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Careers after 12th
Most people will advise you to choose a career path after 12th that comes with nice returns and secure your future.

But that would be a wrong move if you are not interested in any of the general fields and wish to make a career in offbeat vocations and earn a name for yourself in it. Now, if you are the one who grew up playing Super Mario and GI Joe games on television and wanted to check out every new game that came on the market; then, you are avid gamer. You always wanted to play video games and be part of the industry that produces such entertaining creations but never knew how.

But before that you need to know what it is all about and how you can be a part of it.

Game design for you
Game design involves the entire process of making a video game. It involves various stages such as including concept, documentation, prototype development, production, design, programming, level creation, art production, audio production, testing and maintenance. It is not an individual work but needs a team effort. Game design involves knowing many arts like graphics, industrial design and architecture. It is part of the entertainment industry and needs concept, game play, feature list, setting and story, target audience, requirements and schedule, staff and budget estimates for producing a successful game.

Famous game expert Brian Sutton-Smith has some valuable tips, “A game designer is a particular kind of designer, much like a graphic designer, industrial designer, or architect. A game designer is not necessarily a programmer, visual designer, or project manager, although sometimes he or she can also play these roles in the creation of a game. A game designer might work alone or as part of a larger team”.

Avenues to work for
As a creative field, there is no dearth of work for a talented and passionate individual as the options are in plethora:

• Story Visualizer
• Environment designer
• 3D asset creator
• Game programmer Research and Development
• Level designer
• Game designer
• Game developer
• Texture Artist
• Multimedia Developer
• Interactive Designer

Remunerations available
The gaming industry has one of the highest pay scales among the entertainment or media industries. “Careers in video game design can play a good wage especially for those at the top” says Cammie Dunaway, executive vice president of Nintendo Games.

As every field, salaries increase with experience and expertise but a fresher can demand around $50,000 to $80,000 annually. The International Game Developers Association (IGDA) segregates them is four categories as game designers, lead designers, level designers and fiction/screenwriters. All departments have different pay scales but the game designers lead the pack with the highest reported salary of $200,000.

As an upcoming industry Indian game workers are not paid as hefty as their western counterparts but they can expect around $50,000 a year for a person with few years of experience.

The video game industry
In June 2012, the global video game market was valued at US$68 billion. NPD group, a global market research company released a data revealing a good 15% increase in video game sales last year which is much higher when compared to computer hardware sales. However, economic problems remain today with regard to publisher-developer contracts.

The Indian media and Entertainment industry report states that the Indian scene will see a growth of 22% CAGR to reach Rs 42 billion by 2017, thereby, making it the third biggest industry in the country. The reasons for such a tremendous growth are given to the huge workforce available in the country and low labor costs along with high artistic and aesthetic sensibilities of the countrymen. As a result, there will be a demand of around 2 lakhs professionals a year in this near future in the gaming sector.

Now, you can truly realize your dream through us. VEDA is one of the leading video gaming design colleges in India and offer game designing courses. You will not regret after taking this smart choice of career after 12th. We promise to make you a true gaming professional after enrolling in our Diploma in game design course.

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Be a better animator from Today

An Animation Degree after 12th can be a Smart Choice

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Review of B.Sc animation from  Pune university

12th Examinations are over in Maharashtra and elsewhere, and students along with their parents hunting for right course for career. Everyone knows that animation and media is a hot cake now a days. Career in animation is very bright; it has wide scope of creativity and huge earning potential. So keeping all such things in minds students and parents make lot of enquiries for searching a good Bachelor degree in animation and multimedia.

In India, few years before, animation courses were being offered by private institutes. But now as the demand for skilled animators are increasing day by day, many universities are offering various degrees in animation and other visual element designs. And since the choice is available, parents are selecting university animation courses over any private courses & Institutes.

Some of the most popular universities, offering degrees in animation, media and other visual arts are:

• Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra University
• Karnataka State Open University
• Manipal University
• Karnataka State Open University IGNOU
• Mahatma Gandhi University
• Punjab Technical University

These universities are offering degrees in animation like bsc in animation, BA in Animation, M.Sc. in animation, MA in animation etc. Most of them are offering these degrees under open and distance learning mode.

image of bsc animation courses in pune at VEDA

Recently, about 2 years back India’s oldest and  renowned university, The University of Pune, has  also launched B.Sc. Degree in animation, under  the faculty of science. According to University “The consumer demand of high quality animation and visuals has fueled the growth of the animation industry in this decade. The visual artist with excellent design and computer animation skills and a firm understanding of animation technology. They are producing stunning visuals for games, multimedia, web, television and documentaries. This proposed degree program is focus on developing student’s creativity and the skills in the areas of design, computer animation, simulation, and advertisement etc. using cutting edge software. Successful graduates will complete a professional quality demo and able to prove animation abilities.”

