Clay Animation

Did you always have the hobby of making dolls or puppets and play with them. You have high interest in anything that is related to art and crafts. You always gift a hand-UG & PG Animation Degreemade card designed by yourself to your dear and loved ones for that special occasion. You ended up making beautiful castles and objects out of clay on every time you go to a beach for holiday. You never forget to switch on the television to watch the Wallace and Gromit flicks and the art and craft shows. Then, Clay Animation is your forte and it should be your right career choice.

Before you make the career choice; you should know – what clay animation is all about and what prospects it has to offer for everyone. So, let us give you a brief introduction about clay animation.

What is Clay Animation?
In simple words, clay animation is the art of animating clay models. Sometimes, it is also refereed as Claymation. Though, it is referred as Claymation; clay has been replaced by plasticine. Plasticine is modern brand of modeling clay which is used for sculpting purposes. It is soft, non-toxic and does not dry up on exposure to air. These qualities help in the sculpting process of the models. The animating process involves making sets, props and models. They are then designed and the animators use them to tell a story through action. Still photos are taken for each action and then the photo frames are run at a rate of more than 12 frames per second to create an animating illusion. Later, they are edited to add some effects to enhance the film.

Many Job Profiles:
• Art Director
• Storyboard Supervisor
• Prop Designer
• Storyboard Artist
• Set Designer
• Character Designer
• Scenic Artist
• Set Dresser
• Puppet Maker
• Set Builder

Remunerations available:
There will be a sharp increase in the wage of clay animators in the coming days. It will witness a growth of about 14% in 5 years which is 3% more than the last fiscal. Clay animators working in some big studios like Aardman earn a salary of $ 100,000 in a year. Other studios in Europe and Canada play their employers a mean salary of around $ 85,000.

The pay scale for Indian clay animators is not such high. But, recently some productions houses have shown interest and hiring skilled employers. They prefer candidates from fine arts background and with a bachelor’s degree with a few years experience in animation.

Indian animation has a great future as famous clay animator, Dhimant Vyas says, “Very optimistic!! We will have more and more films done in this medium and there will be Indian clay animation film in international market.”

Clay Animation Market:
The market for clay animation is increasing at a steady rate. It is unlike any other animation market. The market for clay animation films along with other job opportunities for artists to grow at a rate of around 11% along in the next 10 years. It has not yet reached its true potential as is evident in the words of Linda Simensky, Director of Animation for Nickelodeon “I think there is a general belief in the animation community that clay is just at the beginning as a medium.”

M.A. in Multimedia Animation The Indian scene has seen a huge boost after the success of Taare Zameen Par. Clay animation was used extensively inside the film and the credits, which garnered a positive response. It has further helped in generating interests about it among the children and youngsters. Many workshops are organized for them to learn more about this art. There is scope in mediums like films, serials and television commercials.

Now, after learning so much about the art and its bright future; you may be wondering who will guide you and where you can acquire proper training in this regard. You will happy to know to know that we provide such training. VEDA arranges workshops and classes about claymation. You can learn about the expertise needed to make a clay animation movie. We also provide software and studio facilities and all available infrastructures to bring out the clay animator hidden within you.

To enroll for it, go to our Courses page.

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College of Visual Effects,Design & Art (VEDA) held a seminar at the Ness Wadia College of Commerce  on Saturday, December 21. The seminar was held to introduce the students with the world of animation & visual effects and make them aware of the various scopes and job opportunities in this field. Shri Rishi Aacharya presided over the event in the presence of  Vice Principal Shri S.D. Pandit. After felicitation, the students were shown an informative presentation about this domain. More than 100 students attended the event and many showed interest in it and wanted to learn more about this new vocabulary.

Responsive Website Design and CSS 3

One of the most exciting jobs in our times is that of a web designer. As we are living in the age of internet and there are a hundred of websites being developed every hour, the opportunity in this profession is immense. The job of a web designer is to primarily design a web page and the added web interfaces to make it more user-friendly. Now, if you spend half our day on the internet and wish to design a website for your personal and commercial purpose, then go for it.

But before that, let me tell you something about web design and the various tools used for it like CSS.

Something about Web Design and CSS
Business Dictionary states web design as the task of designing HTML driven web pages to be displayed over the World Wide Web. It also encompasses a number of important elements such as color, layout and overall graphical appearance. It also considers the audience, function and traffic to specific sections while designing the site.

image of web desiging courses in pune at VEDAWebsite design is mainly about the creation of web pages which are part of a site using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and many other modern web languages. It consists of all the design elements like line, shape, texture and color. This helps to give an aesthetically pleasant and striking look for the website.

