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Responsive Website Design and CSS 3

One of the most exciting jobs in our times is that of a web designer. As we are living in the age of internet and there are a hundred of websites being developed every hour, the opportunity in this profession is immense. The job of a web designer is to primarily design a web page and the added web interfaces to make it more user-friendly. Now, if you spend half our day on the internet and wish to design a website for your personal and commercial purpose, then go for it.

But before that, let me tell you something about web design and the various tools used for it like CSS.

Something about Web Design and CSS
Business Dictionary states web design as the task of designing HTML driven web pages to be displayed over the World Wide Web. It also encompasses a number of important elements such as color, layout and overall graphical appearance. It also considers the audience, function and traffic to specific sections while designing the site.

image of web desiging courses in pune at VEDAWebsite design is mainly about the creation of web pages which are part of a site using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and many other modern web languages. It consists of all the design elements like line, shape, texture and color. This helps to give an aesthetically pleasant and striking look for the website.

Cascading Style Sheets or CSS helps you to control the layout and some other features. CSS tags or properties make it easy for the users to look and feel the style of the pages. It is designed primarily to separate the identities of the document content for the web page and the different elements used in it.

Avenues to work for
• User Experience Designer
• Senior Graphic Designer
• Web Designer
• Front End Developer
• Digital Designer
• Interactive Designer
• Web Designer
• Junior Developer
• WordPress designer
• UI Designer
• Creative Designer
• Mobile Design Team Lead

Returns in this field
The major advantage of working in this field is that there is a huge market for freelance workers. For any upcoming industry, there is a huge gap between experience and new designers. There is a huge prospect for newcomers as there is work in plethora. According to the annual AIGA Survey which is considered as the most comprehensive report of the website design industry, the average pay for web designers in 2012 was around $ 75,000, which was an increase of 7.2 percent over last year. The web designers working at managerial capacity like creative directors, etc. command salaries around $125,000.

The Indian scenario is witnessing a recent surge in terms of salary. Whereas an intern earns around Rs. 144,000 but a candidate with experience of over five years in the field can easily command a salary of 15, 00,000 or above.

The Market scenario
The web design industry is now dominated by many small players and they take on few projects on cost-effective ways. They are doing a good job as the industry estimates their revenue of more than $ 1 million. But the market will witness a sea change and more and more small agencies will give way to large firms. In the next 2 to 3 years, these firms will provide for user-centric and technology prowess provided by today’s interactive agencies. They will build on new strategies where theses traditional advertisement agencies will look to deliver products rich in content and integrated connectivity. The industry is estimated to grow at a range of more than 25% in the next five to ten years.

image of web desiging courses in pune at VEDAAfter knowing about the website design industry and its huge potential, you want to be part of it. You also wish to learn more about web design and how you can create the most attractive and interactive websites using the different tools available. To do so, you have to learn the software and programming languages used for making a website. You also need to learn about the different design principles that goes on to make the most effective and user-friendly websites for web and also mobile applications.

To know more, go to our Diploma in Web Design page.

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