Though because of its reputation, doing a degree in animation (B.Sc. in Animation) from Pune University is like a dream come true for most of the students, When I saw the curriculum and rules drafted by the university, I felt the entrance scope is very limited in this course.

I completely understand the critical process of drafting and preparing a new course by any good university like University of Pune , for which I have very high regards and respect. However I feel the rules and regulations drafted by the university for B.Sc. in animation are little tough and hard and may prevail creative students to make use of this course offered by Pune University.

First and foremost I wanted to make it clear that it is just my personal opinion and not the official comment or allegation against any university including university of Pune.

Under the present rules and regulation 2012 B.Sc. Animation from Pune University the rules of admissions are as follows:

1. Eligibility: Students must be HSC (or Equivalent ) with any three subject such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Geography, biology, etc.

But I personally feel that animation is a creative and artistic field, it has nothing much to do with students current educational background, I have seen many creative students from Arts and even commerce field and if given a chance they can perform much better than any other student.

2. Entrance test is compulsory by the college for B.Sc. animation which is based on the topics related with awareness of information technology, skill of visualization, lateral / create thinking, , English, non verbal reasoning & verbal reasoning.

Here I have seen that most of the creative students come from drawing (Artistic) background from fine arts schools and their command over English and reasoning may be weak. In this case such kind of creative student may feel difficulty to clear the entrance test. In my views the even if the entrance test is important for this degree in animation, it should focus exploring creativity skills, drawing and visual thinking of the candidate.

3. Even after the entrance test, a Merit list for admission is prepared by considering 50 % of total Marks obtained in Entrance Examination and 50 % of total Marks obtained in 12th or equivalent Examination ( Mentioned in eligibility criteria ).

Which makes it harder for a low scorer in 12th class to get in to this animation degree course by Pune University. However as per the syllabus documents, university and govt. of Maharashtra has full rights to give relaxation in the rules.

4. The medium of instruction for the course shall be English. This will make difficult for students from non English background to understand the lectures and subject in detail.

UG & PG Animation Degree

On the qualification of the faculties also university has made following rules to become the trainer (Faculty) for teaching b.sc animation:

1) M.Sc. ( Computer/electronics/Mathematics/Statistics /Physics) along with Minimum 2 years
diploma in Animation or any equivalent degree in Animation.
2) M.C.A.. ( Science/Engineering ) along with Minimum 2 years diploma in Animation or any
equivalent degree in Animation. Along with above mentioned qualifications, Qualifying in NET /SET examination is essential as per UGC & university rule.

In my views such kind of combination is not only difficult to find for the college but also increase the shortness of talent.
One more interesting fact about the B.Sc. in animation course offered by Pune University is, except one or two universities, none of the other universities mentioned above in my article included programming languages like C and Python in the first year on the course.
To summarize, creative students from non science background who want to make their career in animation field, should look some other options as university of Pune has not made any options for you to do degree in animation. However the good news is, India’s other reputed universities are offering B.Sc. in animation courses for non science students as well.

For more information check our B.Sc course.

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Want To Be An Animator? VEDA Is the Place to Be

Be a better animator from Today

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career in animation

If you have already decided to take up animation as a career, the uppermost question on your mind must be which institute you should get admission in animation for getting proper training in multimedia.

Here are certain points that need to be considered while choosing a multimedia school:

• Decide on which aspect of animation you want to go for: You should be aware of your strengths and weaknesses before you choose a particular aspect of multimedia as your career. You may also take advice from an expert professional.

• The track record of the institute: Given the huge number of institutes all over India, it is important to do some research and check the track record of an institute in order to determine its quality. With Veda, however, you do not have any such worries since we have an impeccable track record and high credibility in the market.

• The faculty: An experienced faculty is extremely important for proper training because it is from their experience that you will learn. Veda comprises some of the most experienced professionals in the business, who can enrich you with their extensive knowledge and expertise on the different forms and genres of animation.

Placements: 100% placement UG & PG Animation Degreeassistance is what a good institute provides its students. But, in many cases, this often turns out to be a fake promise. Hence, a careful check on the rules and regulations regarding placement facility of the institute needs to be done.
College of Visual Effects,Design & Art or VEDA is a multimedia institute that offers a student-friendly system of education and some of the most sought-after animation courses in Pune. It runs under the leadership of Mr. Rishi Aacharya, a pioneer in multimedia and web design, and Shri P.A. Inamdar, a visionary and a well-known academician in India. With its aim of creating professionals in every field of multimedia, VEDA has risen to the status of being one of the most reputed multimedia institutes in India.

