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Amazing Tips for Good Sketching by VEDA college

Sketching is a great way to express art. It’s rather also very interesting to do.There are millions of people out there who consider sketching as a hobby.

Well it’s not completely appropriate to say that people just do it for themselves, people actually make a living through it.

If you are a novice, Here are a few common but great tips that you could use to sketch better.

Tip #1: Use the right tools

“Use the right tools” is the most basic advice anyone would give. You don’t really need a lot of money to gather the right type of tools. Let’s take pencils as an example. There are a few different types of pencils designed for different purposes .It’s just about you being able to choose the right ones for your purpose.

Tip #2: Observation

It’s commonly said that Observation is 50% of making a piece of art. And It is completely agreeable as your ability to observe the object and put it in paper is what sketching is all about.

Tip #3: Develop your own style

Art is all about doing something very attractive differently in your own style. Ones you have gathered all the skills and knowledge about sketching, You have to focus on what you can do in your own different style. Art has not rules.

Tip #4: Look around

The best way to develop your own style is to looking at other artists styles. Now you might be thinking that wouldn’t that be copying?…. Absolutely not, Ideas are made when you analyse a thousand Ideas of other people floating around you.

Tip #5: Keep practicing

It doesn’t happen overnight. The sooner you understand this, the better it’ll be for you. It takes hours and hours of thinking and practicing your skill to one fine day reach to a level when you can call yourself a professional.

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(If you are already into digital marketing, You may skip to the steps but for those of you who are not aware of link building(getting backlinked) can stick around for the basics)

Backlinks are links on other websites that are directed to your website….

Seemed confusing?

Read it again!

If you are new to blogging or owning a website, You probably might already be thinking that link building is a great way to gain traffic and audience for your website.. Which is right!

There’s no getting around the fact that it does help you, generate more traffic through getting linked on other authorized websites.

But in addition to that, getting back-linked from reputed websites is also considered to be very SEO effective.

Yes…. Google does prioritise your page (in terms of page rank), If you have good/reputed websites linking back to your web page.

And its rather pretty logical,

let’s get this straight with an example:

If a bunch of good people are talking good about a person, You as a rational human being will also believe that yes, That person can’t be a fraud!

so , it’s all about reputation.

(You also need to make sure that the websites linking back to you are authorised/ reputed)

Now, You’ve got a rough idea about why backlinks are necessary

But now the question is! How do we actually get backlinks

Here are a few things that you can do to organically get back-linked from reputed websites.

Produce quality content:

The first thing that you need to assure about content is, It has to be engaging and to be engaging, It has to be unique and valuable.

Many bloggers complain about, how they are not able to gather a decent audience to look at their stuff….

But the fact is

Nobody cares about how hard you work, it’s all about how valuable your content is(to the viewers)

So, in order to get recognized by good websites, you will have to maintain the quality of your content.

Reach-out to websites:

There was a time when people used to buy a bunch of backlinks

but lately, Google has been very keen about how they rank pages….

They believe in providing the most organic search results to their users. So if you want to sustain in the market, you will have to respect the authority and be organic.

Once you have good content to show,

You need to reach-out to good websites via email or social media or by any communication means


In the process of reaching out, you will have to be patient and not just fill your email with asking to get linked. They receive hundreds of such emails on a daily basis.

You need to provide some value to them first, Like you could praise their website and propose to write a good article for them for free and build a good relationship.

And then request for a back link…

Just think how well/powerful would that be as compared to just throwing an email, asking for a backlink.

Use Social Media

Getting recognized is the ultimate key to getting more backlinks. Once you get recognized and get exposure, other bloggers will automatically start talking about you which will inturn generate more backlinks to your website.

Social media is a great way to get recognized as a personal brand or an organization. So sharing your content and actively participating in putting out value to the community will also help you to gain recognition and exposure.

Be consistent:

Initially, you probably might not get the level of attention that you thought you would. Which is normal.

Yet, You will have to be consistent in putting out great content, reaching out to websites, being active on social media or be it any activity that will help you gain more traffic and backlinks.


Don’t Give up, The ones that do…. fail!

