There were a lot of challenges that the Indian animation industry witnessed to release a full-featured animated movie in India. Almost nonexistent market, poor professionalism plus minuscule investment in technology are some of them, which needed to be overcome  right away in order to put the industry on the path to great success.

Further, the Indian audience is, till date, unconvinced about spending on visiting the cinema to watch an Indian animated movie though you will find quite a few interested in watching the Western ones. The technological improvement and fantastic enhancement in content the India animation industry no longer nascent. The animation industry in India  is self-reliant and can produce interesting and engaging films that are great for a mature audience also.

Here is the clip of complete animation process of The Banyan Deer’ (1957).

The history of the film animation story in India is when The Banyan Deer’ (1957) was made by a group of Indian animators under the guidance of Disney Animator Clair Weeks, to establish and train India’s first animation studio as part of the American Technical Co-operation mission. Out of this group, 2 people went on to be animation pioneers in India.

Ram Mohan Sir, known as the veteran in the Indian animation industry today, worked as an animator till the late 1960’s, thereafter, establishing a production of his own. Many years later now after living in anonymity, the Indian animator is coming out loud and

From Oscar-winning outsourced content to ambitious homegrown cinema, the Indian Computer-generated Imagery (CGI) and visual-effects industry is raring to go.

The reasons behind the boom will sound familiar: Indian artists and technicians cost up to 70% less than their counterparts in the US, and communicating with Indians in English was easier than in other developing countries.

The animations, in ‘Life of Pi’ (2012) and ‘Prometheus’ (2012), were impeccably done by a number of artists in Mumbai. Professional main stream education and Skill Development programs in India the Indian Youth have better opportunities to enhance and showcase their skills as Animators and Visual Effects Artists. The future in these Digital Media, Animation & Entertainment Arts looks brighter than ever before.

Indian animation industry is looking for experts in animation and media, professionals who knows the complete in and out of animation having expertise in some area related with animation field. That expertise only can only be meet if you have a strong will for enter in this field with a proper training. Now, many animation colleges or institutions are offering degree courses in animation, but only some of them are capable of providing the required training facilities with expert faculties. P A Inamdar College of Visual Effects Design and Art, Pune has all the facilities and it is one of the best animation college in India.

Have a great career in animation!!

Good Luck!!!

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A creative artist with new ideas and the name behind the animation revolution in India, ram-mohan-sirRam Mohan Sir is someone who has been an inspiration for many new talented animators who aspire to make it big in the animation field. This new breed of animators has gained confidence because of veterans like Ram Mohan Sir who are now experimenting with both form & content. Indian animation, for a lengthy time, did not develop extensively to shake itself out of the Disney influence & remained restricted to that borrowed style of animation. That iron grip loosened a couple of years back, led largely by young animators with fresh ideas, exploring a new homespun phrase “harking back to our folk roots.”

India has become an outsourcing hub for animation films and Deloitte along with other majors has ponline-animation-courseredicted that the animation Entertainment Industry of India is anticipated to see a considerable expansion, both in terms of revenue and contribution in the value chain. Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai have major concentration of animation studios in the country.

The Indian animation industry includes traditional 2D animation, 3D animation as well as visual effects for feature films. Clair Weeks an animator from Disney Studios was invited by the, who had Films Division of India in Mumbai to establish and train the country’s first animation studio as part of the American technical co-operation mission. He trained a core group of Indian animators. A milestone animated film from Films Division is Ek Anek Aur Ekta, a short story to teach children the value of unity.

Animation requires working knowledge of English language and India has that in plenty. A widespread working knowledge of English encourages a number of animation companies to launch various training programs in to create skilled workers. Also a number of Indian animation companies have set up hi-tech studios (equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and software) to execute overseas projects. Low cost of animation services: The main reason why foreign entertainment firms are flocking to India is the cost advantage the country offers. For instance, in the US, animators can cost about $125 per hour while in India they cost $25 per hour.

Here are some reasons why the animation industry has not reached its pinnacle. For the industry to get hordes of people to join them, a little more needs to happen in the area of awareness creation. Also a standardized and quality curriculum across the handful of institutes is still a dream. So, employable resources in India are not a huge number. This needs to be rectified at the earliest.

Animation schools like P A Inamdar College of Visual Effects Design & Art, Pune, are providing quality education, they are capable to provide human resources to the animation industry who can contribution in the growth of the industry.Generally animation studios in India are looking for graduates in animation because a degree course in animation includes curriculum right from basic concepts of animation like sketching to the advanced technologies like 3D software study, such knowledge is required to qualitatively complete a animation project.

