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Having an inborn talent is one thing, but not all of us are born with the sense of what is good artwork printed in our DNA. In order to create great artwork, one must have some basics in place.

The elements and principles of design are the building blocks used to produce a work of art. The elements of design can be considered as those things that make up a painting, drawing, design etc. How we apply the Principles of design determines how successful we are in creating a work of art.

Dieter Rams a Design Legend who was born in Germany say the following about good design:

  • is innovative
  • is aesthetic
  • makes a product understandable
  • is thorough down to the last detail
  • is as little design as possible

Principles of Design


For any design to be all the above a rudimentary understanding of visual hierarchy, perception and composition is a must. The modern concept of human visual perception is rooted in the psychological study. Thus, the way that we see and recognize graphic information will always be the same, despite constantly changing graphic interfaces.Graphic-Designing course

Where and what one is doing is of utmost importance. Be it a product, work of art, a website or a new E-learning course. The basic design principles laid down by experts in the field must be followed. If a new talent wishes to break away from them and start something revolutionary, it must have the appeal and the immediate likability and acceptability factor.


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There is absolutely no limit to human imagination. It can run wild and still have takers for it. Be it novels, short stories, drama or cinema. The ever-hungry consumer is always looking for something to wow her senses. Yes, habits and preferences have changed from what they were 10 years ago, the kindle has replaced a book for many people, and the theater has replaced the personal device. It won’t be wrong to say that after movies like Life of Pi and Avatar a movie buff wants more.

Visual effects create environments which look realistic but would be too hazardous, costly, unrealistic to capture on film. Visual effects get people to the theaters globally. Everyone wants to experience the awe aspiring spectacles, amazing images and some really key work of imagination.

The use of visual effects is not new to films. It has been used since the beginning of movies. Of course that the time it was not for effects but on the requirement. Moreover, the technology too was not developed enough for it to make that impact.

Here are couples of things that come under Visual effects:

1. Creating entirely virtual shots image of 2d 3d animation courses in pune at VEDA
2. Changing the background
3. Creating the background
4. Adding actors, characters or creatures
5. Changing actors
6. Adding objects or props
7. Removing objects
Some movies have become milestones because of the effect that they had on the viewer. INCEPTION, LIFE OF PI, GRAVITY, and INTERSTELLAR are the most recent examples of filmmakers understanding visual effects as builders of worlds. Each of those films won the Oscar for Best Visual Effects.

vfx effects in movies

Visual effects undoubtedly help the studio’s earnings. A visual medium like films can be appreciated across the world and everyone can experience the wow feel it gives. Unlike earlier days, scripts do not have to sit on the shelf unattended for years because they’re not feasible Dragon heart, Lord of the Rings are some examples. If you have a story and a wild imagination, you can be a director or a writer you have all the freedom in the world to tell a story as you wish and it can be brought alive as you imagined with the help of VFX, maybe better sometimes.

In India or Bollywood or other regional Indian film industries like  Tollywood,  the demand of VFX is rising high and high. You can be a part of this awesome and creative field, just you need a creative mind, hard work and lots of passion. Offcourse you need a best training environment also, and the good news is you can find out some of the best animation colleges in India itself like P.A. Inamdar College of Visual Effects Design and Art, Pune, where you will get best VFX or animation training.

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Image Courtesy: www.hollywoodreporter.com, www.flickchart.com,

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Maya is 3D computer animation software with powerful modeling, rendering, simulation, texturing, and animation tools.  Maya can create films/videos to make possible life-like characters.

Before getting into 3D art, modeling, or animation you need to know how to use the tools of this trade. Yes, it can be intimidating, will pinch the pocket and will be tedious. This said it is important to find a cost-effective software and training material to ensure you learn the right thing, well and fast.


Up until Maya was developed, life like and natural look of some things found in nature was difficult. Wind blowing in the trees, butter like clouds floating and a tornado billowing, was almost unthinkable. Maya has made it possible for animators and artists to unleash their creativity to the fullest as it made it easy to illustrate emotions in animated characters by showing heightened facial expressions and showcase a more relatable, human like body language.

Maya was conceptualized and developed by some of the most imaginative brains in the industry. One can see the passion and the skill they display by seeing how their visualization translates into every release of Maya and how they’re giving power to individual artists and studios around the world.

