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Chota Bheem, Krishna aur Balram, Mahabharat……the list is getting longer by the day. Longer the list, more the resources. More the resources, more the need for a centralized body.

A trade body purporting to support an industry presents advantages to all involved. Besides bringing all the players, big and small into its fold, individual synergies get utilized within the group which directly transforms into a bigger industry and income for all. Local ideas get a larger platform and local talent gets showcased in the whole country, if not the world. In short, a typical win-win situation! The Animation Society of India (TASI) which came about in 2001, is one such body which purports to support the animation and gaming industry.

UG and PG animation courses in pune at VEDA

The Animation and Gaming industry is becoming a big business in India. The former’s CAGR is close to 25% year on year whereas the latter, hold your breath! grows at a CAGR of 49%! If this is not growth, what is? In absolute terms it grew from INR 61000 crores in 2007 to INR 105200.00 crores in 2013. In times to come, it is anybody’s guess as to where this industry will head. And we are not even mentioning about employment! In Pune, where there is a profusion of animators and studios, employment is never an issue though training is.

Talking of TASI, The Animation Society of India, it is a voluntary organization registered as a non-profit organization under the Charities commissioner at Mumbai and members voluntarily contribute without expectation of remuneration. In its own words, it exisits “To provide a platform for promoting exchange of creative and technical information in the Indian art and animation industry with a view to strengthening existing talent and also encouraging growth by educating and guiding prospective artists in India”

image of MA in animation courses in pune at VEDA

To further its cause it does the following:

-Yearly engagements replete with lecture demonstrations, interactive workshops, seminars, awareness programs etc of all kinds to encourage all genres and types of animation(s).

– Hosting once every year India’s biggest annual animation festival called Anifest India meant to expose individual expertise on a national scale.

– Hosting sessions of distinguished speakers from across the world have to give insights and interact with animation lovers.

So the next time you feel the itch to get into this trade, you know whom to approach! TASI, of course! More information can be had at here