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(If you are already into digital marketing, You may skip to the steps but for those of you who are not aware of link building(getting backlinked) can stick around for the basics)

Backlinks are links on other websites that are directed to your website….

Seemed confusing?

Read it again!

If you are new to blogging or owning a website, You probably might already be thinking that link building is a great way to gain traffic and audience for your website.. Which is right!

There’s no getting around the fact that it does help you, generate more traffic through getting linked on other authorized websites.

But in addition to that, getting back-linked from reputed websites is also considered to be very SEO effective.

Yes…. Google does prioritise your page (in terms of page rank), If you have good/reputed websites linking back to your web page.

And its rather pretty logical,

let’s get this straight with an example:

If a bunch of good people are talking good about a person, You as a rational human being will also believe that yes, That person can’t be a fraud!

so , it’s all about reputation.

(You also need to make sure that the websites linking back to you are authorised/ reputed)

Now, You’ve got a rough idea about why backlinks are necessary

But now the question is! How do we actually get backlinks

Here are a few things that you can do to organically get back-linked from reputed websites.

Produce quality content:

The first thing that you need to assure about content is, It has to be engaging and to be engaging, It has to be unique and valuable.

Many bloggers complain about, how they are not able to gather a decent audience to look at their stuff….

But the fact is

Nobody cares about how hard you work, it’s all about how valuable your content is(to the viewers)

So, in order to get recognized by good websites, you will have to maintain the quality of your content.

Reach-out to websites:

There was a time when people used to buy a bunch of backlinks

but lately, Google has been very keen about how they rank pages….

They believe in providing the most organic search results to their users. So if you want to sustain in the market, you will have to respect the authority and be organic.

Once you have good content to show,

You need to reach-out to good websites via email or social media or by any communication means


In the process of reaching out, you will have to be patient and not just fill your email with asking to get linked. They receive hundreds of such emails on a daily basis.

You need to provide some value to them first, Like you could praise their website and propose to write a good article for them for free and build a good relationship.

And then request for a back link…

Just think how well/powerful would that be as compared to just throwing an email, asking for a backlink.

Use Social Media

Getting recognized is the ultimate key to getting more backlinks. Once you get recognized and get exposure, other bloggers will automatically start talking about you which will inturn generate more backlinks to your website.

Social media is a great way to get recognized as a personal brand or an organization. So sharing your content and actively participating in putting out value to the community will also help you to gain recognition and exposure.

Be consistent:

Initially, you probably might not get the level of attention that you thought you would. Which is normal.

Yet, You will have to be consistent in putting out great content, reaching out to websites, being active on social media or be it any activity that will help you gain more traffic and backlinks.


Don’t Give up, The ones that do…. fail!

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