Maya can do a lot, and it really depends on what one wants to learn. Some tools are excluAnimation-courses-after-12thsively used for animation, modeling, rendering or dynamics, etc. If you are a non-technical creative person and wish to explore creative expression person interested in expressing my creativity through digital media and have zeroed in on Maya then remember Maya certainly has a huge learning curve. Although a great program, it can be daunting. Maya or other 3d packages, the best way to learn is to use an online tutorial site like digitaltutors.com or Lynda.com.

Autodesk Maya 2016 software is full of new features, enhancement and user-friendly devices such as 3D Type, Render Setup, Shape Authoring and new motion design tools.


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Image Courtesy: http://nymayausersgroup.blogspot.in/

Video Courtesy: www.youtube.com

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There is no universally accepted or agreed on the definition for UX or User experience design.

It has many dimensions and includes a variety of things like interaction design, information architecture, visual design, usability, and human-computer interaction. The closest definition that can be applied is by a study from Oxford Journal Interacting With Computers: “The goal of UX design in business is to “improve customer satisfaction and loyalty through the utility, ease of use, and pleasure provided in the interaction with a product.”

User experience design is simply, put the process of improving the user liking by optimizing the contact between the user and the product.

The user experience design field is a design order whose origins can be related to ergonomics, a field that, since the late 1940s, has focused on the interface between human users, machines, and the contextual environments to design systems that address the user’s experience.


It was Donald Norman, a user experience architect, who coined the term “user experience,” and brought it to a wider audience.

I invented the term because I thought human interface and usability were too narrow. I wanted to cover all aspects of the person’s experience with the system including industrial design graphics, the interface, the physical interaction and the manual. Since then the term has spread widely, so much so that it is starting to lose its meaning. Donald Norman

Those who put their efforts on UX study and evaluate how users feel about a system, evaluating things like ease of use, value perception, utility, effectiveness in performing tasks and so forth.

UX designers are also trained to look at the sub-process within a big system. It is quite possible that they might re-look at the process of an e-commerce website to see if users find the procedure of buying pGraphic-Designing courseroducts from the website during bumper sales promotions in the holiday season trouble-free and enjoyable. The customer is king, this adage makes more sense in current times than before. The customer now is choosy, has better buying power and can easily get distracted. So UX has all the more prominence. A more usercentered design means a better experience for the user and can be key in driving business.


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Image Courtesy: http://www.howdesign.com/

Video Courtesy: www.youtube.com


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Maya is one of the primarily the most trendy 3D software package available. The internet is full of infinite resources for anyone who wants to learn how to use it. Here is it when it gets tricky, as a lot of choices only confuses people. Here are top 5 tutorial sites that will help you get you a good grip on the 3D software.

Creative Crash


This site is brimming with free tutorials and creative content. An exclusive section dedicated to Maya training. The site has an added advantage that one can filter a search by language, user skill level. You can also choose from video or text training. A fantastic resource for Maya tutorials, 3d modeling, 3d rendering that can be used for multiple operating systems.



The Lynda training site has 24 brilliant 3ds Max tutorials, made by proficient and professionals in the software. A typical session can last from 90 minutes to 15 hours. We are sure you will definitely find something worthwhile here. This is no free resource. One needs to be a member to get access to the training material.


Simply Maya


Maya tutorials are their specialty, they offer over 1000 individual training videos, with a wide range from the basics through to intermediate training. The best part is that each tutorial has been created by instructors with a lot of rich industry experience. These tutorials have been designed to get you up and running in the software speedily. The site also features a fantastic resource section, offering textures, rigs, scripts and plugins, all designed specifically for Maya.

CG Tuts+ 


Cg tuts+ is a knowledge resource has a lot of information related to everything about computer graphics, including Maya. No matter what the user skill, beginner to an advanced user, on will find something for all skills with tutorials covering everything from creating cartoon characters, using rigs, expressions, and constraints as well as dealing with the difficult issue of hair.



The website is dedicated to computer graphics and animation; it has 2D and 3D art gallery, as well as discussion boards, 3d tutorials, CG news, and contests. Tutorials for Maya are completely free and are aimed at aspiring artists, as well as students.

You can learn a lot from such sites, but off-course you need a professional training for 3d animation and that should not be only software oriented. You need a full fledged animation course like a degree in animation or a diploma in 3d animation which also includes software’s training with the basics of  animation from the best animation institution or college and Pune’s P. A. Inamdar College of Visual Effects Design and Art is one of them.