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Career after 12th: How to Choose and Pursue a Career Path


The one question that arises multiple times in a 12th grads brain is ‘what am I going to do next’, ‘What career path am I going to choose?’, ‘What value is the degree going to hold?’, ‘How much money will I be able to earn?’.

But while thinking about all of this, they often forget to ask themselves “who they really are?”….. What’s the one combination of skill-set that they want to acquire, And actually feel happy about it?

In this article, I’m not gonna talk about “WHAT” courses you have to choose or “WHAT” degree you have to learn, we are going to talk “HOW” to choose the right course, “HOW” to choose the right degree.

Here are 5 things that you’re gonna consider

What’s My Passion?

It might sound cliché, But it never ceases to amaze me, the fact that was reported by that said “In 2013, Forbes magazine reported on the poll, saying “work is more often a source of frustration than fulfilment for nearly 90% of the world’s workers.”

To figure out what you love you’ll have to ask yourself, What is the one thing that you would enjoy doing happily even if you weren’t paid anything in exchange………… THAT’s YOUR PASSION.

Who are the People, I can Look up to Seek inspiration?

Here is one of the biggest tip I would give you, Once you have figured out, what you are passionate about, the next step is to find people who belong to the same niche and ask them about their journey to the top. By doing this you can be certain about “are you ready to face the challenges that they did”. If no, you better back off. It’s never too late to quit.

Am I just doing this for Money?

There are a ton of people out there that choose a career just to assure value in terms of money and eventually end up getting bored of what they do, but keep doing it till they retire.

“Getting bored” is human nature, But how frequently getting bored is the question.

Make sure the thing that you’re getting into has a lot to do with your interests.

Make a Career Plan

Ones you have figured all of the above out, Now it’s time to plan on how are you actually Gonna achieve that goal. Research about every single thing that is required for you to be an expert, write that down so you won’t forget why you started, and just start doing it.

Fast Forward (Pro tip)

This is a tip for procrastinators. There is no getting around the fact that we all procrastinate. But whenever you realize that you’re not being as productive as you should be. Just keep your actions in mind, and fast forward your life by repeating it over and over again. And ask yourself, will you be what you’re supposed to be. (If you didn’t get it read it again. This will get you back to work much faster).


– Ravi Tikate

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Do you that the most of the dinosaurs we see in Jurassic World were fake? Do you know that these dinosaurs were actually created in 3D and given larger than life effects by using VFX?  Well, it’s really hard to differentiate between real footage and the CG effects created by the 3D animators or by VFX artists. To have more understanding of their work Visual Effects team of Jurassic World released some of their work. Industrial Magic & Lights is the team behind the exceptional visual effects for the movie

To have better understanding please check this

Now as shown in the video you can kids are riding on dinosaurs but in reality, human replicas were used in order t get real movements of the character.  The sequence was shot with the help of actors, technicians and the VFX specialists

In another shot, we can see Velociraptors. These frolickings were too played by the actors. They acted in a way to pretend that they too are the dinosaurs

Jurassic World movie is not only about actors or specialists pretending to be dangerous but it’s about use of fantastic digital art.  All shrubs, bushes, greenery, dinosaurs, wreckages were created with layer by layer digital artistry.

To have more detailed perceptive for VFX breakdown of Jurassic World you must take look at the full video. This video will give insights of magic behind Visual Effects of Jurassic World created by Industrial Light & Magic’s team. This team really worked very hard to produce high VFX which will as realistic as possible. Team Industrial Light & Magic is awarded numerous awards likeCritics Choice Award, Visual Effects Society Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, Satellite Awards and Annie Awards etc for its outstanding visual effects work quality. ILM team is due with it’s another sequel called as Jurassic World: the Fallen Kingdom on 22 June 2018

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Entertainment industry is the most important and continuously developing segment of the economy. There are many other supporting sub industries that are directly related in growth of the entertainment industry. Entertainment is the most necessary part of all human beings and when it comes to kids having variety of entertainment is important. Considering this demand there are numerous kids channels in India. To name a few top cartoon channels which are Cartoon Network (India), Hungama TV, BabyTV, Pogo TV, Sonic, Disney XD ,Disney Junior etc and many more.

