Web designing, as is known is a creative field where only skills or knowledge do not make one a great designer. It is a mix of quite a few inborn talents + some training + some attitudinal shifts that makes for a great designer. Training for web designing and an attitudinal shift are some things which our web designing course in Pune can bring about.
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We start with the inborn talents. These include Simplicity: Leonardo Da Vinci was the stuff of legend. His personal accomplishments were equal to that of half a dozen individuals put together! Yet, his designs and idea were put out in ways which everybody could understand! This goes to show the worth of making the final product simple. Complicate it and most people will stay away!

Clarity of thoughts: Too many objectives to be achieved in too little a space leads only to one thing. A MESS! An unclear website or one catering to unrelated needs can be irritating to a browser. Even if the objective is small, have clarify. People may like you just for that. In our Web Designing Course in Pune we stress our students to think think and think again before they plan their first stroke of Design

Ability to observe: Ever seen Leonardo’s Mona Lisa? She smiles. Or does she? This is the power of observation and the ability use it. After you have observed, what do you do? You decipher ie you derive something of value. For the latter to take place, one needs a well-developed sixth.

Research, research and some more research: Research on its own never killed anyone. On the contrary, it brought out certain facts which made things easier for all. Research who the audience is, what their preferences are and what they look for and design a website accordingly. One’s personal preferences, how-so-ever good, may not be of great help here.

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Ability to write: Research, experience, ideas etc. are mere words in the absence of the ability to write them down in an understandable manner. Writing can involve observations on who the audience is, what they want and how to go about it including a help guide.

Reflect the basic premise of your thoughts: Trying to sell a product or service while giving the feel of something else may irritate visitors which through social media network can generate un-necessary bad publicity.

Have a unique well-defined USP: Where the website proposes to deal with an already-saturated subject, what may help is a unique style statement in terms of appearance, browsing experience, services offered etc. A beautiful color scheme with correct graphics and collage all done-up to reflect something positive and re-assuring may do the trick.

Next, we take up the issue of knowledge acquired from external sources:
Knowledge of latest like HTML5: What we see on screen on any website is the dressed-up window which we admire for its color, content, layout, designs…….In this dressing-up, the tailor is an application called HTML5 which takes the raw data that the machine understand and puts it across in a different language that we humans understand. Akin to an interpreter who works seamlessly and tirelessly in the background, it is what makes our browsing experience what it is, good, bad or ugly!  Check out what we cover in our HTML section of web designing course.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): You make a website for the world to accesses and try-out your services. It is, at a certain level a carefully done-up window of a shop where people come, see the product and if it suits them, go into the shop and purchase it. What if no one came to your window despite its being very creative, innovative and informative? It would be a sheer waste of time, money and efforts. Here is where the concept of a “Search Engine” comes in.

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Google, the most prolific of search engines has continually changing complex algorithms which it employs to rank a site and give it visibility. To be present on its cross-hairs all the time, the website has to continuously innovate and understand what it takes to be at the top. This innovation and staying ahead is termed “Search Engine Optimization”. It demands patience, knowledge and most of all, being innovative.  Our special Digital marketing course trains students on the latest updated SEO concepts.

Theoretical knowledge of graphics: You should be clear about what you want to show on the website. That said, how it should appear is also as important. Web designing course in Pune now see to it that their students in addition to being web designers also have knowledge of elements of graphic designing. Keeping this in mind we have framed our Graphic designing course with a good combination of theory ( Fundamental) knowledge.

Social media……and the art of marketing! Our life, wherever we are and whatever we do is slowly and inextricably getting sucked into the vortex called Social Media. If an organization or entity (very much including individuals!) is not on it, you might as well call them Neanderthals! People go online and discuss everything these days ranging from politics, FMCG, innovation and lot more…….if you don’t want to be left out, jump into the sea of social media and learn to navigate on your own!
Innovate, implement and Enjoy!

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