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History of Spiderman
History of Spider Man

When you think of the term “your friendly neighborhood”, which fictional character comes to your mind?

It’s Spider Man, right?

2D & 3D AnimationHe is one of the few super heroes to be created way back in the 60’s but still enjoying immense popularity in the second decade of the 21st century. From comic books and animated shorts to full length 3D animation and special effects-rich films, this web throwing young boy has always received audience’s appreciation.

The first Spider Man animation movie was made in the year 2002 and considering the technologies available at that time, the filmmakers did a great work. The visual effects team was supervised by John Dykstra who computer generated many of the spectacular scenes. The specialty of this Spider Man movie was that animators maintained the emotional tone of the characters even in the special effects-enriched scenes. Since the main two characters, Peter Parker and Green Goblin, both wore masks in the confrontation scenes, they used advanced technologies to heighten the emotional quotient of their body language and eyes.
The Spider Man 2 came in the year 2004 and it showed us what 3D animation was capable of. The first movie had increased expectations and Dykstra professionally lived up to that. Technologies like Blender 3D and CGI played a huge role in the animation. The main 3D animation software used in the film was Maya though. Almost 600 computer generated shots were created using Maya. The character of Doc Ock was created using Maya’s cutting edge modeling technology.

Spider Man 3 was the third and last film of this epic trilogy and the animation department of this film was supervised by Scott Stokdyk. Some of the softwares used by the special effects team were MAXON’s BodyPaint 3D and CINEMA 4D. They created CGI 3D models of villains and drew the environment so beautifully that all the action scenes seemed perfectly realistic.

This 3 film series was directed by Sam Raimi and after a gap of 5 years, in the year 2012, a new Spider Man movie was released. This new film was named The Amazing Spider Man and it also earned millions of dollars at the box office and viewers praised its animation effects. The film was directed by Marc Webb while the VFX team was managed by Jerome Chen. The Amazing Spider Man showed the true potential of 3D animation. The computer generated lizard is a testimony of the film’s animators’ expertise.Maya

However, animation movies are not the only medium that can be credited with bringing this super hero to life. With every installment of the Spider Man film franchisee, a new game had been released, which enjoyed blockbuster success. Most of the games were released for PlayStation and Xbox gaming consoles. Game designers paid rapt attention to every small detail and maintained fluidity in the movement of the characters to make sure players had an ultimate gaming experience.

Budding animators love to watch the Spider Man films and games and they should because watching any film or Spider Man game can help you learn a lot about animatronics. Being a reputed animation institute, we encourage our students to watch high quality latest animated films and games so that they can brush up their skills and be a better animator in future.

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