But the demand for animation is not only required for big projects like a movie, but in today’s world we can see animation all where like, in advertisements, education, communication devices like mobiles or games etc., where a little experience in animation or vfx with a diploma or certification in animation are required. If you can’t join a full time degree course in animation, go for these short term course, may be you have a great career in animation is waiting for you!
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They call it the open secret now that the world knows what we can do.

We are speaking of the animation industry growth which without much help from anywhere is poised for an unheard-of growth of 30% year-on-year! Yes, the figures in 2014, a defining year was INR 4500.00 crores….and

“India’s animation industry generated revenue Rs.51.1 billion in 2015, according to a FICCI-KPMG report.”
                 -The Indian Express,10 April,2016

… and growing!

“The animation industry is definitely evolving in India. It has witnessed unprecedented growth rates in recent times,” says US-based Avneet Kaur Kaur who has lent her creative touch to “Tangled”, “Frozen” and “Zootopia”. (The Indian Express, 10 April,2016)

You may ask what could be the reason for this phenomenal growth. Quite a few actually like:

– Largest pool of trained manpower which speaks fairly decent English. Close to 50% of India’s population is under 25 years of age i.e., an age which does not find animation, its production and promotion intimidating, boring or confusing. They have seen Walt Disney’s characters from the time they opened their eyes and can relate to the latter and his set of characters. Television, Digitization and the Internet does not scare this set which thrives and swears by it.

– Largest pool of original stories and situations which are the basis to create original animated characters. Chotta Bheem, Krishna aur Balram etc are perfect examples. Our Epics and their sub-topics too are humongous by comparison and give enough fodder to create the best animated stories.

– Increasing costs of production in mature markets. Yes, US, Europe and the likes have finesse and the markets but the flip side is the increased costs which pushed margins severely. India on the other hand has the right resources at a fraction of their costs! This is the reason you find Indian entities doing parts of movies such as Game of Thrones, Disney’s 2014 Angelina Jolie movie Maleficent and Dreamworks Animation’s How to Train Your Dragon.

– Given its phenomenal growth trajectory, some known industry biggies such as Reliance and Mahindra too have thrown in their hats and want to be part of the action. They have invested in the entire range right from teaching to producing movies!

indian animation growth

And the future?

Very, very, very bright for career in animation and more so if the career in animation after 12th when you are young and ready to take risks and learn things new!

With platforms such as movies, gadgets and lives getting intertwined like never before, animation industry growth is poised to go thru the roof! In India, given the youthful enthusiasm and the fact that we are most comfortable with smartphones makes us not only producers and contributors to the growth of the animation industry but also one of its largest consumers!

So if you are planning to get develop a career in animation after 12th, you are on the right track….a track which is not only right but has the right growth path. Get into places like Pune’s very own Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Education Society’s (MCES) PA Inamdar College of Visual Effects, Design and Art where it is not only about and education in animation but making a complete animation specialist out of you!

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Indian Animation Industry – Animation and Gaming are big businesses in India. The former’s CAGR is close to 25% year on year whereas the latter, hold your breath! grows at a CAGR of 49%! If this is not growth, what is? In absolute terms it grew from INR 61000 crores in 2007 to INR 105200.00 crores in 2013.UG & PG Animation Degree
What have been the main growth engines? These have been the overall increase in the business world wide, part of which gets funneled into India as well. The next has been a huge, trained workforce which by western standards, continues to be very, very cheap but guarantees the best in term of results. As regards gaming, the increase besides the points mentioned here, has also been due to the humongous increase in the demand within the country from various sources be it the traditional mediums like the TV and computers to newer sources like the mobile phones, smart phones, tabs and lap-tops.

Most of the growth in animation business in India has been due to the outsourcing of specific activity to India in a big way. From part players, we are now slowly the centre stage players in this field. This kind of a growth though is not forthcoming from within the country with very limited number of animation films being made for Indian audience. A recent survey terms this as an Indian mentality to spend more on movies and much less on animation as it is still looked upon as stuff for kid’s entertainment. Also, most Indian toons are far too preachy since most find their origins in our mythology and history and very few dealing with contemporary subjects which may be the reason the Far East and the West are still ahead in terms of content given that they rate originality above everything. On this front too, things may change with the change in viewer’s tastes.

Example of some great Animation work by Indian Animation experts.