These days Chhota Bheem is the most favourite cartoon character in India. Chhota Bheem is the very enthusiastic, intelligent, and courageous young boy who lives in Dholakpur village which is the part of rural India. Chhota Bheem is purely the fictional story. Chhota means small. The boy in this story is merely of 8-9 year old hence he is called as Chhota Bheem. The story reloves around kigdom, king, princess, and his enemies and how this Chhota Bheem helps everyone when they are in trouble.

Chhota Bheem is the purely Indian animation series.  It is one of the most popular animation series aired on Pogo Channel. This series has won the most prestigious Golden Cursor Award for the year 2009.  This animation series is the most popular series due to significant characters to the kids and it’s dialect . The estimated value of this show is around ₹ 300 crores in India with more than 40 millions of viewers across the world.

The mastermind behind Chhota Bheem is Rajiv Chilaka. He establish animation studio in the year 2001 ans named online-animation-course it as Green Gold Animation. Rajiv has to put lot of effort to establish a new concept of Indian animation content. But he becomes successful after the production of various mythological stories like Vikram Betal and Krishna story series. These series were aired on Pogo Channel.

After almost of 5 years of working finally Chhota Bheem was ready to rock on Indian kids mind. In the year 2008 it firt appeared on Pogo TV and later the success is still on with total seven seasons which consists around 425 episodes in it.

P A Inamdar College of Visual Effects Design and Art too understands the requirement of booming animation filed. Hence this best animation college was associated with Green Gold Studios.  With this association VEDA College has developed and understood the animation industries requirement and have updated latest curriculum for all degree courses in animation, diploma in 3d animation or for various career opportunities in animation.

The content of this article is collected by our animation college  students who are perusing bachelor’s degree in animation and media graphics.


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In earlier article we understood Top 5 plugins for Autodesk Maya. Today in this article we will learn some more most of the used plugins for Autodesk Maya.

Maya HDR Light studio

This plugin in Autodesk Maya is very useful while creating HDRI environment.  To give fantastic light effects with creative approach is possible with this plugin. Working with this plugin is real fun as working in it is easy and fast. This plugin is very interactive for the users by producing high quality lighting effects.


Pixar RenderMan was earlier known as PhotoRealistic RenderMan. It is PhotoRealistic 3D rendering software. It is the product of Pixar Animation Studios. By using RenderMan Interface Specification describes materials, lights, cameras etc.  It is useful to communicate between 3D models and animation applications as well as other rendering applications which produce high quality images. It supports Open Shading Languages to define various other textural patterns.  

The Andy rig
andyrig for maya

AndyRig is the most flexible rigging pluging useful for character animation. The AndyRig is the short form of “androgynous” Rig . It was made for the Savannah College of Art and Design students and later updated with the feedbacks received from the students. It is useful for rigging of both male and female character animation. This plugin is well equipped to work with other animation situations also. Variety of texture and hair styles for the easily available in this plugin and can be added to apply creative look to the character. Designers and developers of this plugin are always open to receive feedback and implement new changes in this plugin.


BhGhost is Maya software animation tool useful in defining different aspects of onion skinning and ghosting in 3D. It creates outlines of the character in 3D modelling software. BgGhost is the most useful and freely available tool for 3D animators.


This plugin in maya software is used to shoot separate animation scene with cinematic effects. shotView gives chance to zoom in without changing camera position. This tool is very helpful when a detailed work is necessary on the character.

Along with above mentioned tools there are numerous other plugins which work closely with 3d animation software’s. To know more or to learn in depth about Autodesk MAYA taking up 3d Maya online course is also the best option. Such types of online animation courses are available with


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Video Courtesy: Light Studio, animation, Horgan,

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When it comes to Video Games, United States of America is the biggest industry with the average revenue of $ 23.5 billion.  It is the multi-billion dollar industry across the world. There are thousands and thousands of companies and studios who make 2D and 3D games as per the latest trend. These 2D and 3D games are created in such a way so that users can freely use it on Smartphone’s, Laptop’s, Computer’s or even game consoles. Considering the demand for designing and developing new games, this filed is creating lots of new opportunities for game designers, game programmers, animators and many other portfolios.

global game market report by Newzoo

In India, gaming Industry has lots of opportunities available for young animators. India is the country of largest young population. IT is on the verge of becoming largest gaming sector across the world. Today, Indian gaming industry is valued at around $ 890 million and is expected for the annual growth of almost 15% with increase in mobile gaming applications. Almost 71% of the growth is in the mobile gaming filed. This demand is in continuously increasing due to various new popular games, introduction to high end laptops, Smartphone’s or even game console.

