Graphic Designing Colors are associated with emotions in every way since they highly impact on the human psychology; they are the visual manifestations of the human frame of mind. A multitude of emotions are signified through colors. While colors are somewhat perceived subjectively, there are numerous effects of colors that constitutes universal denotations. The art of graphic design too employs this powerful tool which when used effectively, influences the visitor’s mood. If the correct shades are used in a graphic design, it becomes extremely easier to trigger off exact responses of the online visitors. This in turn will enhance a website’s position in the World Wide Web by converting them into regular guests or customers.
Regardless of the fact, that a website is fabricated and enhanced with graphical and textual design, the wrong blend of colors can annoy online visitors instead of attracting them to the site. So, before applying any color or rather experimenting with any off bit shade, make sure to read well the emotional behavior of your targeted audiences since wrong use of colors may lead to wrong impression over the visitors.
Color theories employed in graphic design
A professional graphic designer knows best the unique color treatment used to create attractive websites, offering various emotions like relaxation, content or excitement. The art form of graphic design utilizes 3 basic color concepts like passive colors, neutral colors and active colors. Passive colors implements restoration and contentment and it include colors like purples, greens and blues. Active colors are those instigating happiness, confidence and positive attitude. Active colors comprise warm shades like red, orange and yellow. Red signifies warmth whereas golden or yellowish shades symbolize creativity. Neutral colors accompany other shades to bring transition in the design including tones like taupe, white, gray and beige.
Now, this was the basic idea of the different color theories used in the process of graphic designing. But what about the colors that convey different moods in graphic designing? There are a whole lot of colors that can be used in the graphic design process to bring desirable moods attracting more visitors to the site. Soothing colors can be used to set a wonderful ambiance into your website that will help you drive more visitors to the site turning them into permanent customers.
Foundation of art Colors conveying mood in graphic design
The shade pink symbolizes comfort and ease that will help your website to convey a pacified mood to the visitors. Yellow will offer a cheerful frame of mind, signifying increased energy, white means purity and divinity that work the best with other shades in bringing a spirited verve. Black commands discipline and authority, orange augments hunger giving a cheerful effect, red speaks for ultimate power and control, purple gives rise to a comforting mystery while shades of blue calms and relaxes the online visitors.
By using these color theory tips, a graphic design idea along with suitable images, shapes and lines can give rise to a persuading mood, which will compel online visitors to visit, read and stay for longer period of time within your website. Choosing the ideal color for influencing visitor’s mind is also a professional adeptness that is not just about colors but those shades that stimulates human mind.  

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