Course Highlights

  • Course Name: Certificate Course in 3D Max & AutoCAD
  • Eligibility: 10th on words  (Any Discipline)
  • Duration: 6 Months
  • Study Mode: Full time / Part Time
  • Admission Period: Admission open

Course Introduction

This is 6 months certificate course in 3Ds Max. Through this course, you will get to know about 3D visualization and its implementation in the market. There is an increasing use of digitized 3D modelling and representation in architecture and constructions. This course makes you a professional by creating eye-catching CG imagery.

  • Affiliated with: PAI College of Visual Effects,Design & Art


  • 3D Modeler
  • Texturing Artist
  • Lightning Artist
  • 3D Architect
  • Walk Through Artist

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Topics Covered Under This Course

  • Introduction to AutoCAD environment
  • AutoCAD Drafting Tools
  • Creating and Managing Text Styles
  • Creating Drawing with Drawing Units
  • Creating & Editing Attributes
  • Exporting AutoCAD file for working in 3dS Max
  • 3D Max Modelling and 3D Elevation
  • Texturing Objects in 3Ds Max
  • Lighting in 3D Max
  • Camera Techniques in 3Ds Max
  • Working with Default Rendering
  • V-Ray Rendering in 3Ds Max
  • Finishing touches and project


  • Week 1:Introduction to AutoCAD environment
    Line, Erase, Methods of specifying a point, Methods of object selection and de-selection, Object snapping points (End, Mid, Per, Nea), Methods of Drawing circle with menu bar & command line, Trim, Extend, Snapping points for circular objects (Cen, Qua, Tan), Ortho, Offset, Chamfer and Fillet.
  • Week 2:AutoCAD Drafting Tools
    Some other snapping points (Int, Ext, Par, App), Rectangle, Polygon, Explode, Construction Line, Ray, OSNAP, OSTRACK, POLAR TRACK, Dynamic Input, Copy, Move, Rotate, Scale, Stretch, Mirror, Arc command with menu bar and command line, Lengthen, Array, Change properties, Creating and managing layers, Single Line Text and Multi-Line Text.
  • Week 3:Creating and Managing Text Styles
    Block, Write Block, Insert, Changing UCS Origin, Hatch, Divide Measure, Break, Join, Point & Multiple points, Snapping for point (Node), Point style, Creating and managing tables, Enquiry commands and Display order, Dimensioning, Dimension Style, Multiline, MLEDIT, Polyline, Pedit, Grid, Snap and Limits.
  • Week 4:Creating Drawing with Drawing Units
    Drawing Units, Creating a drawing in Imperial Units, Ellipse, Isometric Drawing, Isometric Text and Dimensioning, Object Properties manager (OPM), Multiple Design Interface (MDI), Rename, Quickcalc, AutoCAD design centre (ADC), Quick Select and Tools Pallet, Raster Images, External Reference, Editing Drawings and Blocks with external reference.
  • Week 5:Creating & Editing Attributes
    Creating & Editing Attributes, Creating BOM with Attribute, Drawing complex objects, Saving drawing to old AutoCAD version, DXF formats, Creating & Managing Templates, Exporting a drawing to other formats, E-transmit, Drawing utilities, Plotting and Managing Layouts.
  • Week 6:Exporting AutoCAD file for working in 3dS Max
    Exporting AutoCAD file for working in 3dS Max, Basic information about 3Ds Max, Product Demo of 3Ds Max, User Interface of 3Ds Max, understanding Viewports, Perspective views, working with Standard Primitive and Extended Primitive, Using AEC Objects, Using important Modifiers
  • Week 7:3D Max Modelling and 3D Elevation
    Polygon Modeling, Modeling Architectural objects, product modelling, different modelling techniques, working with editable poly and editable mash, creating low poly modelling for texturing
  • Week 8:Texturing Objects in 3Ds Max

Working with maps and textures, applying material and texture to the objects, setting UVW maps, unwrapping, texture baking, accessing different material libraries, making the custom texture and material. Working with material editor perimeter

  • Week 9:Lighting in 3D Max
    Understanding CG Lighting, principles of digital lighting, different lighting techniques and lighting methods, working with standard lighting and photo metric lighting system, using different lighting settings for daylight and night light, understanding indoor and outdoor lighting in detail
  • Week 10:Camera Techniques in 3Ds Max
    Working with Camera, understanding set key and auto key, understanding camera views and setting of animation menu, working with the camera around the path, dummy objects and dummy camera, setting the scene for different views
  • Week 11:Working with Default Rendering
    Ready objects, RPC files, renders, understanding rendering process, the understanding scan line, mental ray and batch render, working with different render passes and render styles.
  • Week 12:V-Ray Rendering in 3Ds Max
    Introduction of V-Ray, the difference between the normal render and V-ray, setting up V-Ray render for 3ds Max, understanding V-Ray materials and shades, creating photo realistic glass and metals with V-Ray, Rendering settings of V-Ray, V-Ray tips for realistic rendering.
  • Week 13:Finishing touches and project
    Finishing touches and project. (Every student will be assigned to one project which they have to complete and submit to be eligible for certificate)

Institute at a Glance

  • College of the Year in Animation Category – Higher Education Review Magazine
  • Best Infrastructure College Student Choice Award by College
  • Member of Indian Society of Art & Animation
  • VFX Lab, Workstations, Audio Recording Lab
  • Member of Computer Society of India
  • Sports Ground, Industry Tour
  • Dedicated Placement Cell
  • Member of MCCIA

Know more about these course

What is this Course in 3Ds Max and AutoCAD all about?

This is 6 months certificate course in 3Ds Max and AutoCAD. Through this course, you will get to know about 3D visualization and its implementation in the market. There is an increasing use of digitized 3D modelling and representation in architecture and constructions. This course makes you a professional by creating eye-catching CG imagery.

What is the future for candidates who successfully accomplish this Course in 3Ds Max and AutoCAD?

After finishing certificate course in 3Ds max and AutoCAD, you can work as a 3D artist and visualizer in an architectural or real estate firms. In the present industry, there is a huge demand for skillful 3D visualizers.
Besides this, you may develop a career in 3D animation which has a huge demand

What would this Course in 3Ds Max and AutoCAD teach you?

In this certificate course in 3ds max and AutoCAD, the student will know about 3D visuals, modelling, texturing and compositing objects and implementing them in the industry. At the end, of course, the student shall prepare a portfolio which can be used to demonstrate at the time of looking for a job.
To get more detailed information, visit our course coverage tab, below on this page.

What is the scope of CC3A Certificate course in 3Ds Max and AutoCAD?

According to Acacia research group, a market for 3D visualization is increasing from $ 16.5 billion to $ 20 billion worldwide. Architectural visualization industry is in need for 3D visualizers.
“3D visuals have a huge scope in the market,” says a top 3D visualizer.

What is the kind of placement assistance you can expect after successfully completing this course?

At VEDA, we have a separate placement office which takes care of your professional grooming, placement assistance and soft skills development.
Our focus is not only to make you an artist or animator but also to bring forth a professional whom the industry looks up to. The college has tied up with several local and national level animation studios and designing house to ensure successful participants get the best possible opportunity from the very start.

Can Arts and Commerce students apply for this course?

Yes, they can.
To know more about the certificate course in CC3A, check out the tabs below.

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Note: Students interested in only one module (AutoCAD/3ds max ) can take admission for just one module also. Please speak to our course adviser for more details.

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