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Which are the best VFX artist India should look up to

To become the best VFX artist, it takes years upon years of hard work and decades of experience. This is, of course, not taking into account the struggle to learn it formally. In case you are in Pune, there are many top VFX colleges in Pune which give you the very best in education, experience and knowledge that using your hard work and resolve, can get you some of the best jobs in the field of VFX! From the list we provide below of world’s best VFX artists who India should look up to, our viewers will get a fair idea of the scope for a VFX artist!

VFX, as we all know, is a tech-heavy field where it takes years upon years to master the trade and become top VFX artists. It is with real education from the best VFX college and institute that a normal person becomes the Best VFX artist.

If you want to know more about the scope for a VFX artist, read on from our list of world-famous VFX artists who became big because of their grit, dedication and hard work!

01. Raphael Lacoste
He has to his name a whole list of possibly the world’s most selling video games which in 2006 got him the “VES Award” for his stellar contribution to the “Two Thrones” in the movie, “Prince of Persia”.

From then on, he’s only added some of the most known, admired and possibly acknowledged blockbusters to his name. Working as a matte painter and senior concept artist, he has done wonders in blockbuster films like Terminator Salvation, Death Race, and Jupiter Ascending.

His career to a completely different path in 2009 when Raphael decided to go back to his parent profession of video gaming. He is today thus part of Assassin’s Creed games.

02. Mark Theriault
Mark Theriault is a name to be retconned in the world of VFX, movies and more and has a long, long list of 5- star credits against his work!. He has in the past worked with a variety of studios including ILM, Image Engine, Dreamworks and Blur Studios, the best that destiny could afford anyone wanting to make a name in VFX.

His more known projects included known names such as Warcraft, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Chappie and Rise of the Guardians. His last known assignment in the field of VFX was as a Senior Effects Technical Director and FX artist in Vancouver, BC in Canada.

03. Marc Brunet
With experience in excess of a decade, Marc IS a fairly known name in the VFX-video games industry. He cut his teeth at a very young age of 22 upon moving from Canada to the US. He became part of Blizzard Entertainment, a known and much-admired name in the field of Animation and VFX. With time he was known for his work as a 3D artist and a concept specialist on known good projects such as StarCraft 2 and Heroes of the Storm.

Till a while, back Marc was CEO and founder of, an online venture, and marketplace where artists could buy and sell digital arts. His contribution to the world of Art, and more specifically to the field of VFX worldwide has another equally admirable angle! He even teaches his vocation online on youtube where is known to have produced his own (and quite popular) tutorials in VFX and related artistry.

04. Ian McQue
He is a man who wears many, many hats. And all those at the same time! He has been an Art Director, a concept artist as also an illustrator in his illustrious 20 years of working in the VFX-related video game industry! Spending over 2 decades here, he has the experience of working as a concept artist and assistant art director on known and admired series such as Grand Theft Auto series. Having accumulated more than his share of experience and related accolades, he is today a man on his own, a freelancer! In this role where he is his own boss, his work is tuned more towards visual development of films with famous brands being his clients including the likes of 20th Century Fox, Paramount, Warner Bros and Sony Pictures.

05. Fausto De Martini
He has been an asset with his mastery in VFX in the field of video games and his decade+ experience at Blizzard Cinematics Department has been his signature call! Fausto De Martini

Having done his bit for VFX in the video gaming industry, Fausto De Martini had recently, made the essential shift to working as a concept artist and illustrator. In doing so his destiny sure seems to have taken him right where the stars are to work within big, big-budget Hollywood blockbusters such as Robocop, Terminator: Genisys and Star Wars VII to name a few. In times to come, this is one name that will only shine more, brighter and bigger than ever!

06. Carlos Baena
His CV is the stuff every top Hollywood (and these days even Bollywood!) Director and Producer would want to be associated with! Having started his career as an animator at ILM where he showed his mettle for big-budget flicks like Jurassic Park III and Men in Black II, Carlos then teamed up with Pixar in 2002 where his work in flicks such as Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Cars, Wall-E, and Toy Story 3 were greatly admired and he went on to be nominated for the Annie Award of 2007 for Best Character Animation for his contribution in the film Cars In the year 2010, Carlos’s career too a turn from hard-core VFX and animation to directing the much-admired live-action short film “Play by Play” with Pixar’s Educational Department. In all his has been an admirably varied career very much including his parent field of VFX and animation.

So, folks, this is THE list of world top 6 VFX animators who came from some of the world’s best VFX training institutes, worked hard and made a name for themselves. If you have it in you, you too should join your city’s best VFX training institute and work hard to become India’s top VFX and Animation specialist!

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