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Animation courses or a specialization in Animation which could include Masters in Animation i.e. MA in Animation are numerous as the stars in the sky! Much after you are thru with your education and have an Animation career, you might seriously think about a Masters in Animation.

World over there is a raging debate as to the efficacy of a Masters in Animation that is to say the benefits of a degree in Animation.M.A. in animation

For those who want a specialization in animation or an animation career, the benefit of a degree in Animation could include the following:

The Depth of Education:

                   The Master’s degree course in animation is meant for those already having a sound idea of the field of animation, and want to strengthen that to the next level i.e. of mastery. The new subjects could include advanced topics in animation, lighting, storyboarding, etc
                  The Master’s Degree in Animation is an in-depth study of animation and all its attendant fields and is meant to enhance existing ideas, education and experiences.

Time is taken to complete the course:

                The Master’s Degree in Animation like most masters is of a minimum of 2 years duration. Students can do it full time or part time but most prefer it part-time as most are already on the job which gives them an income as also relevant experience. This in any case and more so if done full time is adequate time to complete the advanced levels of the subjects under the course. The time duration does increase and more so if one does not submit projects on time.

How much money do you need:

               A Master’s degree in Animation from a reputed place like P.A. Inamdar College of Visual Effects Design and Art of Pune surprisingly does not set you back by a huge margin. In fact, it is outright conservative and does not intend to rip your pockets apart! For the kind of information and education it provides and the kind of outcome it garners in terms of a job, the outlay is really not very large.Best animation colleges in India

Affiliations/ accreditation:

                A Master’s degree course in Animation is, as a rule, always affiliated/ accredited to a University of repute or even a Ministry. What you thus get is a clear and clean certification that the certified knows the subject, has a yardstick and is accrediting the student on the basis of the latter’s efforts in the right direction. In quite a few cases, the course may be internationally recognized in which case its weight only improves.

How the course pans out:

                Any course Bachelor’s or Masters which has been certified and accredited by has the greatest advantage of having a set prepared and thoroughly vetted course content which in most cases is done by industry professionals. What this means for an Animation course or Animation career is that you get what you see. Nothing more….nothing less! It is highly valued as it is designed by professionals.
We have tried and incorporated all advantages which an M.A. in Animation can get you. Where you diligently try the same, you can surely make a stellar career in Animation!

Happy Careering!

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Review of B.Sc animation from  Pune university

12th Examinations are over in Maharashtra and elsewhere, and students along with their parents hunting for right course for career. Everyone knows that animation and media is a hot cake now a days. Career in animation is very bright; it has wide scope of creativity and huge earning potential. So keeping all such things in minds students and parents make lot of enquiries for searching a good Bachelor degree in animation and multimedia.

In India, few years before, animation courses were being offered by private institutes. But now as the demand for skilled animators are increasing day by day, many universities are offering various degrees in animation and other visual element designs. And since the choice is available, parents are selecting university animation courses over any private courses & Institutes.

Some of the most popular universities, offering degrees in animation, media and other visual arts are:

• Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra University
• Karnataka State Open University
• Manipal University
• Karnataka State Open University IGNOU
• Mahatma Gandhi University
• Punjab Technical University

These universities are offering degrees in animation like bsc in animation, BA in Animation, M.Sc. in animation, MA in animation etc. Most of them are offering these degrees under open and distance learning mode.

image of bsc animation courses in pune at VEDA

Recently, about 2 years back India’s oldest and  renowned university, The University of Pune, has  also launched B.Sc. Degree in animation, under  the faculty of science. According to University “The consumer demand of high quality animation and visuals has fueled the growth of the animation industry in this decade. The visual artist with excellent design and computer animation skills and a firm understanding of animation technology. They are producing stunning visuals for games, multimedia, web, television and documentaries. This proposed degree program is focus on developing student’s creativity and the skills in the areas of design, computer animation, simulation, and advertisement etc. using cutting edge software. Successful graduates will complete a professional quality demo and able to prove animation abilities.”

Though because of its reputation, doing a degree in animation (B.Sc. in Animation) from Pune University is like a dream come true for most of the students, When I saw the curriculum and rules drafted by the university, I felt the entrance scope is very limited in this course.

I completely understand the critical process of drafting and preparing a new course by any good university like University of Pune , for which I have very high regards and respect. However I feel the rules and regulations drafted by the university for B.Sc. in animation are little tough and hard and may prevail creative students to make use of this course offered by Pune University.

