The employment prospect in the field of animation and allied activities seems humongous!

The, our third installment in the field give you a lowdown on some more possibilities where you want to join the interesting and lucrative field of animations.

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Background Painter:

Dholakpur, Chotta Bheem’s village. It just reminds you of your own Grandpa & Grandma’s little village, high up in the hills with clouds and greenery to give company. Even to the adults and elderly, the village setting is a reminder of times when life was a lot easy. To bring about such details is then the handiwork of one they call the “Background Painter”. Depending on the requirements, most background painters work either in animation studios or film production studios and at times even in gaming studios. Besides being proficient in using computers and various software(s), a background painter ought to be good at sketching, drawing and painting.


As the name suggest, these are the folks who make the toons! Yes, they are the ones who draw and sketch the toons, and draw the models based on which the final toons are formed. The drawing can be by hand or through a computer though the basic requirement of knowing how to draw and illustrate remains.

In addition, they can be called to create and color background scenes and color patterns. As regard qualification, given the way animation and VFX has progressed, most employers insist that their future employee have a recognized qualification in illustration, anatomy, photography, graphics, drawing and painting among others along with a year or two of work experience in a relevant industry.

Character Animator:

An animator in its truest sense, they give the fluid-like motion to animated character like Chotta Bheem when he beats up Kalia Pehelwan! Bringing to life cartoons, animations and drawings seems easy but in reality is anything but easy. For this, in addition to knowing the right software like Flash, lightwave, Maya, they need to have a good hold over anatomy. Understanding how the body works, be it of humans or animals along with a good sense of geometry is the least one needs in this trade. Most of these come with experience which makes work experience very, very crucial as well.

They work in a team and see to it that every aspect of an animation strip is in sync with each other and the environment.

Given their specialization in a wide area, they have a huge field to themselves, be it film and video production, advertising, PR, software publishers, computer systems designing, graphic designing, game designing etc..

Effects Animator:

As is obvious from the name itself, these are the folks who add features both natural and otherwise to animated films and give it the effect. This is one field where the knowledge of painting, sketching etc takes a back seat and really needs to have a thorough knowledge of software(s) such as Nuke, Renderman, Mantra, and Houdini besides others. The raw stock in this trade called “art and design” comes from the art-related department which are then given the effect using a mix of 3D, 3D, lighting etc by the effects animator. They are part of a team consisting of art directors, creators, etc responsible for delivering a particular look.

Given that VFX both in 2d and 3D is the in-thing, this field has a good growth potential in places like animation studios, ad agencies, film and video production units, gaming companies and web and graphic design firms.

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And yes, the hunt does not end only here! There is more to animation than meets the eye!UG & PG Animation Degree

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