Life of Pi!VFX

Worth every penny (or pai if you are Indian!) put behind it, this then is the perfect example of animation bring to life, life! A beautiful story which would not have been possible had animation technology not intervened.

At the time of its release, it came as a surprise for most Indians that part of the special effects was brought about by a Bangalore-based Animation studio by the name of Technicolor India.

Another noteworthy movie made possible by this animation studio is “Prometheus”, a somewhat kind of prequel to the 1979 blockbuster, “Aliens”. The former also did good business of USD 403.30 million.

Hoping for the best. Three cheers for the Indian Animation Industry!

Next, we bring to you a feature on the Best Animation Institutes in India!

Till then, enjoy your teens and toons!

Television viewers in the time of the grand-old Doordarshan when satellite and DTH were alien, would remember a small DAVP animation snippet which showcased the ill-effects of deforestation and how unity could solve the problem. Titled “Ek Anek Aur Ekta” with a very beautiful song starting with the words “Ek Chidiya, Anek Chidiyan….” it became quite a hit due to its sheer naivety, innocence and simplicity. Released in the year 1974, it was one of the most remembered animation short film in India.

2D & 3D AnimationAnimation came to India initially due to the initiative of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting under the Government of India. It was in the year 1956 that under the American Technical Co-Operation mission, the Government of India invited Clair Weeks of Disney Studios to help in the setting-up of India’s first animation studio. They also made India’s first animation film titled “The Banyan Deer” in the year 1957.

Things never looked back ever since though animation in the Indian context did not catch-up the way movies did. Short snippets like the one mentioned above were churned out intermittently though.

Economic liberalization seemed to have brought with it winds of change which mirrored the more mature markets in the west. Another noteworthy trend in the history of animation was that it started-off with television serials which 20-25 years back had limited budgets and were forced to use animation to cut cost and present the footage in a particular manner. Another interesting trend which enhanced the appeal of animation in India was (and still is) the use of history, mythology and folk-lore. Given India’s cultural depth, it was only a matter of time before subjects like Ramayana, Mahabharata, Lives of legends like Shivaji, Ranapratap etc would find its animated avatars whether in 2D or 3D.

M.A. in Multimedia Animation The year 1986 saw Director Suddhasattwa Basu’s animated television serial “Ghayab Aaya”. The last two decades beginning with the year 1992 has seen a steady stream of animated serials like “The Ramayana- Legend of Prince Ram”. Mentioned below is an exhaustive list in chronological order of Indian Animation / Indian Animated Cartoons series which would surely give you an idea of its significance:

Ramayana: The Legend of Prince Rama (1992)

Pandavas – The Five Warriors (2000)

Bhagmati – The Queen of Fortune First Live Action Animated Feature Film (2005)

Hanuman (2005)


The legend of Lord Buddha (animated film) (2005)

Kittu (2006)

Krishna (2006)

Return of Hanuman (2007)

Dashavatar (2008 film) (2008)

Ghatothkach (2008)

Cheenti Cheenti Bang Bang (2008)

Jumbo (2008)

Bal Ganesh (2007)

Lav Kush – The Warrior Twins (2010)

Toonpur Ka Superrhero (2010)

Ramayana: The Epic (2010)

Koochie Koochie Hota Hain (2011)

Alibaba Aur 41 Chor (2011)

Arjun – The Warrior Prince (2012)

Delhi Safari (2012)

My home is Green (2011)

Chintu Skool (2011)

Sons of Ram (2012)

Once Upon a Time (2013 film) (2013)

Mahabharat (2013 film) (2013)

Delhi Safari (2012)

Bal Ganesh 2 (2009)

Chhota Bheem and the Curse of Damyaan (2012)

Chhota Bheem and the Throne of Bali (2013)

Super K – The Movie (2011)

Lava Kusa: The Warrior Twins (2010)

Baru The Wonder Kid (2010)image of bsc animation courses in pune at VEDA

The Green Chic – Finding Dad (2011)

Crackers (2011 film) (2011)

Pangaa Gang (2010)

Mighty Raju : Rio Calling (2014)


The above list does show that despite its popularity, animation in India continues to be a television phenomenon but that is changing with bigger budgets, better software, trained manpower in plenty and availability of final products at competitive prices. The last is of particular importance as till a while back the animation work was done in the west which invariably was expensive and thus restricted its usage to select big budgeted movies. The recent presence of quality work within India at competitive prices means that in times to come, we shall see in good numbers, full-length 2D/ 3D animation movies and serials of a very, very high standard. Case in point? King Khan’s movies like RA One and Om-Shanti-Om which created new records on the box office!


