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industry-visitAbout Start Copiers:
Since its establishment in 1988, Star Copiers has strived hard to carve an identity that denotes integrity, quality, and reliability. What started as a small venture has today turned into an industry which provides its customers with a variety of products, services, and choices. Achieving customer satisfaction and quality are the objectives that Star Copiers stands by.


industry-visitP.A.Inamdar College of VEDA organized an Industry visit for their BSC Media Graphic & Animation Students. The purpose of the visit was to make awareness of printing in today’s world of Digital Printing.

Learning for Students:

  • Types of papers
  • The complete process of printing different types of books
  • New Technology in Printing
  • Different type of Machines
    • Binding
    • Glue
    • Press
    • Cutting
  • Lamination & Framing
  • Know how of Flex Printing
  • How does climatic changes, Temperature makes a difference in paper quality
  • Revolution of Digital Printing

The visit has made students understand the values of papers & how to make maximum use of technology. All students had a great learning day at Star Copiers.


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