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Ideas come to our minds every now and then, But as you grow up, getting occupied with jobs, responsibilities etc,…etc limits your brain to think more. And to think more, you have to break the barrier adulthood. We had a workshop on innovation & design thinking that was hosted by Nikhil Bhaskaran (Founder of IOTIOT India) and Conducted by Visual Effects, Design and art college Pune. Nikhil talked us through the topic of how to be innovative and creative.

Being Creative and Innovative is required in every field, No matter if you’re an engineer or a chef.

The First thing that Nikhil picked up was Being a child from inside, You can’t bring out imagination as an adult… it just simply doesn’t happen.

People tend to act too protective to maintain the image that people portray them.

Nobody is asking you to act like a child, If you act like a child, you’ll look stupid but if you think like a child you’ll look genius.

If you want to benefit from your ideas, It is very important to make sure that it brings value to the people/ society as well. At the end of the day, An effective idea could be a solution to a problem for bunch of individuals.

In order to work on a solution/Idea, You have to consider the following things.

  • Think in the consumer’s perspective – You should always think about how could an individual actually be benefited by this. (Every great idea solves a problem)
  • Make it efficient – The value of your idea is determined by How effective and efficient it is. You’ll have to brainstorm on making it simple for them
  • Prioritise – Prioritise specific components and make it favourable for a bigger group of people. You need to figure out what the majority wants.
  • Brainstorm with different people (pro tip) – Brainstorming with people who are into fields that are absolutely different from yours could lead to ideas flowing from new perspectives. This is effective as people that are same as you, tend to share the same perspective as yours.

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