P.A. Inamdar appreciating Saleem Sarfani for his charity work

VEDA student Salim Sarfani donated Rs. 32000 as fees of 78 unprivileged students for their National Level CCC (Course on Computer Concepts) examination to Shri P.A. Inamdar – President, MCE Society in the presence of Ms. Mumtaz Z. Sayyed – Director, PAI-ICT Academy and Prof. Rishi Aacharya – Prinicpal, VEDA & Jt. Director, PAI-ICT Academy. He was presented a Letter of Appreciation for his kind donation by the Hon’ble President.

VEDA celebrated Shivaji Jayanti by taking part in a rally from Azam Campus


Dear Students,
This is to inform you that tomorrow that is on 19th of February 2014 , the college will remain closed on the Occasion of Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti .
As per the tradition of Azam Campus there will be a rally from the campus, sharp at 8.30 am , which is mandatory for all of you to attend.
Your attendance will be strictly monitored. 

Blood Donation Camp was organized at Azam campus in a World Record attempt


Dear Students,

Pune needs more than 2 lakhs units of blood every year. However, only about 70 per cent of this requirement is fulfilled. There now is a fair amount of awareness about blood donation in society. Despite advancement in science and technology, there is still no means to “manufacture” blood.With continual rise in population, the requirement of blood for medical and emergency purposes is on steady rise. In order to fill this increasing demand-supply gap and to promote noble cause of blood donation, the RM Dhariwal foundation has organised a Blood Donation Mission on 16th February 2014 in Pune at more than 17 location & our campus being one of the biggest location for the drive.

By donating blood you will not only be doing a social cause but it’s count will help to create a new World Record. This Blood Donation drive will be monitored by Guinness World Records.

Hence, I request you all to participate in to this social cause very actively. The students attendance will be strictly monitored on 16th February 2014.. Those who will attend will be awarded with 5 grace marks into internal examination & those who will fail to attend will be punished by deducting 5 marks from the internal examination.

Sunday, 16th February 2014 will be working day for all students as well for staff where attendance will be strictly monitored.

Be a change leader and explain the benefits of Blood Donation to your social circle.

Lets unite and ensure that this mega drive a big success


This is to inform you that Abeda Inamdar Senior College is organizing an awareness drive i.e ADY_SANKALP ……..”An Effort to Make Better India” from 15th January 2014 to 20th January 2014 . The department of AISC has been actively organizing series of activities to encourage students .

Schedule of all the activities is displayed on the notice board.
Last date of registration is 12th Jan 2014.

For Registration please contact:

Rukhsana Sayyed

Animators on different mission

While all other Pune students were busy in studies, laptops, smart phones or may be sleeping, students of VEDA were out on the streets of Pune collecting funds for the “Devastated Uttarakhand”.

UG & PG Animation DegreeOur animation college has always put social causes beyond everything. We have a legacy of VOLUNTEERISM…pass down to our Students as Tradition.

Our volunteers took out 2 rallies covering different parts of Pune city, both starting from the VEDA Campus, Camp, Pune. Addressing to students, our Director Prof. Aacharya stated, “our motto is not only money collection but to awaken the society, make them to think..” & proudly we made it happen.. VEDA along with our affiliates collected a handsome amount & donated in to the Prime Minister’s relief Fund..

By this small initiative of our animation students, we hope all other clubs, associations, societies etc will be forced to think & do something for the Humanity..

Our initiative might be small, but correctly said by someone, “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted”.

& all our volunteers where paid in 6 digits (S-M-I-L-E-S) as we believe Volunteering is not a choice, it’s a responsibility.