The two main animation degree courses offered by VEDA are B.Sc. and M.Sc. The former is a three-year long course and the latter is a two-year long one.

Besides the animation degree courses offered in multimedia, the institute also offers diploma courses in 2D animation, 3D animation, web design, game design, visual effects, digital internet marketing, audio editing, video editing, IMSP, post production, photography and arch suite.

The diploma courses are all 1 year long. They are divided into two semesters of 6 months each. Successful completion of 10+2 level is the main eligibility criteria for getting admitted in the diploma course. You get paid internships as well as placement assistance from VEDA.

M.A. in Multimedia Animation VEDA is different and much more capable as compared to other multimedia institutes in the sense that unlike others, it not just offers you theoretical knowledge but takes care to polish your skills and talent simultaneously with imparting technical skills.

Affiliated under PTU, VEDA’s syllabus incorporates animation, special and visual effects, web design, graphic design and video graphics design. So, you can see that the syllabus is all encompassing, thereby making you a pro in the field of multimedia.

Image courtesy: Google

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Be a better animator from Today

Glory of Animation

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careers after 12th

Now that your 10+2 is over, it is time for you to ponder over what you want to do with your life. Are you confused and do not really know what to pursue? Well, you need not worry because this is a phase that everyone has gone through including your parents, relatives as well as your teachers. So, instead of stressing over it, just try and think logically.

UG & PG Animation DegreeThis is one time when you can have anything but a dearth of advice. Everyone around you will shower you with their apparently valuable advice. But you need to focus. Listen to everyone but let the final decision be yours because it is no one but you who knows what you are fit for. There is a plethora of career opportunities out there, among which you need to choose that you are seriously interested in.

It is always wise to choose a career that you know you will enjoy being a part of for the rest of your life. If you are someone who has a knack for art or are fond of video games, you can opt for a professional degree in animation.

A career in animation and gaming is one of the most happening career choices nowadays. It is a field that allows you to explore your imagination and creativity. Today, it is not just films and advertisements that employ animators but also the booming industry of video games. This is a career choice that can get you everything – job satisfaction, money and fame. But, it is also a career that does not have fixed working hours and requires loads of HARD WORK.

image of bsc animation courses in pune at VEDASectors like Information Technology, hospitality, medical, aviation, architecture, banking etc. are also increasingly using graphics, which shows how prospective a course in animation can be for you.

The main quality needed to make a career in animation after 10+2 is drawing. You should be pretty much skilled at it. Next comes getting admission in a good multimedia institute like our very own College of Visual Effects,Design & Art or VEDA. Affiliated with PTU or Punjab Technical University, we are a branch of PAI International Learning Solutions offering a bachelor degree in multimedia (animation).

We offer a three-year course that can be joined after you complete your high school. Programs offered by us are one of the most coveted in the industry of animation, visual effects and web and graphic design. Our animation syllabi include video graphics design, special and visual effects, web design and, of course, animation. It is designed keeping the present and future standards and needs of the industry in mind.

You need to have a 10+2 pass certificate for getting admitted to VEDA’s B.Sc. multimedia program while for a Master’s degree, you need to have successfully completed a bachelor’s degree in multimedia. The desirable qualities in the eligibility criteria include sketching, determination, creativity, passion, exploration skills etc. on the part of the student.

If you are serious about getting an animation degree after 12th, you can come to us and get set for a promising career in animation.

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Careers after 12th in Game designing

Graphic Designing as an Art form and Career

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India’s leading college of animation and visual design, VEDA is conducting a workshop for 12th class students of the subject of “Creative careers after 12th”.

Mr. Swatantra Jain the marketing manager of VEDA shared the news that VEDA is giving career guidance to 12th students in workshop organized by Abeda Inamdar Jr. College, Pune for 12th std. students on 5th Feb 2013, at A.I. Jr. College Hall, Azam Campus, near Poona college Camp, Pune 411001.

He has further informed that there will be more than 500 students looking for guidance for careers available after 12th. This seminar will give them idea about the wonderful career opportunities available in multimedia and animation field after 10+2.

UG & PG Animation DegreeThe seminar will be taken by Mrs. Mukta Tambe, who is course advisor of VEDA. The seminar is free and members of other schools can also arrange such kind of free seminars by contacting VEDA animation and multimedia institute to provide information on animation courses, graphic design courses , web designing course , 3D animation course , 2D animation course and visual design courses for their students.