So…dim your lights, wear your 3D spectacles and …..enjoy the spectacle!

He came, he saw and he is in the process of conquering! His name? Sharukh Khan!

Also called King Khan in entertainment circles, his Dreamz Unlimited with Juhi Chawla and Aziz Mirza is now the red-hot Red Chillies Entertainments.

It is said of the Khan that he has a nose for money which can be seen in the way Red Chillies Entertainments is structured. Starting out as a producer for Farah Khan’s debut film “Main Hoon Na” in 2004, it has now branched into five entities which cater to five distinct areas in the entertainment industry.  These are

Nuke Red Chillies entertainments, the main brand. It deals with the production of all kinds of movies be they full length like “Main Hoon Na”, “Paheli” or “Billu” to commercials and advertisements for myriad products like a “santoor soap” or “lux cozy undergarments” to specialized events like the opening ceremony of the Pepsi IPL 2013 where they did the entire activity from planning to getting the stars on the stage (no prizes for guessing who the main star was! The Khan himself!) to recording all the jing-bang to its promotion. All these get done under one roof!

A visual effects studio known as Red Chillies VFX, formed in 2005, this division today employs over 150 people- the largest in any single entity under the Red Chillies banner and has done some pioneering work in the field of visual effects, animation and VFX. Case-in-point? Movies like “Ra-One” and “Om-Shanti-Om”. “Ra-One” till date has no comparison in India as regards VFX and had swept all the major awards in the year of its release. Scenes within another movie, OSO were also created using VFX and the results were for all to see. It too won accolades within and outside the country. Besides making full-length VFZ and animation assisted movies on their own, Red Chillies VFX also farms out these capacities to others as was the case with  Chak De India, Krrish 3, Don – The Chase Begins Again, Dostana and De Dana Dan to name a few

A Television programs production division under the name Red Chillies Idiot Box, which as of now is mainly into chat-shows featuring cine artists besides innovative formats like showing the day-to-day and minute-by-minute lives of these stars.

An equipment Leasing division which farms out cameras, editing and sound recording equipment to other producers and film makers.

Stakes in the Indian Premier League cricket team, Kolkata Knight Riders. With this acquisition, the world of sports, entertainment and advertisement has been merged into one seamless mass with each contributing to the growth of the other.

In terms of work, the first four cater to various facets of film making and entertainment. The last deals with forming and sponsorship league cricket teams in the latest avatar of cricket called 20-20.

VFXRed Chillies Entertainments has completely changed the way entertainment is promoted. With so many (and sometimes unrelated) activities happening under one roof, cross advertising has become the order of the day. No one is complaining as everybody wins!

His wife, the charismatic Ms Gauri Khan is his partner in most of these ventures besides other actors and professionals who too contribute to the growth of this enterprise.

Red Chillies Entertainments was ranked as the third, fifth and seventh most powerful production house in Bollywood in 2007, 2008 and 2009 respectively.

Red chillies, bringing cheers without tears!!

The photo shows images of famous Disney cartoon characters of Animation


Animation in India is growing at fast pace. The market share of  world animation is in trillions whereas the Indian market has already established a billion dollar industry. Along with outsourced works of the top foreign media companies, the Indian counterparts are benching out high quality animation of local content. Along with the big cities of India where Indian animation companies are growing rapidly, the trade is slowly moving in to the smaller tier-2 cities, also.


The photo of banaglore city






Bangalore has become the animation hub of the country. Animation studios of various scales are opening up in the city. 1012 Media, 4 View Studios, Adimaya Animation Pvt.Ltd., Animagicks, Animation Bridge, AniThing Studios, Bangaloretoons, Bionic Informatics Pvt. Ltd., Blue Peral Info Media Pvt. Ltd., CG Gyan Idea Studio Pvt. Ltd., Chimera Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Connoiseur Media, Creative Jungle, Creative Mediapulse Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Deccan Media Pro Pvt. Ltd., DTS Network, Elixir Animations, Eternal Illusions Graphics, Fishbone Productions, Gokaldas UG & PG Animation DegreeExports Ltd., Greendot Digital Films Pvt. Ltd., iFactor Multimedia Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Images Chain Animations, JadooWorks Pvt. Ltd., Ken Multimedia Studios, Keyhole Studios, MediaJenie, Mediateck, Metalearn, Motif, Neo e-Watch Media, Nepathya Communications, Paprikaas Animation Studios, PlaNETsurf Creations.Pvt. Ltd., Pred Solutions, Rainbow Media Pvt.Ltd., Right Brain Design Solutions Pvt. Ltd., RiyazArts, SGS Creations, Shree Media Productions, Stylus Systems Pvt. Ltd., Sunnymedia, Swantha Software Solutions, SynclineFX Pvt. Ltd., Synergy Images Pvt. Ltd., TeamAce Creative Studios, The Odysium, Third Eye, Toon Media Technologies, Vast Studios, Vfxring, Visuals Art Interactive, Xentrix Studios.  Bangalore has top animation colleges and institutes to learn the trade to work in these top animation companies in India.


