entrepreneur may not even be able to dream of. The Graphic designer on his/ her part does the business, earns a pat on the shoulder and his/ her pay-cheque and if all goes well, a life-long client!
The results remain scalable
No identity is forever. Everything in this world changes. And the same holds good for business logos. They change or need to be changed to reflect the latest status, the latest ideas as also the latest business, product and/ or services. A good graphic designer appointed to create business logos is sure to keep this in mind and can be expected to play along and do the relevant changes where he/ she is asked to do so. And most of all, consistency in the scaling up/ down can be maintained where a professional is appointed for this work.
The graphic designer can help bring in other allied services
A Graphic Designer these days works across the medium, be it for the print media, social media, electronic media and so on. These changes and/ or additions are almost daily with some of the other changes taking place continually. For this reason, a good graphic designer can be expected to have his/ her own team dealing in their individual capacities in the intricacies of each media/ medium with very good outcomes. Such expertise can go a long way in helping an entrepreneur where the latter appoints a highly-connected graphic designer with respect to the other medium and media. In time, such connections help the enterprise greatly.

Which are the best VFX artist India should look up to
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To become the best VFX artist, it takes years upon years of hard work and decades of experience. This is, of course, not taking into account the struggle to learn it formally. In case you are in Pune, there are many top VFX colleges in Pune which give you the very best in education, experience and knowledge that using your hard work and resolve, can get you some of the best jobs in the field of VFX! From the list we provide below of world’s best VFX artists who India should look up to, our viewers will get a fair idea of the scope for a VFX artist!

VFX, as we all know, is a tech-heavy field where it takes years upon years to master the trade and become top VFX artists. It is with real education from the best VFX college and institute that a normal person becomes the Best VFX artist.

If you want to know more about the scope for a VFX artist, read on from our list of world-famous VFX artists who became big because of their grit, dedication and hard work!

01. Raphael Lacoste
He has to his name a whole list of possibly the world’s most selling video games which in 2006 got him the “VES Award” for his stellar contribution to the “Two Thrones” in the movie, “Prince of Persia”.

From then on, he’s only added some of the most known, admired and possibly acknowledged blockbusters to his name. Working as a matte painter and senior concept artist, he has done wonders in blockbuster films like Terminator Salvation, Death Race, and Jupiter Ascending.

His career to a completely different path in 2009 when Raphael decided to go back to his parent profession of video gaming. He is today thus part of Assassin’s Creed games.

02. Mark Theriault
Mark Theriault is a name to be retconned in the world of VFX, movies and more and has a long, long list of 5- star credits against his work!. He has in the past worked with a variety of studios including ILM, Image Engine, Dreamworks and Blur Studios, the best that destiny could afford anyone wanting to make a name in VFX.

His more known projects included known names such as Warcraft, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Chappie and Rise of the Guardians. His last known assignment in the field of VFX was as a Senior Effects Technical Director and FX artist in Vancouver, BC in Canada.

03. Marc Brunet
With experience in excess of a decade, Marc IS a fairly known name in the VFX-video games industry. He cut his teeth at a very young age of 22 upon moving from Canada to the US. He became part of Blizzard Entertainment, a known and much-admired name in the field of Animation and VFX. With time he was known for his work as a 3D artist and a concept specialist on known good projects such as StarCraft 2 and Heroes of the Storm.

Till a while, back Marc was CEO and founder of, an online venture, and marketplace where artists could buy and sell digital arts. His contribution to the world of Art, and more specifically to the field of VFX worldwide has another equally admirable angle! He even teaches his vocation online on youtube where is known to have produced his own (and quite popular) tutorials in VFX and related artistry.

04. Ian McQue
He is a man who wears many, many hats. And all those at the same time! He has been an Art Director, a concept artist as also an illustrator in his illustrious 20 years of working in the VFX-related video game industry! Spending over 2 decades here, he has the experience of working as a concept artist and assistant art director on known and admired series such as Grand Theft Auto series. Having accumulated more than his share of experience and related accolades, he is today a man on his own, a freelancer! In this role where he is his own boss, his work is tuned more towards visual development of films with famous brands being his clients including the likes of 20th Century Fox, Paramount, Warner Bros and Sony Pictures.