Interested schools and Jr. Colleges should get in touch with Mr. Swatantra Jain on 888 88 08 544 between 1 pm to 5 pm on weekdays.

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Image Courtesy : smashingmagazine.com

Digital painting is a comparatively new art form which fuses traditional techniques of drawing like oil and water colors with modern digital tools like software, stylus and tablet.

Digital art is, however, not to be confused with computer generated art. While the latter involves a computerized depiction from a model, the former makes use of painting techniques in order to create a digitalized image right away on the computer.2D & 3D Animation

The various types of digital painting are watercolor, impressionism and realism.

It uses various paint effects and brushes to create a picture. The brushes are digitally styled in order to bring about the effect of the traditional styles of painting which includes pastels, oils, charcoal, acrylics, pen and also airbrushing.

Production art is where digital painting reigns. The conceptual designs of films and video games are done in digital art because of which there is such a great demand for 3Ds max training and 2D animation courses. Software such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, GIMP, ArtRage, openCanvas and Krita are used liberally in this form. These provide the artist with a canvas, mixing palettes, painting tools and other accompaniments of painting so that he gets the ambiance of a physical painter.

Artists, however, argue that digital painting does not offer the comfort and control of holding an actual brush in the hand. They also feel that digital painting has something seriously lacking in it. They believe that this form of drawing does not really infuse life into a painting.

The primary difference between traditional and computerized art is the non-linear process. Computerized images may be arranged in layers and thus can be freely edited and the strokes can also be redone and undone but a digital artist is limited to these very techniques because of the absence of physicality. He, however, has access to many more things which may be unavailable to a traditional painter such as a canvas of any size, a virtual palette with several colors, various 2D and 3D effect tools etc.

People who are interested in making a career in the industry of video games can learn 3D max. It is used by video game companies and the film and television industry in order to develop 3 Dimension visual effects.  You can get a 3D max course done from a 3D training or gaming institute where you will get to learn about the functions and features behind 3D Max design. Most importantly, you will get the much needed hands-on practice which will give you an experience of working on 3 Dimension for real.

A more advanced 3D max course will teach you to build gaming characters, objects and environments and also to create characters for animation.

Getting 2D animation courses can get you a good place in the huge and flourishing industry of animation. These courses impart you with the skills needed to survive in the industry. The field-proven techniques and the hands-on tasks give you the necessary experience and thus make you an expert at the game.

2D animation courses can also be helpful if you 2D-Animationaim to build a career in graphic design.
So go ahead, polish your skills and have a fabulous career in digital art.

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Smart designers in new smart world 

Responsive Website Design and CSS 3

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It is said that ‘A sketch is an outline of something, the groundwork of a picture.’ Whether it is a live sketch or a basic design, it is essentially the foundation of the whole picture. Just as painting would be lifeless without any colour, similarly, the world of animation will have a loose foundation without sketching.

Animation is the display of a sequence of images of 2-D or 3-D artwork that create an illusion of movement.  The most common method of presenting animation is as a motion picture or video program, although there are other methods.

Current tools for creating animation are extremely complex. This makes it difficult for designers to create animations Simple animation systems exist but severely restrict the types of motion that can be represented. Animation is a popular medium for entertainment, education, and communication.UG & PG Animation Degree

Sketching is an interesting, yet a powerful element of the entire designing process. Sketching is like a road-map for your journey towards a good design or basic frame on which your great design has to stand. Any creative process requires a lot of thinking and re-takes. Though we have discarded pen and paper for digital technology, the former is still the first step towards starting any creative process. Sketching as a function has slowly shifted to becoming a polishing tool. It gives the animator enough space for re-doing, altering and creating a rough product on paper. The final touches can be then worked on with the help of our latest technology.

VEDA  is an institute which provides us with the Fine arts knowledge , with the help of our very talented Ratan Gaikwad Sir. These lectures are held 5 days in a week for about an hour. It helps us to improve our sketching techniques and skills.

The sole purpose of the sketch is to guide our creative thinking towards our goal and don’t let it slip around in different (unwanted) directions. Sketch after sketch, the animator  improves and reaches  the final and the best layout for its design. This is an essential step in the design process. Although, you can create concepts on the computer as well, but sketching on paper is more effective and less complicated and manually it is faster too. Sketching lets one get all the obvious ideas out of the way and helps deliver more innovative concepts. There is no quicker method for exploring multiple visual solutions than manual sketching. Hand-drawn sketches play an important role in the field of digital arts. The larger a project is, and the more concepts a client will need to see, and so sketching will eventually end up even in the commercial process of animation  What one imagines is also put up on a paper.