The photo of chennai city



Chennai is slowly becoming the southern headquarters of Animation and VFX industry. Companies are coming up to Anadocs IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Animation Griffiindor, Axes3 Media Work, Balaji Prakash Infotek Pvt.Ltd., Bhaarath Pragmatics, Black and White Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Blue Moon Studios, Bow and Baan Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Candee Studio, Carbonon Tech Pvt. Ltd., Cause And Effect Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., Sensoftmedia, Shivamaaya, Shy Communications Pvt. Ltd., Signz Chennai India, SmartFX Animation Studios Pvt. Ltd., Prasad Corporation Ltd., Praxis Information Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Protime Chennai India , Rajalakshmi Media Services, Raydrops Animation Studio Pvt. Ltd., Millennium Production India Pvt. Ltd., Moti Animation, Movin Stilz, Target Network Pvt.Ltd., Terminus Graphics Studios, Titalee Digital Studios, Toonwoods Animation. The Animation colleges in Chennai are providing students the skills to work in these top animation companies in India.


The photo of coimbatore city






Coimbatore along with Chennai is becoming the Animation centre of the country. Numerous animation companies are coming up in the city horizon. Some are Apxionz, Budnet, Campus Images, De Creative Media, Fxmediatraining, IACE, IFX, Mark IV Animation Studios, OpalDNext, PAX Animation Studio, Scream Animation Studio, Varnajaala Creative Studio. Many animation colleges are also opening up in this city to create top animators and help them get a job in these top animation companies in India.


The photo of ahmedabad city






VFXAhmedabad in the biggest city in Gujarat. It is growing into a prominent animation spot in the western part of the country along with Mumbai and Pune. The companies like 3dArtIndia, 3rDEye Creative Services, Animotionstudio, Art Effects, Bitscape IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Brain Arts Studio, Chrysalis Communications Pvt. Ltd., Colorbar Productions, D’zire Worx, DigitalEye, E-Telligence Technologies Ltd., Eyecircus Studio Pvt. Ltd., Flying Frames, Hitech Infosoft, Horus Design House, i3 Graphics, Meghna Infotech Pvt. Ltd., SVAS Animizm Studio, Tessell8 Studios, Topolate, Vama Toonz, Varmora Infotech Pvt. Ltd., Vision India, Willings. Animation colleges are coming up in Ahmedabad for helping the students get proper training in Animation and VFX.


The photo of indore city






Indore is slowly becoming the animation hub in the country. Centrally located, many animation companies are opening up like 5 Gates Multimedia Solutions, A4Consultants, Arun Toon Pvt. Ltd., Bracket Entertainment, EBOT Technosoft Ltd., Ecolor Studio, Fluids Work Production, Future Multimedia, Horizon Infotek, Nine Solutions, Pitara studios, Snap Animation Studio, Tuff Animation Pvt. Ltd., Virtual Hue.  Various animation institutes and colleges are also offering courses for the students to get jobs in top animation Companies in India.

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Photo of Father of Indian Animation Ram Mohan will be awarded Padma Shri

Animation has finally got its due in the Indian peninsula! Father of Indian Animation and Founder of Graphiti, Ram Mohan, who has kept inspiring the Animation Industry for decades, has been selected for the prestigious Padma Shri Award, India’s 4th highest Civilian award.

He believes that Animation is a combination of Story Telling, Design and Performance, has been serving Indian Animation for more than 50 years, and was also honored with two National Awards for the Best Film on family planning, “Baap Re Baap” and Best Animation Film; “You said it”.

