This will increase your Facebook Likes to 10 X
By : Veda

6 confirmed reasons why putting new content on your Facebook business pages helps boost your ratings!

What can be seen can be sold. And what can be seen is what is visible right there before one’s eyes! So, VISIBILITY!

Facebook started as a social way of staying connected while physically being miles away. You could be right in the thick of action…without being there! And since you were never there physically, by extension you could be anywhere with any number of groups and individuals with equal ease!

Try juxtaposing that for business promotion and you get to see what a great medium this is. And if you thought Facebook is great to sell cakes and cookies, well you could be in for a shock! It even deals in stuff you would call “commercial” and “industrial”. And all this because the medium is now in the grasp of everyone from the owner of a Fortune 500 company to the guy (or gal!) breaking rocks on the side of a railroad project somewhere in the higher reaches of the Andes! Yes, that’s the kind of reach!

If you think it’s all that simple, well it is but only to an extent, and that is so because of competition. When the whole world today knows of the effect of Facebook on business, you can expect them all there on the social market turning it into a fish market (thankfully without the grime and stink!) of sorts. And like typical fishmarkets, everyone is selling the same stuff at the same price, location and time.

Who do you think would win? Quite clearly, the winner would be one who uses skills on Facebook media including the points mentioned below:

– Daily posts to be in public memory

Posting daily on Facebooks helps increase recall value in the target audience. By being continually there in the audiences’ subconsciousness, one increases the chance of selling further besides know exactly why things (right or wrong) take place. Sales may dip for no “apparent” reason. But with daily engagement, an entity can know for sure what the results say on the ground.

– Daily content means you are creative despite pressures

It isn’t easy to post stuff daily but if you can, you would be regarded as being seriously creative! Be it company results, special mention, in-the-news, and other similar posts, they contribute to remaining in the news and creating a positive image of the company. By no means is it easy but where it is done, the organization becomes a household name within a household with multiple members becoming its votaries. This is especially good to increase penetration and that too in an assured and cost-effective way.

– Information regarding industry, business, legalities, etc show that you care to know things

Where posts are made about the industry to which the entity belongs with authoritative comments being made on the state of affairs therein, with time a positive perception gets made about the entity which goes a long, long way in increasing sales and presence in markets.

– Giving our information about business operations and profitability shows that you are confident

Posting stuff on new technology, financials, operations, profitability in a public forum such as Facebook means that one is confident with belting out correct and straight information. In doing so, a company or organization shows to the world that it celebrates its existence and is not afraid of showing its results to anyone at any time.

– Advertising online on Facebooks gets you results even on a shoe-string budget

As compared to other advertising mediums, Facebook is much cheaper with a super-vast footprint of loyal followers who not only see the advertisement but also comment upon products, advertisements, features, give suggestions and increase engagement. For a small sum of money, an advertiser gets a vast and loyal following.

– Eliciting suggestions/ comments etc online increases engagement

Posts on Facebook asking for comments and suggestions are the best to get close to the intended audience- almost like whispering into their ears with no one in the vicinity! Imagine asking a loved one for a date alone! Something similar is the case with Facebook, only even more discreet and secretive. Asking for one’s most innermost feelings about a product (like women’s undergarments or contraceptives etc.) while remaining behind a veil is one very effective way of getting correct responses. And one of the best ways to get it fast, easy and at rock-bottom prices is using posts on Facebook!

– Holding contests and awarding winners increases engagement with the target audience

The whole world (other than the illiterate or tech un-savvy) is online with specific accesses to Facebook. By holding relevant contests of a targeted audience, what a company gets is more newcomers and firmer commitments from existing ones. Such contests bring the audience closer to the advertiser on a one-to-one basis and if handled with care, shall remain firm for all times to come!

– Rewarding loyal customers with recognition online shows that the company cares for loyalty!

The loyal ought to be rewarded! And it’s precisely rewards that keep people loyal! Doing that on Facebook adds to the feeling of being recognized before a vast audience which in most cases stretch all over the world! There CANNOT possibly be a better way to recognize achievements and loyalty than this!

Use Facebook for business! It increases face value and gives the world a face to recognize for quite some time to come!