Cascading Style Sheets or CSS helps you to control the layout and some other features. CSS tags or properties make it easy for the users to look and feel the style of the pages. It is designed primarily to separate the identities of the document content for the web page and the different elements used in it.

Avenues to work for
• User Experience Designer
• Senior Graphic Designer
• Web Designer
• Front End Developer
• Digital Designer
• Interactive Designer
• Web Designer
• Junior Developer
• WordPress designer
• UI Designer
• Creative Designer
• Mobile Design Team Lead

Returns in this field
The major advantage of working in this field is that there is a huge market for freelance workers. For any upcoming industry, there is a huge gap between experience and new designers. There is a huge prospect for newcomers as there is work in plethora. According to the annual AIGA Survey which is considered as the most comprehensive report of the website design industry, the average pay for web designers in 2012 was around $ 75,000, which was an increase of 7.2 percent over last year. The web designers working at managerial capacity like creative directors, etc. command salaries around $125,000.

The Indian scenario is witnessing a recent surge in terms of salary. Whereas an intern earns around Rs. 144,000 but a candidate with experience of over five years in the field can easily command a salary of 15, 00,000 or above.

The Market scenario
The web design industry is now dominated by many small players and they take on few projects on cost-effective ways. They are doing a good job as the industry estimates their revenue of more than $ 1 million. But the market will witness a sea change and more and more small agencies will give way to large firms. In the next 2 to 3 years, these firms will provide for user-centric and technology prowess provided by today’s interactive agencies. They will build on new strategies where theses traditional advertisement agencies will look to deliver products rich in content and integrated connectivity. The industry is estimated to grow at a range of more than 25% in the next five to ten years.

image of web desiging courses in pune at VEDAAfter knowing about the website design industry and its huge potential, you want to be part of it. You also wish to learn more about web design and how you can create the most attractive and interactive websites using the different tools available. To do so, you have to learn the software and programming languages used for making a website. You also need to learn about the different design principles that goes on to make the most effective and user-friendly websites for web and also mobile applications.

To know more, go to our Diploma in Web Design page.

Check out Jobs in Web designing

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Stop Motion Animation: The Real Illusion of eyes

Stop Motion Animation

Stop Motion Animation

You consider yourself a creative person and wish to make film making your career choice. You also love animation and wish to get a degree in animation. That will land you with a ob in an animation studio and you can also work as a freelancer to it possess a creative mind in the love animation and drawing. You gave grown up watching the animated serials like Gumpy and Waalace and Gomit broadcasted on television channels like cartoon network and pogo. You scribble those characters and create your own out of imagination in your home and love to make your hands dirty by creative this dolls and figures. You also wish to make it large in the animation industry like Nick Park and other big animators.

UG & PG Animation DegreeBut before you take a decision, you need to know about the art and how it is fairing also about its market presence.

Stop motion animation
Stop motion animation is a technique where an object is moved in small increments between individually photographed frames, creating the illusion of movement when the series of frames is played as a continuous sequence. Characters with movable joints or clay figures are often used in stop motion for their ease of repositioning. Not all stop motion requires figures or models; many stop motion films can involve using humans, household appliances and other things for comedic effect. Stop motion using objects is sometimes referred to as object animation. Stop motion is a broad term which includes specific elements like clay animation, sand animation and paper animation.

Different Avenues
• Visual effects artist
• Freelance designer
• Rigging artist
• Story Broad Artist
• Visualiser
• Rotoscopy artist
• Character designer
• 2D artist
• Web designer
• Multimedia artist
• 3D modeler

Remunerations available:
Stop motion animators netted a mean salary of $62,000. The bottom group of stop motion animators made $32,000, and the animators in the class that was the best paid earned about $99,000 each year. Five states that had the highest annual salaries included many American states like California, New York, Oregon, District of Columbia, and Connecticut.

They make a mean salary of Rs. 35,000 a month, and stop motion animators that live in the Delhi and Mumbai area specifically make the hugest mean national salary. This is an upcoming field and opportunities are huge.

Market scenario
A craze on the internet is animating with clay figures on public video sites. They are often simple, bordering on “freeform”, but effective. Some barely have a face, but the comedic or violence proportions exceeding those of conventional clay puppets, with grisly crime scenes riddled by clay gunfire and hapless victims falling in a sniper’s cross hairs. The comedy helps the viewer enjoy the animation without noticing the simplicity of the clay puppet. Many younger people begin their experiments in movie making with stop motion, thanks to the ease of modern stop motion software and online video publishing. Many new stop motion shorts use new techniques to showcase their art.