UG & PG Animation DegreeRam Mohan graduated in Science from the University of Madras, but gave up post-graduate studies to join the Cartoon Films Unit, Films Division, government of India. Ram Mohan received his Animation training from Clair H. Weeks of Walt Disney Studios, under the US Technical Aid program. Ram Mohan after hearing the news said, “I am happy to receive this recognition. Animation has been a neglected area for a long time, but now this recognition for the work I was doing with my fellow animators is a very good feeling.”

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The article named Review-Institute of Arena Animation Academy

Note : The aim and objective of this article is to present personal reviews on various private and recognized animation institutes and colleges of India. This article in no case advocate or criticize any animation institute mentioned here.

M.A. in Multimedia Animation Arena Animation: an Introduction – According to the official website of arena animation , it is an educational arm of Aptech Ltd. Mainly for animation , web designing , VFX and multimedia education. The institute further claims that it has trained more than 4 lakh students in animation and multimedia sector.  Arena animation was one of the first few institutes who started multimedia and animation education in the country but now there are many autonomous and university affiliated animation colleges available around us.

Arena Multimedia to Arena Animation – When Arena started its operation; animation was not so known in India so Arena started with the name of Arena Multimedia, but now Arena Multimedia is known by the name of Arena Animation Academy.

Arena Animation network – Over past 17 years, Arena Animation has opened branches in various cities of India. Arena Animation Academy works mainly on franchisee based model. These franchisee partners recruit their own staff to teach subjects like animation, multimedia, etc. to students who take admission in its institute.

image of bsc animation courses in pune at VEDAArena Animation Course – Arena Animation being an autonomous body, runs various short term and long term courses through its many franchisee. Students who wish to do courses in graphic design , web design , animation , vfx  and gaming, take admission in various Arena Animation centers of the country. Similar to all other private animation academies, Arena Animation offers private certificates to the students.

Candidates who seek university affiliated Animation degree or courses can also search for animation colleges in their own cities and towns.

Arena Animation in Pune – Like all other cities in India , Arena Animation has its franchisee centers in Pune too. There are 7 Arena Animation centers in the city. Students of Pune city and its outskirts, who wish to seek private training in animation – join these Arena Animation in Pune centers.  As per the website of Arena Animation Academy, there are centres in  Chinchwad-Akurdi, Pimpri, Tilak Road, Wanawadi, Bund Garden, Ambegaon (Badruk) and Kharadi.

Options other than Arena Animation – As we know nowadays, internet has grown manifold and all information is available on our finger tips. Smart students look and search for genuine animation institutes before taking any decision. The recent popular trend in student community is choosing animation and multimedia degree courses than private certificates. Students after 10+2 apply for B.Sc. in Media Graphics and Animation degree course. VEDA being a university affiliated institute, offers only graduate degrees and post-graduate degrees in animation and multimedia .


Around the world, perhaps no animation house is more respected, well-known and more iconic than that of the Walt Disney Company. Since it was founded in 1923, Disney has come closest to embodying the power and myth of animation itself, and not just for the stories that were being animated. The studio, founded as the “House of Mouse,” has certainly grown in size and scope, encompassing parks, studios, subsidiary companies and countless copyrights.
What does the Disney studio stand for in terms of its animation? That question has propelled compliments and criticisms of the various animated films based on the economics of the period, the age of the parents as opposed to the children (especially parents who grew up on a prior generation of Disney films), and the popular trends of the time. Needless to say, popular consensus of Disney varies through generations.M.A. in Multimedia Animation

How well does Disney fare today? Rather well. A lion’s share of the credit comes from the popular up-swing in content that Disney started releasing in 2009. Popular films, such as “Up,” “The Princess and the Frog,” “Toy Story 3,” and “Tangled,” were released between 2009 and 2010. But much of Disney’s recent popularity and praise recently can be said to have begun in 2012.

The sucessful release of Frozen has incited a cry that Disney might be undergoing a “Second Renaissance,” a term referencing the popularity Disney once received after the release of “The Little Mermaid.” Disney’s decision to circumvent many tropes they themselves created for the animated story/princess genre have lead to “Frozen” being called one of the company’s most progressive films of the last generation.

At Studio Ghibli, the animation house created by Hayao Miyazaki, there should also be cause for both praise and reflection. Under the direction of revered animator Hayao Miyazaki, Studio Ghibli has released such amazing works of art as “My Neighboor Totoro,” “Grave of the Fireflies,” “Spirited Away” and many others. Miyazaki-sama’s final film as chief guide of Studio Ghibli, “The Wind Rises,” has been recently hailed his most profound and close to the heart.