First and foremost I wanted to make it clear that it is just my personal opinion and not the official comment or allegation against any university including university of Pune.

Under the present rules and regulation 2012 B.Sc. Animation from Pune University the rules of admissions are as follows:

1. Eligibility: Students must be HSC (or Equivalent ) with any three subject such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Geography, biology, etc.

But I personally feel that animation is a creative and artistic field, it has nothing much to do with students current educational background, I have seen many creative students from Arts and even commerce field and if given a chance they can perform much better than any other student.

2. Entrance test is compulsory by the college for B.Sc. animation which is based on the topics related with awareness of information technology, skill of visualization, lateral / create thinking, , English, non verbal reasoning & verbal reasoning.

Here I have seen that most of the creative students come from drawing (Artistic) background from fine arts schools and their command over English and reasoning may be weak. In this case such kind of creative student may feel difficulty to clear the entrance test. In my views the even if the entrance test is important for this degree in animation, it should focus exploring creativity skills, drawing and visual thinking of the candidate.

3. Even after the entrance test, a Merit list for admission is prepared by considering 50 % of total Marks obtained in Entrance Examination and 50 % of total Marks obtained in 12th or equivalent Examination ( Mentioned in eligibility criteria ).

Which makes it harder for a low scorer in 12th class to get in to this animation degree course by Pune University. However as per the syllabus documents, university and govt. of Maharashtra has full rights to give relaxation in the rules.

4. The medium of instruction for the course shall be English. This will make difficult for students from non English background to understand the lectures and subject in detail.

UG & PG Animation Degree

On the qualification of the faculties also university has made following rules to become the trainer (Faculty) for teaching animation:

1) M.Sc. ( Computer/electronics/Mathematics/Statistics /Physics) along with Minimum 2 years
diploma in Animation or any equivalent degree in Animation.
2) M.C.A.. ( Science/Engineering ) along with Minimum 2 years diploma in Animation or any
equivalent degree in Animation. Along with above mentioned qualifications, Qualifying in NET /SET examination is essential as per UGC & university rule.

In my views such kind of combination is not only difficult to find for the college but also increase the shortness of talent.
One more interesting fact about the B.Sc. in animation course offered by Pune University is, except one or two universities, none of the other universities mentioned above in my article included programming languages like C and Python in the first year on the course.
To summarize, creative students from non science background who want to make their career in animation field, should look some other options as university of Pune has not made any options for you to do degree in animation. However the good news is, India’s other reputed universities are offering B.Sc. in animation courses for non science students as well.

For more information check our B.Sc course.

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Want To Be An Animator? VEDA Is the Place to Be

Be a better animator from Today

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2D animation lab
India’s leading animation college College of Visual Effects,Design & Art Aka VEDA, in its endeavor to provide the best animation facilities to its students launched state of art 2D Animation Lab in the college premises.

2D & 3D AnimationThe lab has 22 light boxes with OH Projector and Fully Body Plastic Human Skeleton for students to learn about the Anatomy and Cleanup process of Classical animation. Hon’ble President MCE Society Shri P.A. Inamdar has inaugurated this new lab along with principals and Society Members. Mr. Rishi Aacharya the Head of the Dept. of PAI International Learning Solutions has informed that the purpose of this 2D Animation lab is to train the students in the best techniques and practices of classical animation.
He further informed that there are very few animation colleges in India those who have this kind of infrastructure with them as many animation institutes are just focusing on teaching 3D Animation courses directly to the students. Mr. Ratan Gaikwad the faculty of 2d animation course in VEDA said this animation lab is a big milestone in our institution’s history and has given a chance to our students to become the benchmark in the arena of 2d animation.
Students taken admission in in animation or 2d animation course in VEDA will take the advantage of the facilities. To view the latest photos of lab check out our animation page.

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talenthouse_neon_logo.jpg final
PAI International Learning Solution’s Students are an Asset to the Talent pool Of Talenthouse India reported by Vicky Todiwala In News from Talenthouse on February 4th, 2013..


The actual news is given as below:

Vicky Todiwala: This Animation College and Gaming Institution was founded on the philosophy that “learning by doing” combined with best industry practices is more valuable than years of theoretical study for Animators and Gaming Professionals.

