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Wi-fi Facility


  • VEDA College provides free & unlimited internet for students, faculty and staff members. College Wi-Fi is meant only for academic purposes.
  • Use of Wi-Fi in college and at common places is to enhance the accessibility of the internet for academic purposes and to browse exclusive online resources for students, faculty and staff members.
  • The availability and strength of Wi-Fi signals shall vary from place to place.
  • The access points provided in college and common areas are the property of Azam Campus. Any damage or loss to the equipment will be considered as a serious breach of the college’s code of conduct and disciplinary action will be initiated against students who are found guilty.
  • In case of any loss or damage to wireless infrastructure, the same shall be assessed and recovered from the concerned students.
  • Campus Wi-Fi is a secured but public Wi-Fi and hence all the risks and limitations associated with any public Wi-Fi may come with its use.


  • College reserves its rights to do lawful monitoring / logging of all internet user’s activity and share it with statutory bodies, if warranted.
  • Any user or device that accesses Wi-Fi network shall:
  • Protect the user account from unauthorized use by not sharing any credentials with outsiders whatsoever. Concerned students will be held responsible for any misuse of their account.
  • Maximum Number of concurrent (simultaneous) logins for a user account is ONE device either laptop/tablet/smartphone.
  • College Internet is to be used judiciously.


  • VEDA College permits students, faculty and staff members to bring their own devices for classroom teaching subject to adherence to college Wi-Fi policy.
  • Faculty members can use gadgets inside classrooms and labs only for educational purposes.
  • Only staff members who have been authorized to use mobile phones can make calls, send SMS, surf the internet, take photos or use any other application for educational activities.Other staff members are also permitted to use cellphones inside the classrooms and labs for educational purposes.
  • Mobile phones should not disrupt the lecture or lab sessions with ringtones, music or beep sound.
  • Accessing social network sites such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc. is strictly prohibited in the college. However, the subject handling faculty members can access Google Classroom, MOOC, Moodle’s, ERP etc.


  • Please note that while using the public Wi-Fi (Campus Wi-Fi) you are exposed to chances of data leakages, app monitoring or browser activities through any external or internal theft. Users are advised to use Wi-Fi at their own risk.
  • College strongly recommends not to engage in any e-commerce activities using the public Wi-Fi.
  • College Management or employees are not responsible for any kind of loss occurred while using campus Wi-Fi.
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