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Entertainment industry is the most important and continuously developing segment of the economy. There are many other supporting sub industries that are directly related in growth of the entertainment industry. Entertainment is the most necessary part of all human beings and when it comes to kids having variety of entertainment is important. Considering this demand there are numerous kids channels in India. To name a few top cartoon channels which are Cartoon Network (India), Hungama TV, BabyTV, Pogo TV, Sonic, Disney XD ,Disney Junior etc and many more.

These days Chhota Bheem is the most favourite cartoon character in India. Chhota Bheem is the very enthusiastic, intelligent, and courageous young boy who lives in Dholakpur village which is the part of rural India. Chhota Bheem is purely the fictional story. Chhota means small. The boy in this story is merely of 8-9 year old hence he is called as Chhota Bheem. The story reloves around kigdom, king, princess, and his enemies and how this Chhota Bheem helps everyone when they are in trouble.

Chhota Bheem is the purely Indian animation series. It is one of the most popular animation series aired on Pogo Channel. This series has won the most prestigious Golden Cursor Award for the year 2009. This animation series is the most popular series due to significant characters to the kids and it’s dialect . The estimated value of this show is around ₹ 300 crores in India with more than 40 millions of viewers across the world.

The mastermind behind Chhota Bheem is Rajiv Chilaka. He establish animation studio in the year 2001 ans named online-animation-course it as Green Gold Animation. Rajiv has to put lot of effort to establish a new concept of Indian animation content. But he becomes successful after the production of various mythological stories like Vikram Betal and Krishna story series. These series were aired on Pogo Channel.

After almost of 5 years of working finally Chhota Bheem was ready to rock on Indian kids mind. In the year 2008 it firt appeared on Pogo TV and later the success is still on with total seven seasons which consists around 425 episodes in it.

P A Inamdar College of Visual Effects Design and Art too understands the requirement of booming animation filed. Hence this best animation college was associated with Green Gold Studios. With this association VEDA College has developed and understood the animation industries requirement and have updated latest curriculum for all degree courses in animation, diploma in 3d animation or for various career opportunities in animation.

The content of this article is collected by our animation college students who are perusing bachelor’s degree in animation and media graphics.

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