Foundation of art PAI International Learning Solution’s unique approach to Animation and Gaming arts education is grounded in learning and hands-on instruction. Designed and taught by the animation and gaming gurus in Pune, India our courses erase the boundaries between Animation College or Gaming Institute and the real-world, teaching you the career skills you need to get a successful career and job.

Similarly, Talenthouse India also believes in giving opportunities to the Artist and Designer Community. Any designer would love the fact that his work of commercial art gets its due recognition and respect, that’s where collaboration with an Institute like PAI International Learning Solution’s becomes an asset.

Over the years the students of this institute have earned acclaimed and recognition via their participation through Creative Invites. The most current example would be the designing of Happy Dent pack. Talenthouse India wishes to see more creativity coming from PAI International Learning Solution’s .Till then dear students keep up this great spirit of art.


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VEDA AKA PAI International Learning Solutions and Green Gold animation join hands for benefit of students. Green Gold Animation is the creator of famous Chota Bheem, Luv Kush and other original IPs. Green Gold Animation Pvt ltd was started in 2001 by Mr. Rajiv Chilaka , it is one of the first few entrants in the Indian animation industry with the unique knowledge of developing original IP Content. It created a niche for itself in the industry by producing Vikram Betal, Krishna series, Krishna Balram, image of bsc animation courses in pune at VEDAChorr Police and the hugely popular Chhota Bheem.

Under the partnership program, all the students who are studying in M.Sc., B. Sc., Diploma in 2D animation etc will get a unique chance to do FREE internship with the makers of Chota Bheem.. The students will work very closely with the team of Chota Bheem.. The internship will be of 2-3 month duration & to be done on the Green Gold premises, Hyderabad.The intership will boost the Student morale and more importantly will bridge the gap between the teachings in the class and the application of it in real time production.

The creative team of Green Gold will also occasionally visit VEDA, Pune to keep a close touch with the students and their technical development.

The credit of association goes to our HOD Shri Rishi Aacharya and CEO of Green Gold  Shri Rajiv Chilaka.

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At VEDA we are always in search of creative talents of India. We need people with the passion for animation, drawing, colors and mind with the freshness of thoughts. We are looking for the eyes of observation because we know people like you are always there, waiting for a stand.

UG & PG Animation DegreeAt VEDA we feel pride in announcing our “Talent Scholarship” for creative students. The aim of the scholarship is to give motivation and zeal to a young learner and make you excel in field of Multimedia and animation.

Our parameters for the scholarships are not very high, what we are looking for is just the true metal. And we know if you have the eyes full of dreams and vision to achieve something outstanding, our hands would always be there to welcome you at VEDA.

We offer Scholarships up to 40% for all our courses. To participate in over scholarship program you are requested to send your existing artwork as jpg file or AVI clip at our campus. Our Academic panel will evaluate the same and get back to you shortly with the scholarship Grade you got. Just collect your Scholarship certificate and rush to our campus and get the lucrative discounts on our course.

Please send us your artwork on the following address, or if you have jpg files mail us at 

Please note that scholarship level, Grades, and Rewards are at the sole decision of VEDA management.

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Want To Be An Animator? VEDA Is the Place to Be

Be a better animator from Today 

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VEDA (College of Visual Effects,Design & Art), India’s leading animation college and Adobe Certified Associate–ATC has taken another step towards rewarding the true creative young brains to fulfill their dreams of being a great animator of tomorrow’s animation and multimedia industry.
With the introduction of the ‘C.G. Scholarships‘ by VEDA, creative and talented students can now get up to 100% scholarship for admission at VEDA , Pune for B.Sc. Degree and Diploma in Animation.College of Visual Effects,Design & Art after the grand success of the 1st B.Sc. Animation batch, announced this first Golden Opportunity for the student of India. image of bsc animation courses in pune at VEDA

The objective of the Scholarship is to search the truly talented young guns of India and nurture their talent without financial constraints.This year, aspiring animators can begin applying for the VEDA C.G. Scholarship from the 21st of November, 2011. This scholarship is offered across India and is valid for B.Sc. in Animation and other Diploma in Animation courses offered.

The scholarship amount is based on the C.G. Scholarship Talent Test which has to be taken by the students to be eligible.Our Talent Test is distinctive from the regular scholarships examinations because it is aimed towards the natural and inbuilt skills exploration of animation aspirants, Says Madhura Chichakar, The creative head of the C.G. Programs , India.Unlike the other colleges College of Visual Effects,Design & Art focus on the creating quality in the field of animation rather producing Quantity. 

