Chhota Bheem

UG & PG Animation DegreeCenturies ago, Damyaan, a Sorcerer was granted a wish to be immortal by the “Book of Magi” with a rider/curse that he would be confined to the City of Sonapur. To escape from this confinement and to unleash his dark arts over the world, Damyaan lures Raja Indravarma with a map with the directions to the City of Gold. Despite warning from gypsies, the Raja sets out to seek the treasures along with Chhota Bheem and his friends. Once he gets there, he unknowingly sets Damyaan free who captures Chhota Bheem and his friends and imprisons them. In the prison, Bheem meets Santrik who tells him that the only way Damyaan can be defeated is to destroy him with the “Book of Magi”.

The duration of the movie is approximately 88 minutes.

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“The Art of Kung Fu Panda 2”
The first installment of the Kung Fu Panda franchise never really endured the yoke of razor sharp expectations. But its sequel proved to be a massive success, entitled to the prospect of being a larger than life picture frame. With uber cool smoothness in the graphics backed by fantastic 3D techniques and never ending supply of bang-on Wuxia, Kung Fu Panda emerged unquestionably a one-of-a-kind animation movie. Honestly, this one’s pushed through the roof by giving you a combination of inexorable melodrama and mayhem and madness of the cutest, coolest and chubbiest panda in the animation history. 

This 95 minute upshot remains to be a pure awe-inspiring experience and one will surely enjoy watching this movie irrespective of his age. This current installment sees the Dragon Warrior lead Po along with his fellow friends and kung fu mentors-the Furious Five, Crane, Tigress, Monkey Mantis and Viper protecting the peaceful valley from the formidable baddie Lord Shen who will be secretly using unalterable weapons to overpower China destroying Kung Fu. Now the Furious Five have to face this hazard by working on the plan to vanquish the evil. Just like the previous villain character, Tai Lung- Po has to uncover the mysterious genesis of Lord Shen to loosen his strength and succeed. 
The evil villain will be seeing oozing crisp threats devoid of dramatic antics of the age old villains. Responsible for Po’s abrupt Bruce Wayneish history, he is a rather cunning, luxury driven and sophisticated Peacock giving out sinfully alarming tremors through his evil laugh along with his maniac tendencies and piercing stare. This installment has really come up well with the well crafted flashbacks that radiate sheer visual splendor and intricate creativity. A fine introduction connecting the edge of delicately cut-out statures revealing Shen’s history while the theatrical reds dominating the sight of Po’s inveterate nightmares. All the more, a truly enriching 3D experience lending every single frame with a fine blend of clear cut emphasis and polished subtexts.     
image of bsc animation courses in pune at VEDAThe plot becomes even interesting as the story of the roly-poly Po ‘pencil in’ an emotional curve that started off with an action adventure thing. The director Jennifer Yuh Nelson blended the search for an individual identity into the expedition of defeating evil in unison. As aresult, Po gets lesser opportunities to revel his crazy side. Apparently, that would become a curb for an anthropomorphic personality, but not with Po because he is a one-off piece, ever reliable with rounds of goodness, spunk and cheerfulness.                               
Black, the cuddly furry bear’s enthusiasm for high frolicking and gallantry declarations resulting in exciting embarrassment and rapid chases comes up hardly with any descent signs. For his Dragon Warrior fame, Po will still be a fan boy, admiring all his mentors turned accomplices. While the charm of Kung Fu Panda lied in the archetypal triumph being a self-disparaging, underdog, the second installment, Kung Fu Panda 2 delves deeper, shadier without any compromise on its effervescent and essence for liberating a shiny, dazzling entertainment package that confirms lovable Po’s popularity among all age bracket.