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Look around you with eyes wide open and what do you see? Gadgets, gadgets and more gadgets! Consequently, apps, apps and more apps! And on these gadgets, what is the one thing that explains most things very, very easily? Animation! Be it Talking Tom, Minions or any other application, the first and most prominent application of animation is in the making of cartoon characters. That besides, Animation as a field finds application in practically anything and everything where depiction is needed be it as humans, animals, phenomenon….anything!

Which brings us to the next part of our discussion. How does one learn Animation ie get specialization in Animation. Given the very scale of the field, it is not possible to learn essential parts on the job because Animation the way we see it today is far, far bigger than that. We have thus to inquire about a course in Animation, Masters in Animation. To put it otherwise, A MA in Animation.finding college of animation

That is easier said than done. The Digital Age shows a lot and sometimes at the expense of showing the negatives. Everything is done with a view to show only the best with the seamier sides being tucked away from frontal view.

What then should be the questions you should put forth before joining any institute which professes degree in Animation? Read on…..

  1. Campus and infrastructure

    Be it a Bachelor’s in Animation or Masters in Animation, the first thing you should ask for to be shown in person is the institutes’s campus, infrastructure or labs. A Bachelor’s in Animation or MA in Animation is an undertaking that has more to do with the working on machines, software and systems and cannot under any circumstances be done in isolation.  More important than even the class rooms, cafeterias and playgrounds are the Labs where one is required to work with humongous machines time in and time out.

  2. Campus and infrastructure

    This industry despite its depth and vastness is hemmed by one thing, Teachers. And the reason for the same is its vintage. It has been around only close to a decade in its present form. As such, its most effective teachers are still students. That said, if you could get hold of students who mean business and are ready to teach, you ought to be called only one thing, Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Education Society’s (MCES) PA Inamdar College of Visual Effects, Design and Art! The faculty is young, dynamic with hands-on industry experience and of course, the right degrees and qualifications.

    You mean you still need to look around?

  3. Extra-curricular activities

    One should never under-estimate the power of extra curricular activities. Nine to Five is no thing in the world of animation teaching. Be it a MA in Animation (also called Masters in Animation otherwise), you have to go out and learn from the environment around you. Doing so is stimulating to say the least! Sitting a while under a neem tree watching the cats fight gives you more ideas than hours spent indoor in front of the comp. The world of masters in animation is about bringing your imaginations live for people to see and admire. And that happens mostly in the open.MSc-animation

    Another fact about extra-curricular activity. How long can you be with your books? 3-4-5-6 hours? What after that? Boredom and the feeling of saturation. The way out of boredom while pursuing a Animation course is to play sports, games or indulge yourself in plays and theatrics! All these have one thing in common- they demand an incredible amount of space to say the least. And Azam Campus where Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Education Society’s (MCES) PA Inamdar College of Visual Effects, Design and Art is situated has ample amount of open spaces! You sing, dance, play games…..indulge to your heart’s content. And then come back to class for some more lessons! The effect of these combined is that you have healthy students who produce quality work and go on to become pioneers at their work!

  4. Placements and interaction with industry!

    All roads in the world lead to Rome is the saying. In the world of education in Animation, this holds. All education is finally to get a vocation, an employment, a job. MA in Animation or any course in animation finally is about a career in Animation. Period. Institute worse-off than mushrooms after the rains will tell u knowledge is more important but if it can’t guarantee employment, u r being taken up the garden path! Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Education Society’s (MCES) PA Inamdar College of Visual Effects, Design and Art too has gardens in its Azam Campus and if you loiter here long enough, you do go up….in life. With firm tie-ups with the best companies, getting employment after successful completion of Masters in Animation is never an issue. What could be is one’s own initiative and capability.

If you are through scratching the dandruff of your head trying to figure out which Animation college to join for a Masters in Animation, institute which provides quality education at extremely affordable prices while talking of issues such as infrastructure, software, libraries, blue and green rooms etc.It is the Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Education Society’s (MCES) PA Inamdar College of Visual Effects, Design and Art! 24 acres of lush greens and no high-rises. Only high morals and equally high ambitions! From any class room here you see gardens not streets jammed with cars and vehicles! Ideas in such places you get in plenty and equally the opportunity to convert them into effective animations! Visit Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Education Society’s (MCES) PA Inamdar College of Visual Effects, Design and Art at


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Animation courses or a specialization in Animation which could include Masters in Animation i.e. MA in Animation are numerous as the stars in the sky! Much after you are thru with your education and have an Animation career, you might seriously think about a Masters in Animation.

World over there is a raging debate as to the efficacy of a Masters in Animation that is to say the benefits of a degree in Animation.M.A. in animation

For those who want a specialization in animation or an animation career, the benefit of a degree in Animation could include the following:

The Depth of Education:

                   The Master’s degree course in animation is meant for those already having a sound idea of the field of animation, and want to strengthen that to the next level i.e. of mastery. The new subjects could include advanced topics in animation, lighting, storyboarding, etc
                  The Master’s Degree in Animation is an in-depth study of animation and all its attendant fields and is meant to enhance existing ideas, education and experiences.