An animator is required to have a keen eye for colour  sense , size, proportion ,perspective and visuals and regular sketching practice is the key to acquiring these skills. Whether one can sketch well or not need not matter. However, any designing process  whether fashion, architecture, graphics, interiors or moving on to 2D- 3D animation,  the pencil and paper are still the most powerful tools today. Hence I conclude by saying that sketching plays an important  and powerful medium in animation.Foundation of art 

Saniya  Motiwala
{B.Sc (MA) }

College Note :  This article is a part of students research project for university through the help of various medium like Internet , magazine , E-zine Articles, It has no commercial purpose of objective , College of Visual Effects,Design & Art hold no responsibilities for the subject matter, content , names, images or reference used for preparing this article. It is purely researched and produced / compiled by the individual student. 

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Pune seems to have become the centre for animation and graphics — from Hollywood movies to cartoons — it’s all made here. PT gets graphic…
So if you have been on the edge of your seat while watching the American supernatural superhero Ghostrider or have been enthralled by the vi fil.
John Carter, don’t go wide eyed if we tell you that the new age animation has a desi tadka to it — they were made in Pune.

The city is becoming a hub of animation and visual effects for international brands. Nishith Takia, co founder and director of a well known animation company says, “There is a lot of local talent here which is an important factor. The artistic talent of the city is booming. With so many instit u t i o n s mushrooming, there is a lot of scope for students to explore their talent here.” Explaining further, Shambhoo Phalke, executive producer of another animation company adds, “Pune’s proximity to Mumbai helps us to get more business. Mumbai is becoming an increasingly expensive city to rent or buy a studio. Pune works as the second best option as the overhead costs are not much. Apart from that, the artists find Pune a very comfortable yet centrally located city to work in.”

And the work is not restricted to a limited genre.From Hollywood movies to cartoons — Pune is in demand everywhere.Phalke reveals, “We are working as p ro d u c t i o n partners for the new episodes of the animation seri al Ninja Hatori.” And animation movies from the city are also receiving tion at international film festivals as well. Takia says, “We have completed our first 3D stereoscopic animated full length feature, Delhi Safari. The film has been marketed and screened in global film markets like Cannes, Berlin Festival and American Film Market.”

One of the major deciding factors while watching a movie on big screen is its special effects. Jesh Krishna Murthy, CEO of a visual effects company says, “We have worked with more than 70 international movies and the latest ones are Ghostrider, Harry Potter, Resident Evil Afterlife, Red Cliff and Death Race. Not all movies have a big budget. There are some small budget movies too.” With the demand for 3D increasing, there have been people like Prafull Gade who has worked on converting 2D to 3D. Gade who is the director of an animation company adds, “We have worked on John Carter from 2D to 3D stereoscopic which is being screened globally. We have done all the visual aspects, special effects and fine detailing that you will see in the movie.”
So next time you sport the 3D glasses, pause and think… maybe the visuals have been done in your city.

Article Source: http://epaper.timesofindia.com/Default/Scripting/ArticleWin.asp?From=Archive&Source=Page&Skin=TOINEW&BaseHref=TOIPU/2012/03/16&PageLabel=25&EntityId=Ar02501&ViewMode=HTML

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In today’s hi-tech world it is really a need of time to keep yourself paced with the new ways and means of communication. During the last year we felt that students from all across the country are interested to seek the information about College of Visual Effects,Design & Art.
UG & PG Animation DegreeMany of them are interested to seek the application to apply for the admission in the college but since they are in different cities coming to Pune for applying for admission was a cumbersome task for few.
Now seeing the demand and need of Online correspondence in the admission applications , The management of College of Visual Effects,Design & Art has launched Online Applications for Admissions.
With this new facility students from any corner around the globe can fill-up online application form of the college. This facility also has the options for online application fees payment connected with all the leading nationalized and private banks and ITZ Cash Cards.
Students can use Net banking, Credit Card , Debit Card or Visa / Master Cards for application form fees. The payment getaways are highly secured and sound enough to protect all spam.
Student wish to apply online for the admission can go on Online Application Option on the official website of College of Visual Effects,Design & Art i.e. www.veda-edu.com
We hope the future animation aspirants will make full use of this Online Application Facility and make their roads easy for applying admission in the college.
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It is pleasure to announce that VEDA’ first year batch of B.Sc. Animation achieved 100% results in examination. We hearty congratulate all students of first year batch for their success.