Those who are willing to make successful career in the field of game designing need to have  detailed and learn 2d & 3d animationprofessional training in 3D Animation, 2D Animation, computer graphics, computer programming, Unity Game engine etc. Students who are expert in any of the above mentioned filed can easily enter into a very exciting game designing field.

Indian gaming industry is booming because several reasons. To name a few are as follows;

  • Availability of young, talented and creative artists who are well trained as per the industry standards and demand.
  • Most of the Indian population uses Internet and play various online games or gaming apps.
  • Indian game designing market has the benefit of its own young population who are techno savvy and are always updated with the latest trends in the gaming industry.
  • Indian gaming industry is not only based on creative talent but huge IT and development industry is also the backbone of game designing and game development industry.
  • Game Designers and Game Developers have lots of opportunities available in various development giants like Nvidia, Microsoft, Disney, Sony, Digital Chocolate, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Playdom.  These designing and developing companies work on the latest technology and trends.

So considering the demand for this industry many colleges and institutes are creating industry relevant syllabus so that young aspirants can make successful career in video game designing. These courses are offered with various animation colleges in Pune.

So what are you waiting for? Select the best animation college to become successful video game Designer.


Image Courtesy:, www.sevengames-com


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Autodesk Maya is one of the most important 3D computer graphics software.  Maya software is used to create realistic 3D models, animation and visual effects in various TV commercials, video games, animated movies etc.  This article will help you to understand top 10 plugins which are very much for Autodesk Maya.


SpPaint3D is the object placement tool. It is raycast based tool. Like other geometry Paint SpPaint 3D doesn’t use UVs and special grid to get the control of the position of the newly created objects placement.  

Maya Carbon Scatter

Maya Carbon Scatter is the most important and very useful plugin of Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3D Maya.  It also called as the population plugin.  Various real world environmental objects can be made easily with this plugin.  Any scene from the movie or any commercial can look beautiful & can be given very realistic effects with the help of this plugin. Millions of plants, trees, human crowd, animals, mountains, and other objects can be created with this plugin. 

Maya Phoenix FD

Maya Phoenix FD is the most useful plugin to stimulate smoke, fire, loud explosions, foam, smoke etc. effects with learn 2d & 3d animation outstanding speed and flexibility. This is 3D animator and VFX artists’ favourite plugin.  It allows fluid dynamic effects to be created rapidly with good control. The integration of Maya Phoenix FD into Autodesk Maya is impeccably by allowing optimisation for rendering in V-Ray.


Realflow is the most important 3D plugin used in 3D software’s. It is used for the fluid and dynamics stimulation in 3D and other VFX software’s. This plugin is based on the particle based stimulation technology. Latest upgradion in Realflow is DYVERSO which is multiphysics solver. It is highly optimised GPU acceleration where various types of materials are stimulated within the same framework with remarkable speed

Blue Pencil

Blue Pencil Overview from Chris Zurbrigg on Vimeo.

This is the most useful plugin for the 2D animators who are shifting in to 3D animation filed. Simply we can call it as sketchpad for Autodesk Maya. This plugin is useful to drawing, sketching and to animate particular object.  Blue Pencil gives tremendous opportunities for young animators to put their ideas creatively and endlessly. Making plans and communication is also easy task. Sharing working files in this plugin is also a quite easy as the data is directly stored in Autodesk Maya scene files.

So what are you waiting for? Interested to join 3d maya course but don’t know where to join? Then taking up 3d maya online course is one of the best options.  By joining maya online course students can bring their own stories to life and can gain technical skills required to become successful 3D Animator.

