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Everyone of you are aware of Chota Bheem, the most popular cartoon character for the Indian audience. The makers of Chota Bheem, Gren Gold Animation Studios have come up with many more characters which are appealing to the kids. Among them, one character that has recently garnered much success in Mighty Raju.

UG & PG Animation DegreeThe many histrionics of Mighty Raju can be seen in the various episodes that are shown in TV in POGO channel. With the popularity of this character increasing daily, the makers have decided to release a full fledged movie named ‘Mighty Raju Rio Calling’. The film is slated to come out in the cinemas in May 16, 2014.

Raju or Mighty Raju as he is popularly called, got this super-natural power from Neutrino, a chemical compound. He helps his world against the evils and also from the cruel Karaati. In this movie, the saviour and mischevious Raju files to the city of Rio to take part in adrenaline and adventurous journeys.

The casting of the film has:


Sandhya ( Raju’s mother )

Swami ( Raju’s father )

Moby ( Raju’s pet, a dog )

Commissioner Khanna ( Commissioner of Police )

Julie ( Raju’s classmate )

image of bsc animation courses in pune at VEDAGopi ( Raju’s classmate )

Charlie ( Raju’s classmate, his rival and a bully )

This Indian animation movie which is made and produced in the country only along with its indigenous content will surely win the hearts of the Indian Kids. Along with thee kids, the movie can also be watched by parents and teenagers who will enjoy a good laugh and take back some moral values. It is also necessary for the animation students to see this film as they can learn so many things, which will later help them in their academics.

So, do watch the movie – ‘Mighty Rio Rio Calling’ and do not forget to comment on how did you like the movie.

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