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If you see Videos in the 21st century you are not unaware of YouTube. Google bought the site in November 2006 for US$1.65 billion; This has become the world’s second most popular search engine. As Pune’s 2nd most popular Digital Marketing Institute we get a lot of inquiries to suggest a promotion strategy for new You Tubers. Keeping this in Mind we are giving you 10 Powerful Tips to turn your YouTube in a promotion machine.

1. Each of our videos should have 20 to 25 keywords in the description of the video

2. 10 to 12 keywords in the meta keywords should also be there

3. Try posting links of your videos in the facebook, twitter and other social media group of that type for
e.g. – If you are promoting IT Olympiad video then try to share the link of the video on related social
groups of schools, colleges, IT competitions etc. The chances of getting it viral will be high in
relevant groups

4. Find out the blogs related to education and try submitting the videos thereby requesting them to add these
video on their articles. This way it would be even nice for them to have video content along with their
blog and even YouTube gives it a value. By doing this activity there are higher chances of getting
subscribers from the readers of that blog.

5. Engage into subscriber exchange programme: In this way, you-you subscribe a new and upcoming channel and
get 1 subscription in return but beware from pay to purchase subscriber programmes as most of the time it
brings only dummy subscribers.

6. Create subtitles of other languages in your videos, this way your video will also attract the views of
other languages.

7. Leverage your existing audience, Do not just expect your existing guidance or subscribers that they will
get a dream about your new videos, If you have their emails, email them with a nice short pitch, If you
have their social accounts message them there or whatsapp but inform them from your side to go and check
out your new stuff

8. Use push notification subscriber list: Push notifications are great way to notify users about your content.
So if you are still not tested the power of push notification goes and does that. Subscriber.com is the
best site to provide you tools to generate push notification from your website.

9. If you have good visitors on your website, look at the most popular pages of your website through Google
analytics and embedded those relevant youtube videos on the web page to have good amount of traffic

10. Remember it is all about service quality content. Does not become a video farm rather create an excellent
quality video which educate and entertain your viewers.

Impressed? Veda College Pune run an in depth programme in Digital Marketing. This Digital Marketing Course is a power pack 1 month module where you horn your skills in SEO and Social Media. YouTube is world’s second most popular search engine and having mastery on YouTube can grab amazing opportunities for you and your clients.

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