Time is taken to complete the course:

                The Master’s Degree in Animation like most masters is of a minimum of 2 years duration. Students can do it full time or part time but most prefer it part-time as most are already on the job which gives them an income as also relevant experience. This in any case and more so if done full time is adequate time to complete the advanced levels of the subjects under the course. The time duration does increase and more so if one does not submit projects on time.

How much money do you need:

               A Master’s degree in Animation from a reputed place like P.A. Inamdar College of Visual Effects Design and Art of Pune surprisingly does not set you back by a huge margin. In fact, it is outright conservative and does not intend to rip your pockets apart! For the kind of information and education it provides and the kind of outcome it garners in terms of a job, the outlay is really not very large.Best animation colleges in India

Affiliations/ accreditation:

                A Master’s degree course in Animation is, as a rule, always affiliated/ accredited to a University of repute or even a Ministry. What you thus get is a clear and clean certification that the certified knows the subject, has a yardstick and is accrediting the student on the basis of the latter’s efforts in the right direction. In quite a few cases, the course may be internationally recognized in which case its weight only improves.

How the course pans out:

                Any course Bachelor’s or Masters which has been certified and accredited by has the greatest advantage of having a set prepared and thoroughly vetted course content which in most cases is done by industry professionals. What this means for an Animation course or Animation career is that you get what you see. Nothing more….nothing less! It is highly valued as it is designed by professionals.
We have tried and incorporated all advantages which an M.A. in Animation can get you. Where you diligently try the same, you can surely make a stellar career in Animation!

Happy Careering!

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Image of Karnataka State University campus photo

After doing graduation in general field, students are keen to enter into professionals courses which guarantees job. There are many career-oriented courses available which gives placement after the completion of the course. This courses are open to students from all streams in graduation like  arts, science , commerce, engineering, doctor, mass-communication and many more. Marks is not a factor for entering this courses and students with any graduation degree can enroll for these master programs. This is a practical-oriented course which ensures student learn by doing things practically in computer or by hand rather than learning from fat textbooks. This always add to the excitement of the student as there is always a challenge to excel in the exciting tasks that they are given to complete. They have the opportunity to prepare a portfolio or showreel as part of their program in masters degree in Animation.  Animation career can open new avenues for the learner in the animation and entertainment industry.

M.A. in Multimedia AnimationNowadays, most students interested in Fine Arts wants to do a degree course in Animation. Some years back, only private colleges and institutions used to provide animation courses. But, as the need for degree courses in Animation arrived in both bachelors and masters degree, many universities came forward to offer these graduate and post graduate programs in Animation, Multimedia, VFX, Gaming and many more. One of the top Indian universities offering degree course in Animation is Karnataka State University.

Here is the details of the course.


The students will get a through knowledge of Animation and its various peripherals. They also have the opportunity to do a 2D Annimation as well as 3D Animation movie during this course. Along with the curriculum, there is also a requirement to prepare a portfolio or show-reel which will help in getting jobs for the students in studios and companies.


  • One of the top Universities in India offering Masters in Animation and Multimedia
  • Offering need – based academic Programmes by giving professional and vocational orientation to the programme
  • Having unmatched placement opportunities


  • The name of the degree is M.A. in Animation Multimedia ( Post Graduate Program )
  • Students who have  graduated in the field of  Arts / Commerce / Science /Engineering / Doctor/ Mass-Communication (any) are eligible
  • The duration of the program is 2 years / 24 Months


The entire curriculum of 2 years is divided into 4 semesters of 6 months each. The curriculum for each semester is given below.

Semester 1-UG & PG Animation Degree

Multimedia & Computer Graphics (Theory)
Graphic Design & Visual Arts (Theory)
Digital Image Processing (Theory)
Digital Image Processing (Practical)
Drawing & Sketching (Practical)
Graphic Design & Visual Arts (Practical)

Semester 2-

Advance 3D Animation (Modeling & Animation) (Theory)
Multimedia Programming (Theory)
Virtual Reality (Theory)
Multimedia Programming (Practical)
Advance 3D Animation (Modeling & Animation) (Practical)
Virtual reality (Practical)

Semester 3-

Game Programming (Theory)
Cinematography (Theory)
Digital Video & Sound Editing (Theory)
Game Programming (Practical)
Digital Video & Sound Editing (Practical)
Cinematography (Practical)

Semester 4-

Cartoon Animation & Special Effects (Project)
Short Film Educational/Instructional (Project)
Animation Graphic Novel (Project)

Visit M.A. in Multimedia and Animation, to know more details about the course.

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