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Fine Arts is very important for Animation students. Animation in its traditional and basic form is an art domain. Having knowledge of perspective and anatomy sense along with other related concepts in a necessity for animation students. Foundation in Fine Arts teaches you the technicalities in the field and also guides you to be a master draftsman. The Foundation course in Fine Arts will teach you the topics that give you complete knowledge of arts as given below:

Introducing Fine Arts:

In this part, students explore the role of artists in society and investigate career paths including the following: professional artist, gallery and museum programming, arts administration and art education. They also get to know the importance of Fine Arts. History of the subject is also taught during this period.

Perspective:Foundation of art 

Learning perspective is a necessary for an artist, even if their work is not concerned with realistic representation, for it teaches students about the element of space in two-dimensional art. This gives a complete idea of the art form and gives the relation of different kind of perspective to make the art form look more lively.


The importance of this anatomy class is to complement these studies and offer students new tools to help them understand the connections between exterior forms and deeper structures. Through this subject, brief discussions of relevant historical figures and events that have contributed to the science of anatomy.


In this course, the students will learn to observe and study the evolution of its mutations and synthesis with other style and the rise of an altogether new style. The students should be made aware of art as a human experience. The teachers should be able to expose them to the wide range of artistic expressions, the media and the tools used.

Applied Fine Arts:

The main objective of this course is to introduce practical exercises in Applied Art (Commercial Art) is to help and enable the students to develop professional competence in making Model Drawing Lettering, layout preparation and poster so that they can link their lives with productivity. This further explains the commercial aspects of fine arts in modern scenario.Graphic Designing 

Now, after knowing that fine arts is a very vital form in animation study and also forms the main backbone of the field. Fine Arts helps you get a deeper and more aesthetic knowledge of the field. The students and professionals who are willing to do a foundation course in fine arts can go for the Foundation Certificate in Fine Arts along with B.Sc. in Media Graphics and Animation from VEDA.

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