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Video Courtesy:,, spPaint3d,,



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Is it necessary to opt for a degree after 12th? This is the most commonly answered question at our animation college in Pune. Most of the time 12th std students have no idea of what to do after finishing their school or Jr. college education. Mostly students who complete their 12th from commerce and arts stream looks more confusing in choosing right career option for them. A career option which can give them degree which later can help to take up a handsome salary job at any international organization.

We help students to get a bachelor’s degree in animation. With the strong background of art, designing, creativity and right use of technology, we make sure that our students are well ready to enter creative and most demanding field of animation, web designing, graphic designing, vfx etc. We make sure that our students will not be enforced to do routine work only, but will be given an extra edge to perform creatively and take senior positions very quickly.   

Here are three reasons why being animation degree holder will be most important in the long run:

You get in-depth knowledge

By joining animation schools you can actually involve yourself in detailed study which later can develop your professional practices. By getting degree in animation one can show mastery in various subjects like web design course, graphic design course, vfx courses etc.

Lots of Career Opportunities

Animation degree holders are high in demand for highly demanding animation and designing field. By completing 3 years degree in animation, students become ready to take up exciting Career Opportunities in various fields like television, entertainment, video gaming, interior-exterior designing, medicine, industrial designing, automobile designing, web designing, graphic designing and many other fields. Students can work as animator, Character Designer, Modeler, Rigger, VFX Specialist, lighting, texturing, rigging specialist etc.

You will have solid sense for your achievements

By taking degree in animation from one of the best animation colleges in India, you can surely feel proud for the rest of your life. You might be the first person in your family or in your friend circle to get admission and complete degree in animation from one of the prestigious animation college in the country.

PAI College of Visual Effects Design and Art (VEDA) gives first preference for learning! Learning which is industry oriented.

By keeping industry need in mind we have developed first class education system by maintaining highest education standards.  We not only give world-class education but we take care of our students for clean, safe and healthy environment. As we keep up our overall standard we have been consistently ranked top as the Institute of the Year by Higher Education Review Magazine, and College with Best Infrastructure 2017 by website.


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What is creativity? Do I have creativity? If no, then how can I be creative in any task I do? What are the tips to be creative? These are commonly asked or discussed questions yet they are difficult to answer. In the era of competitive world one has to develop their own creative ideas in anything that they work. Today in this article we will see how creativity can help you to take successful steps towards career in animation or in graphic designing or web designing filed.

It is always said that one has to be creative if they are interested to make career in animation or career as a graphic designer.  But creativity is not something one is always born with it. Like other skills one can acquired over the career in animationperiod. Creativity is also one of the skills which can be acquired with persistent efforts and dedication. Remember if you have chosen animation and designing as your career then you are already creative.  Only thing which is utmost required is you need right guidance and education to become successful in this field. Such formal education can be acquired by taking formal animation training available in various animation colleges in India.

A glimpse of how you can hone your creativity…

To make successful career in animation or in graphic designing or any other field of media & animation, one has to balance between right use of technology and creativity. If you will keep studying technology related to animation and designing you won’t be giving chance to explore your creativity where as if you will follow traditional way of learning designing then your will have lot many opportunities to explore many hidden creative aspects in you. For that matter having a right education is very important.  Such type of formal education is available in various animation colleges. By joining specially designed bachelor’s degree courses in animation and VFX, students can get good hands on the technical as well as on traditional skills which can improve your creativity.

At P. A. Inamdar College of Visual Effects, Design & Art, Pune we believe in bringing real creativity in everything that our students do. Here we not only focus on creating characters but we focus on a complete show reel of whether it is graphic design showreel or web design or 3D & vfx showreel by the students,which includes designing, animation, painting, modeling, texturing, light effects, camera effects, photography, compositing and other facets of art and animation.

We strongly believe that animation doesn’t mean only giving life to a character but giving lively experience to the valued audience too. Hence we have developed our programs in such a way so that students can rightly balance between technical skills and can work and develop their creativity too. To get more information on various courses offered one can visit our website or can call on (020) 64013441 to fix free counseling session with our education expert.    



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