Working for Have-nots and inspiring them by giving financial aid is just one part of our CSR says Miss. Madhura.VEDA C.G. Scholarships is a tool to promote young creative talent and bridging the gap between their dreams and Animation Multimedia Industry.The scholarship covers only the training fees of college, the Talent Test can be given on one o one basis or through online mode also.

The Talent Test will consist one Live Discussion Round, One Theory Round and One Practical Test of creativity and imagination.Students living outside Pune can apply for online test and the results will be mailed to them within 24 hours of the examination.

College of Visual Effects,Design & Art also arrange best residing facilities to the outside students with in the college premises.Students wish to apply for the scholarships, C.G. Talent Test 2012 is the golden way to grab it.  Information of Course can be taken from the official website of College of Visual Effects,Design & Art
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Website design

image of web desiging courses in pune at VEDAStriking things are bound to catch public attention! It is our nature to appreciate beautiful things or people while we tend to avoid things seeming dull to our vision. This theory is pretty evident when it comes to website designing techniques as well. A professionally designed website, without much struggle captures bountiful attention as compared to a website created by a novice web designer. Professional websites possess all the elements of visual inspiration with aesthetically chosen graphics, images, templates and colors. The best websites also incorporate functionality. Websitedesign classrooms conducted by VEDA international offers a professional environment where you can learn professional web designing tricks and techniques.

It makes no sense when you go out paying a fortune just for designing and maintaining your company website! Instead, opt to train yourself as a professional web designer and know how a website works. It would be really helpful for your online business if you consider learning the building blocks of constructing a professional website, saving loads of your hard earned money.  An ideal web design classroom will always encourage its students to practice as well as experiment with various web design concepts. Going by the old saying-“practice makes a man perfect”, VEDA international website design classrooms are conducted uniquely, focusing on how to enhance the basic as well as advance web designing potentials of their students.

A career in Web Designing

If techie widgets and tools excite your mind and soul, then a career in web designing can be considered by you. These days, a web designing job is one of the fewest career options that require a low start-up investment. In spite, being an industry with tight competition among contemporaries, the web design arena embraces expert web designers with wide arms. For many people, this field is becoming increasingly tempting but in order to make a strong foothold you must get your basics right. A web designing career is an extremely rewarding domain if professional training is acquired from the very beginning.

Such guidance is offered by the VEDA international classrooms for web designing. Ideally, an entire web design course includes web designing as well as development techniques. A professional web designing course would ideally include the following tools and software, Adobe Photoshop , Adobe, Illustrator, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Flash with Adobe sound Booth, Action Script/Action Script 3.0/2.0, XHTML, HTML, Dynamic galleries like Advanced CEE plus Pseudo, XML in Flash, Media CSS, Floating, Positioning, Joomla, WordPress, MySQL, PHP among others.  An ideal guide will help you to get a basic picture of all these above mentioned features of web designing course.

These days, web designing institutes offer students to work on live projects to help them sharpen their practical web designing skills. Letting students work independently brings self motivation and confidence within the students. Such extensive practice will help students realize their ultimate potential as well as help them gain imminence in illustrative decorum. Project your skills, technical capabilities and prowess by constructing an entire website on your own ideas. The web designing labs of VEDA international offer “state-of-the-art” structure to practice and carry out web designing projects and the environment not just teaches you the aspects of web designing, it typifies every effort of learning.


College of Visual Effects,Design & Art as the best web designing coach…

image of web desiging courses in pune at VEDAVEDA international learning solution is a well established name in the online education industry. The institute has won accolades for offering online web designing and development courses to both fresher as well as working professionals worldwide. All the technology based certificate courses are conducted through online audio/video tutorials. The concern employs highly qualified and experienced faculty who train students with the best of technical knowledge and expertise. A “state-of-the-art” VEDA international classroom provides professional training to the students with the employment of latest tool and techniques, letting them work actively on practical projects, through constant corroboration of ideas. The institute offers the following online courses:-

  • Online 3D Animation suite
  • Online Web design suite
  • Online Flash Animation
  • Online Advertisement Specialist suite
  • Online Flash Action script Suite
  • Online visual effect suite
  • Online Graphic Designing Suite