And if you are a professional of the animation field, looking for a particular software’s training, go for it like the certificate in Maya but consider about the institution. Inquire about the course as well as the institution or college then join the course and step up in your career…


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Image Courtesy: logos from respective websites, puppet-master.net

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Your client has asked to create a mascot for one of their campaigns. How do you go about creating it? Well, it is very easy with the tools like Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop or with Adobe illustrator. You simply need a couple of details about the character like its gender, hair style, shape of the eyes, any special features etc. Remember, the character represents the brand and hence has to really come alive with its looks.

Fear not. Follow a few simple steps and create one.

  • Step 1

Gather all information about the character. E.g. its gender, built, facial features, hair style, eyes etc. With this information you may get a rough idea about the looks of this character. Now let’s begin.

  • Step 2

Draw a circle first. Then cut this circle in two vertical halves with a line. Extend this line out of the circle. Ensure that the length of this line should be approximately equal to the radius or 2/3rd of diameter of the circle. Join this bottom of the line with the edge of the circle to create an egg shape. You will get the face outline.


  • Step 3

Draw a horizontal line dividing the vertical line in half. Draw a second line dividing the lower vertical line in two parts. Now, draw a third horizontal line dividing the lowermost section of the vertical line. The topmost line is where eyes will appear, below it the bottom of the nose and below it the bottom of the lower lip.

  • Step 4.

On the topmost horizontal line, on either side of the vertical line, make a mark where you think the eyes should B.Sc. in animation in punebegin.  Draw the outline of any one eye first followed by the other eye on the other side of the vertical line. Draw both the eyebrows in a similar way. Depending on the brief received, the eye could be a normal human eye, or one mechanical eye (robot). The same needs to be followed. Let us assume it is a face with two normal eyes with proper iris.

  • Step 5.

Draw a line on both sides of the main vertical line at the starting of each eye. The point where these two lines meet the second horizontal line is the end of the nostrils. The shape of the nose can be made depending on the features needed.

  • Step 6.

The bottom of the lower lip should touch the lowest horizontal line. Draw a line on either side of the main vertical from the centre of the both iris. The junction of these vertical lines with the lowest horizontal is the end of lips.

  • Step 7.

Measure a distance equal to half the width of eye and mark it on the topmost horizontal line. This distance should be measured from outside of both the eyes on either side. Also, mark another point on the main vertical line below the lower lip to denote the chin. Connect the chin with these two marks outside the eyes on the main horizontal line to form the jaw line of the character.

  • Step 8

Draw the outline of ears between the topmost and second horizontal line on either side. Draw the neck where the jaw-line and the lowermost horizontal meet.

Drawing a face - pic 8

Generally, a face is vertically symmetric, minor variation is what will add the special features to your character. Remember to keep it simple till this point. After this outline, add hair and other features to lend more credibility to your character depending on the characters’ requirement.

Depending on the character’s personality, the detailing of eyes, jaw-line, nose etc can be done. If it is a robotic character, there would hardly be any expressions on the face, but if it is a human character, then the smile, twinkle of eyes, hair style needs to be worked upon to lend life. Graphic-Designing course

Once the outline is done in a line diagram, colours could be added with brushes and colour gradient could be introduced to add to the special facial features. Remember, the most important feature of the face are eyes, devote most effort to the eyes and the character will get a natural look. Even if you’re using any tool the guidelines are pretty much same except that you have to use, Pen tool, shape tool and brushes.

Sketching is an very interesting subject but it need lots of dedication and time. A well planner course which covers all the aspects of art and animation can be a turning point of your career.



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Infinista Concepts is a class apart team of cool people who are always on an ingenious mission.We Design out of the world graphics which stand tall amongst others and Develop websites & mobile apps with seamless functionalities.Writing crisp and trending content has been a forte of our creative team while our SEO and SMM aces churn out the latest digital practices to give clients staggering results.


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 How to do impressive video story boarding: Here are some basics!

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A Storyboard is a series of drawings that shows each scene of the script which acts as a guideline for making the video.  

A Storyboards purpose is to visually communicate to the entire team, how should the production progress, what are the crucial elements, what are the camera angle(s) etc, so that the teams are able to visualise the requirements and plan their activities accordingly. The storyboard helps create a clear vision and save heaps of time of your otherwise not-so-busy team. Storyboard also acts in saving overall costs and works as a catalyst in the production process making it efficient.  

