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About the University:

VELS Institute of Science, Technology and Advance Studies also known as VELS University (deemed to be University) is one the top Universities In India providing holistic approach to the Indian education system and building a perfect environment of knowledge sharing among the students from India and also abroad.

About the Course:M.A. in Multimedia Animation 

The main aim of the course is to give students a complete knowledge of the animation techniques, both modern form as well as traditional mode of  performing animation. The students make animation movies in both 2D and 3D form and get to prepare a portfolio as part of the syllabus.

Features of the program:

Eligibity- Graduate in any field (Fine Arts students preffered) with an aptitude for drawing and visualization.

Duration- Two Years (4 Semesters)


1st Semester-

  • Media Studies (Theory)
  • Drawing & Digital Arts (Practical)
  • 2d Digital Animation (Practical)
  • Graphic Designing (Practical)
  • Animation Art Direction(Practical)
  • Inter Disciplinary
  • Soft Skills


2nd Semester-image of bsc animation courses in pune at VEDA

  • Basics Of Photography & Cinematography (Theory)
  • Web Designing (Practical)
  • Modeling & Texturing (Practical)
  • Audio And Video Editing (Practical)
  • Inter Disciplinary
  • Soft Skills
  • 2D Animation (Project)


3rd Semester-

  • Introduction to film studies (Theory)
  • Production Management
  • Visual Effects
  • Lighting & Rendering
  • Rigging & Animation
  • Compositing


4th Semester-

  • Demo Reel (Project)
  • Elective (Project)
  • Internship

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