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Do you that the most of the dinosaurs we see in Jurassic World were fake? Do you know that these dinosaurs were actually created in 3D and given larger than life effects by using VFX?  Well, it’s really hard to differentiate between real footage and the CG effects created by the 3D animators or by VFX artists. To have more understanding of their work Visual Effects team of Jurassic World released some of their work. Industrial Magic & Lights is the team behind the exceptional visual effects for the movie

To have better understanding please check this

Now as shown in the video you can kids are riding on dinosaurs but in reality, human replicas were used in order t get real movements of the character.  The sequence was shot with the help of actors, technicians and the VFX specialists

In another shot, we can see Velociraptors. These frolickings were too played by the actors. They acted in a way to pretend that they too are the dinosaurs

Jurassic World movie is not only about actors or specialists pretending to be dangerous but it’s about use of fantastic digital art.  All shrubs, bushes, greenery, dinosaurs, wreckages were created with layer by layer digital artistry.

To have more detailed perceptive for VFX breakdown of Jurassic World you must take look at the full video. This video will give insights of magic behind Visual Effects of Jurassic World created by Industrial Light & Magic’s team. This team really worked very hard to produce high VFX which will as realistic as possible. Team Industrial Light & Magic is awarded numerous awards likeCritics Choice Award, Visual Effects Society Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, Satellite Awards and Annie Awards etc for its outstanding visual effects work quality. ILM team is due with it’s another sequel called as Jurassic World: the Fallen Kingdom on 22 June 2018

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