05. Fausto De Martini
He has been an asset with his mastery in VFX in the field of video games and his decade+ experience at Blizzard Cinematics Department has been his signature call! Fausto De Martini

Having done his bit for VFX in the video gaming industry, Fausto De Martini had recently, made the essential shift to working as a concept artist and illustrator. In doing so his destiny sure seems to have taken him right where the stars are to work within big, big-budget Hollywood blockbusters such as Robocop, Terminator: Genisys and Star Wars VII to name a few. In times to come, this is one name that will only shine more, brighter and bigger than ever!

06. Carlos Baena
His CV is the stuff every top Hollywood (and these days even Bollywood!) Director and Producer would want to be associated with! Having started his career as an animator at ILM where he showed his mettle for big-budget flicks like Jurassic Park III and Men in Black II, Carlos then teamed up with Pixar in 2002 where his work in flicks such as Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Cars, Wall-E, and Toy Story 3 were greatly admired and he went on to be nominated for the Annie Award of 2007 for Best Character Animation for his contribution in the film Cars In the year 2010, Carlos’s career too a turn from hard-core VFX and animation to directing the much-admired live-action short film “Play by Play” with Pixar’s Educational Department. In all his has been an admirably varied career very much including his parent field of VFX and animation.

So, folks, this is THE list of world top 6 VFX animators who came from some of the world’s best VFX training institutes, worked hard and made a name for themselves. If you have it in you, you too should join your city’s best VFX training institute and work hard to become India’s top VFX and Animation specialist!

Youtube in Promotion
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If you see Videos in the 21st century you are not unaware of YouTube. Google bought the site in November 2006 for US$1.65 billion; This has become the world’s second most popular search engine. As Pune’s 2nd most popular Digital Marketing Institute we get a lot of inquiries to suggest a promotion strategy for new You Tubers. Keeping this in Mind we are giving you 10 Powerful Tips to turn your YouTube in a promotion machine.

1. Each of our videos should have 20 to 25 keywords in the description of the video

2. 10 to 12 keywords in the meta keywords should also be there

3. Try posting links of your videos in the facebook, twitter and other social media group of that type for
e.g. – If you are promoting IT Olympiad video then try to share the link of the video on related social
groups of schools, colleges, IT competitions etc. The chances of getting it viral will be high in
relevant groups

4. Find out the blogs related to education and try submitting the videos thereby requesting them to add these
video on their articles. This way it would be even nice for them to have video content along with their
blog and even YouTube gives it a value. By doing this activity there are higher chances of getting
subscribers from the readers of that blog.

5. Engage into subscriber exchange programme: In this way, you-you subscribe a new and upcoming channel and
get 1 subscription in return but beware from pay to purchase subscriber programmes as most of the time it
brings only dummy subscribers.

6. Create subtitles of other languages in your videos, this way your video will also attract the views of
other languages.

7. Leverage your existing audience, Do not just expect your existing guidance or subscribers that they will
get a dream about your new videos, If you have their emails, email them with a nice short pitch, If you
have their social accounts message them there or whatsapp but inform them from your side to go and check
out your new stuff

8. Use push notification subscriber list: Push notifications are great way to notify users about your content.
So if you are still not tested the power of push notification goes and does that. is the
best site to provide you tools to generate push notification from your website.

9. If you have good visitors on your website, look at the most popular pages of your website through Google
analytics and embedded those relevant youtube videos on the web page to have good amount of traffic

10. Remember it is all about service quality content. Does not become a video farm rather create an excellent
quality video which educate and entertain your viewers.

Impressed? Veda College Pune run an in depth programme in Digital Marketing. This Digital Marketing Course is a power pack 1 month module where you horn your skills in SEO and Social Media. YouTube is world’s second most popular search engine and having mastery on YouTube can grab amazing opportunities for you and your clients.

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Monsters, Inc., The Matrix, Spider-Man, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Avatar, Finding Nemo and the very popular Game of Thrones have been made using Maya or Autodesk Maya. It is a 3D computer graphics software that runs on Windows, OS X and Linux, originally developed by Alias Systems Corporation. Some of the most creative minds in the industry came together to develop Maya. Each new release of Maya is empowering individual artists and studios around the world to create masterpieces and wow the audiences with their creativity. Maya’s main scripting language MEL is highly customizable, and that is one motivation why Maya can be found a lot in the film industry as studios like to be able to generate their own set of tools that can help them attain their job much easier. Maya has really been know as the go-to app for 3D animators among the industry for its robust rigging and animation tools and its animator friendly workflow

Maya is one of the most popular 3D software packages on the market. And the internet is full of endless resources and tutorials for people wanting to learn how to use it.