For an effective video, a strong storyboard is a must. Let’s see what are the basics of a storyboard:

Make small scene of the entire script:

Break the entire script into numerous scenes. This helps the different teams like the VFX team, the production team etc to know their contributions for each of the scenes.

basics of story boarding - scene Break your script in small scenes


Find out the important elements of the script or scene:

Identify the most important element(s) of that scene and draw its rough sketch. This will help in planning production, props, costumes and the actors to plan their activities. Without adding the details of the appearance of the characters/props, a storyboard should only show the presence, placement and action being performed. Let the designer run his horses a little!

basics of story boarding - elementsFind out important elements


Specify Camera directions:

Clearly mention the camera movements so that the videographer/cinematographer get going and does not gets lost! Generally, the camera movements are shown by a set of arrows signifying directions.

basics of story boarding - camera directionsSpecify camera directions in your story board


Any special requirement in script or story

Below each scene, mention any special requirements or comments so that when read by the concerned teams, they know exactly what is needed from them. E.g. details about lighting, special effects, appearance of props etc.

Remember a few details while making a storyboard:

  • Follow the principle of “KISSing your designs” while making a storyboard!  It should only carry simplified info about the scene. The rest of the details would be available from the script and notes.
  • A storyboard should follow the script and show all the scenes in that sequence only.
    B.Sc. in animation in pune
  • Black&White works! All the characters, props etc. can be done in plane black & white as it is only for ideation. Think as if you are making a logo – albeit a film strip version so that the idea could be communicated to the target audience (the production team) better.
  • The storyboard is supposed to show, not tell. It should help in visualizing the scene rather than recreating the scene.
  • The storyboard should be relevant and coherent from the start till the end. Imagine it to be a comic film strip and sketch it accordingly.
  • If the video is on customer solution, highlight the customer pain points, solution(s) provided etc by mentioning it clearly in the notes below those scenes. This will make the production teams to channelize their efforts towards that objective.

There are more than one ways of making a storyboard. However, the best storyboard is the one that helps the team visualize the video.

Ensure that you have a powerful storyboard in place before shooting in vague directions.



Infinista Concepts

Infinista Concepts is a class apart team of cool people who are always on an ingenious mission.We Design out of the world graphics which stand tall amongst others and Develop websites & mobile apps with seamless functionalities.Writing crisp and trending content has been a forte of our creative team while our SEO and SMM aces churn out the latest digital practices to give clients staggering results.


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Image Courtesy: www.videomarketing20.net

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What’s the most engaging place to recieve content? It’s online. But, the trick lies in mapping the content/ product intuitive with human behaviour. This is where a User Experience (UX) designer kicks in. Anything from mobile apps to online gaming or even a social media site; UX designers are seen as reliable sources for capturing that interactive facet.

Who is a UX designer?

You may consider a UX designer as the ‘soul’ gateway between the company’s online presence and users. They are the jack of all trades who understand the product, draft hypotheses, craft feasible solutions and then put it to test with potential customers. In short, you provide end-to-end assistance with making the product more marketable by ensuring an ease of use.


What are the most relevant skills for a UX designer?

Yours may not be the only product in the market or at least you can expect to see some competition any time soon. Ultimately, the smartest interface will provide with the best user experience and hence a better product. So, a UX designer is expected to be upfront with the content, strategy, analytical conclusions, wire framing, prototyping, testing, team coordination, and reiterate accordingly.

On tech-grounds, web designers have to be at par with industry-level tools like Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator, Fireworks and InVision. You will also come across some great hacks like Balsamiq Mockups and Axure RP, capable of driving interactive prototypes from the designed wireframe, without writing any codes.

It might appear as an ongoing list of skills, but every field complies with the ‘survival of the fittest’ theory. Although, the job-role simply breaks down to delivering wireframes of screens, sitemaps, and storyboard, aka how smartly and coherently can you project the idea?

Is it in demand?

Well, of course, yes. The number of Internet users is increasing by hours and so is the clientele for the online firms. Companies nowadays grow on the basis of quality hardware, software, and service interaction. From a mobile-optimized platform to search bars and a ‘Thank You’ note after form submission, every detail has become the intriguing part of the business.Graphic-Designing course

Studies from Design Management Institute (DMI) show, companies that invest towards improvising one’s design, outperform others by 228% on the Standard and Poor 500 indices (S&P).

Earlier, product designing was tough to be measured and remained hidden as a defining process for any business strategy. But now, everyone seems to be following the trend for a better user-experience.

According to Brazen Blog, UX designing is currently measured to be amongst top 7 of the most popular designing courses, with job growth of over 30%. In real-time, there are over 150k job opportunities waiting for the rightful UX designer.


