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If Akshay Kumar’s razor-sharp shark teeth are any indication, Shankar’s 2.0 is set to tear thing apart and tear them to shreds! And that it does with its super tagline “The world is not only for Humans”

One thing it has already done and that too even before its release is that it has torn the idea that things can’t go beyond Bahubali’s INR 250 crore earnings! As on date just the cost of 2.0 is close to INR 500 crores- almost double the cost of making the Bahubali series!

And for all the nay-sayers who gloat on the sidelines that such a huge budgeted movie would be difficult to sell, let it be known that the movie has already sold its satellite rights for a whopping INR 110 crores! The rest rests on the impressively mighty shoulders of Rajni Sir and Khiladi Kumar, both known to turn around the fortunes of any movie they work in.

Yes, a movie of this magnitude does have its share of scares what with Rajnikant’s last movie “Kaala” not doing enough to set the cash registers on fire. It barely managed INR 10 crores in its Hindi avatar and has the producers worried. Is the Rajni effect waning? Most likely not. And even if it did, there is Khiladi Kumar whose starts are on the rise for quite some time now.

As for the movie itself, its built around the idea of the transformers which transforms from one entity to another in the mater of seconds. Here, it’s not cars to machines but cell phones to machines. Yes, cell phones from everywhere (in your hands, in shops, at homes, everywhere) get sucked on the calling and form a swirling ferocious mass which then shows the face of the Antagonist. Actually, the real story from whatever we can surmise is that the villain is actually a Scientist who is concerned with what we have done to birds and bees with our crazy obsession for technology and this fact comes to light in the very first scene in the teaser when a huge, huge swarm of birds are seen flying around a cell-phone tower (the other could be the tagline “The world is not only for Humans”). Presumably this is their way of showing their anger towards what it has done to birds- all but destroyed them.

Somewhere in his quest to set things right, things go very wrong for the Antagonist (Akshay Kumar’s character) and he develops a strange appearance and wants to bring harm to humanity. And he can, which becomes evident from the novel way in which he snatches phones from everywhere!

When it becomes evident to everyone in power (Adil Hussain, the Minister) that the Antagonist is hell-bent upon destruction and that nothing in the world can stop him, they turn to Dr.Vaseegaran who in turn looks to Chitti, his look-alike robot. And so goes the story!

The bigger story here is not the story itself but the story of the making of the movie, its budgets, and the number of languages it is being dubbed in and so on. For the records,

  • Of the whopping INR 540 crores, a huge, huge chunk goes to pay the leading men. Figures, don’t ask. Instead, go figure it out!
  • Of what-ever remains, INR 100 crores accounts for cost and time over runs, meaning no addition to the movie itself but an expenditure all the same- and a big, big one at that!
  • Bahubali’s earnings were INR 250 crores. 0’s costs itself is double that!
  • Part of the INR 540 crores have already been recovered by selling the satellite rights for INR 110 crores!
  • 0 shall be dubbed in “over 15 languages” (Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and many other languages). Even the likes of Sound designer Resul Pookutty finds this formidable and says it would take a minimum of three months to work things out.

We could go on and on and on about the movie and you would be sitting there reading and turning into something like the antagonist. Better still, book the tickets RIGHT NOW and see it first day, first show on 29 November 2018 when it is being released! BOOK THE TICKETS RIGHT NOW. If nothing else, you would be doing your bit to recover the costs!

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