Simply Maya specializes in Maya tutorials, offering over 1000 individual training videos, which range from the basics through to intermediate training. Each lesson has been created by instructors with industry experience and are designed to get you up and running in the software quickly.

Creative Crash has some great eye popping free tutorials. Literally abundant with creative content, it has a section dedicated to Maya training. And very interestingly the user can filter their search by language, user skill level, choose from video or text training and whichever operating system you’re using.

Cg tuts+ is a learning source for all that is related to computer graphics, including Maya. There’s something here for users of all skills with tutorials covering everything from designing and creating cartoon characters, using rigs, expressions and constraints as well as dealing with the difficult issue of hair.

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If Akshay Kumar’s razor-sharp shark teeth are any indication, Shankar’s 2.0 is set to tear thing apart and tear them to shreds! And that it does with its super tagline “The world is not only for Humans”

One thing it has already done and that too even before its release is that it has torn the idea that things can’t go beyond Bahubali’s INR 250 crore earnings! As on date just the cost of 2.0 is close to INR 500 crores- almost double the cost of making the Bahubali series!

And for all the nay-sayers who gloat on the sidelines that such a huge budgeted movie would be difficult to sell, let it be known that the movie has already sold its satellite rights for a whopping INR 110 crores! The rest rests on the impressively mighty shoulders of Rajni Sir and Khiladi Kumar, both known to turn around the fortunes of any movie they work in.

Yes, a movie of this magnitude does have its share of scares what with Rajnikant’s last movie “Kaala” not doing enough to set the cash registers on fire. It barely managed INR 10 crores in its Hindi avatar and has the producers worried. Is the Rajni effect waning? Most likely not. And even if it did, there is Khiladi Kumar whose starts are on the rise for quite some time now.

As for the movie itself, its built around the idea of the transformers which transforms from one entity to another in the mater of seconds. Here, it’s not cars to machines but cell phones to machines. Yes, cell phones from everywhere (in your hands, in shops, at homes, everywhere) get sucked on the calling and form a swirling ferocious mass which then shows the face of the Antagonist. Actually, the real story from whatever we can surmise is that the villain is actually a Scientist who is concerned with what we have done to birds and bees with our crazy obsession for technology and this fact comes to light in the very first scene in the teaser when a huge, huge swarm of birds are seen flying around a cell-phone tower (the other could be the tagline “The world is not only for Humans”). Presumably this is their way of showing their anger towards what it has done to birds- all but destroyed them.

Somewhere in his quest to set things right, things go very wrong for the Antagonist (Akshay Kumar’s character) and he develops a strange appearance and wants to bring harm to humanity. And he can, which becomes evident from the novel way in which he snatches phones from everywhere!

When it becomes evident to everyone in power (Adil Hussain, the Minister) that the Antagonist is hell-bent upon destruction and that nothing in the world can stop him, they turn to Dr.Vaseegaran who in turn looks to Chitti, his look-alike robot. And so goes the story!

The bigger story here is not the story itself but the story of the making of the movie, its budgets, and the number of languages it is being dubbed in and so on. For the records,

  • Of the whopping INR 540 crores, a huge, huge chunk goes to pay the leading men. Figures, don’t ask. Instead, go figure it out!
  • Of what-ever remains, INR 100 crores accounts for cost and time over runs, meaning no addition to the movie itself but an expenditure all the same- and a big, big one at that!
  • Bahubali’s earnings were INR 250 crores. 0’s costs itself is double that!
  • Part of the INR 540 crores have already been recovered by selling the satellite rights for INR 110 crores!
  • 0 shall be dubbed in “over 15 languages” (Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and many other languages). Even the likes of Sound designer Resul Pookutty finds this formidable and says it would take a minimum of three months to work things out.

We could go on and on and on about the movie and you would be sitting there reading and turning into something like the antagonist. Better still, book the tickets RIGHT NOW and see it first day, first show on 29 November 2018 when it is being released! BOOK THE TICKETS RIGHT NOW. If nothing else, you would be doing your bit to recover the costs!