Every expert was once a beginner. On that note, you can dig your way into the booming industry of UX designing by either going for fast-track programs or by consistently educating yourself via the Internet. Acquire some solid visual design skills, if you really wish to understand the industry well and reach out with a proficient background. Growing expertise here doesn’t necessarily require a graduate degree or wizardry with codes.




Infinista Concepts

Infinista Concepts is a class apart team of cool people who are always on an ingenious mission.We Design out of the world graphics which stand tall amongst others and Develop websites & mobile apps with seamless functionalities.Writing crisp and trending content has been a forte of our creative team while our SEO and SMM aces churn out the latest digital practices to give clients staggering results.

Image Courtesy: www.linkedIn.com

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That evening, Ravi was really worried. Ravi worked in the designing team of a web designing company. In the morning, his mother had clearly told Ravi to come in a bit early and help her out prepare for a family function. However, Ravi got so engrossed in the job at hand that he completely forgot about leaving early. When he saw his mother’s picture on his phone for an incoming call, he dropped back to reality. Hurriedly, he answered the call, informed his boss and rushed home. On his way he kept on thinking about the design of a youth apparel brand’s website he was working on.

His phone rang once more. “Get some curd for Raita” ordered his mother. He knew he had no choice but to take a detour to his neighborhood market. He decided “I will get into the first grocery shop, pick up the first pack of curd and rush home”.

As he entered the busy street, he saw about 5 grocery stores inviting him. “Which one of these will have the large sized pack of curd” he thought. In an instant, he decided to go into the store that had the cleanest entrance – after all, if the entrance is clean the store would also be organized right?”

‘Novelty Store’ had the cleanest entrance in his opinion. A brightly lit sign-board with legible name caught Ravi’s attention. He felt that the store exterior has succeeded in attracting footfalls. The design had attracted a footfall. 

He stepped in hoping to find someone who can help him locate curd. He waited for a few moments for assistance, but none came. Ravi grabbed a basket himself and decided to venture in. To his left, were racks stocking soaps, detergents and toiletries, ahead of him were fruits and vegetables, and on the right were biscuits and other eatables. He turned right. Passing a couple of racks, he saw a chiller filled with milk and milk products. Opening the door of the chiller, Ravi thought ‘that was easy” The layout store was very simple to comprehend. 

He stopped a moment to ponder what just happened. Were the customer so systematic in their shopping list or was the store layout excellent. He noticed there were women, elderly, teens, kids, couple customers. All busy shopping, made easier by a neat design and supported by the various fixtures – Racks, trolleys, baskets, neatly displayed price tags etc. Ravi knew that the owner of this place surely has thought like his customers and not like a designer while making up this place.

Ravi thought “what next?” Did his mother forget anything? Will he have to come back again? While walking to the cash counter, he saw a packet of chocolates.  He knew there would be 4-5 kids also in the evening function. A marker reading “20% off” caught his eye and he picked up the packet. “Is that all I need to buy” he thought.  He felt that the store design had cast a spell on him. Ravi knew that the owner understood the power of display and had designed them in that manner.

He was the third in the queue to pay the bill. “This will take long” he thought. But, surprisingly, it took exactly four minutes for him to pay the bill. The most time consuming process in his view had turned into the least one.  As a customer, he was free in a moment. The store did not test his patience at all.

The total shopping lasted for just about eight minutes flat. Ravi couldn’t resist but draw parallel with the projects he was working on.

  1. This place had excellent signage to grab customer attention just what a home page should be like
  2. The layout was simple and easy to comprehend just the way navigation should be on a site.
  3. The owner thought about his customer behavior, likes and interest while designing the store, just like what a website should do.
  4. The displays were organized and attractive so that they would entice the customer to browse and hence spend more – exactly the purpose of a clean layout of a site.
  5. The visuals of the place were very neat, clean and relevant complementing the shopping experience – Exactly what a website should strive for.
  6. At no point from check-in to check-out was Ravi’s patience tested- exactly what a website should do.

Upon reaching home his mother was eagerly waiting for him. “Ravi” she said, “I forgot to tell you about the kids, can you get some chocolates please, quickly?”

Ravi had a widest grin on his face. Because he had not only exceeded his mother’s expectations, he had also designed a site in mind with what he just experienced.

Infinista Concepts
Infinista Concepts is a class apart team of cool people who are always on an ingenious mission. We Design out of the world graphics which stand tall amongst others and Develop websites & mobile apps with seamless functionalities. Writing crisp and trending content has been a forte of our creative team while our SEO and SMM aces churn out the latest digital practices to give clients staggering results.


Image Courtesy: www.pexels.com