M.A. in Multimedia Animation Now, after knowing so much about stop motion animation: you may be waiting when you will make a stop motion animation film. In this regard Veda can help you. VEDA offers a plethora of courses in all forms of animation such as 2D animation, 3D animation and stop motion animation.

To know more, go to our Courses page

VFXThe government of India will be setting up a gaming college in collaboration with the country of Japan. The “National Centre for Animation, VFX and Gaming” is slated to come up in a cost of around 52 crores at Mohali in Punjab. The college will be presenting garduation and post-graduation courses in gaming, animation and visual effects.


Careers after 12th
Most people will advise you to choose a career path after 12th that comes with nice returns and secure your future.

But that would be a wrong move if you are not interested in any of the general fields and wish to make a career in offbeat vocations and earn a name for yourself in it. Now, if you are the one who grew up playing Super Mario and GI Joe games on television and wanted to check out every new game that came on the market; then, you are avid gamer. You always wanted to play video games and be part of the industry that produces such entertaining creations but never knew how.

But before that you need to know what it is all about and how you can be a part of it.

Game design for you
Game design involves the entire process of making a video game. It involves various stages such as including concept, documentation, prototype development, production, design, programming, level creation, art production, audio production, testing and maintenance. It is not an individual work but needs a team effort. Game design involves knowing many arts like graphics, industrial design and architecture. It is part of the entertainment industry and needs concept, game play, feature list, setting and story, target audience, requirements and schedule, staff and budget estimates for producing a successful game.

Famous game expert Brian Sutton-Smith has some valuable tips, “A game designer is a particular kind of designer, much like a graphic designer, industrial designer, or architect. A game designer is not necessarily a programmer, visual designer, or project manager, although sometimes he or she can also play these roles in the creation of a game. A game designer might work alone or as part of a larger team”.

Avenues to work for
As a creative field, there is no dearth of work for a talented and passionate individual as the options are in plethora:

• Story Visualizer
• Environment designer
• 3D asset creator
• Game programmer Research and Development
• Level designer
• Game designer
• Game developer
• Texture Artist
• Multimedia Developer
• Interactive Designer

Remunerations available
The gaming industry has one of the highest pay scales among the entertainment or media industries. “Careers in video game design can play a good wage especially for those at the top” says Cammie Dunaway, executive vice president of Nintendo Games.

As every field, salaries increase with experience and expertise but a fresher can demand around $50,000 to $80,000 annually. The International Game Developers Association (IGDA) segregates them is four categories as game designers, lead designers, level designers and fiction/screenwriters. All departments have different pay scales but the game designers lead the pack with the highest reported salary of $200,000.

As an upcoming industry Indian game workers are not paid as hefty as their western counterparts but they can expect around $50,000 a year for a person with few years of experience.

The video game industry
In June 2012, the global video game market was valued at US$68 billion. NPD group, a global market research company released a data revealing a good 15% increase in video game sales last year which is much higher when compared to computer hardware sales. However, economic problems remain today with regard to publisher-developer contracts.

The Indian media and Entertainment industry report states that the Indian scene will see a growth of 22% CAGR to reach Rs 42 billion by 2017, thereby, making it the third biggest industry in the country. The reasons for such a tremendous growth are given to the huge workforce available in the country and low labor costs along with high artistic and aesthetic sensibilities of the countrymen. As a result, there will be a demand of around 2 lakhs professionals a year in this near future in the gaming sector.

Now, you can truly realize your dream through us. VEDA is one of the leading video gaming design colleges in India and offer game designing courses. You will not regret after taking this smart choice of career after 12th. We promise to make you a true gaming professional after enrolling in our Diploma in game design course.

Careers after 12 xbox










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An Animation Degree after 12th can be a Smart Choice

Review of B.Sc animation from  Pune university

12th Examinations are over in Maharashtra and elsewhere, and students along with their parents hunting for right course for career. Everyone knows that animation and media is a hot cake now a days. Career in animation is very bright; it has wide scope of creativity and huge earning potential. So keeping all such things in minds students and parents make lot of enquiries for searching a good Bachelor degree in animation and multimedia.

In India, few years before, animation courses were being offered by private institutes. But now as the demand for skilled animators are increasing day by day, many universities are offering various degrees in animation and other visual element designs. And since the choice is available, parents are selecting university animation courses over any private courses & Institutes.

Some of the most popular universities, offering degrees in animation, media and other visual arts are:

• Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra University
• Karnataka State Open University
• Manipal University
• Karnataka State Open University IGNOU
• Mahatma Gandhi University
• Punjab Technical University

These universities are offering degrees in animation like bsc in animation, BA in Animation, M.Sc. in animation, MA in animation etc. Most of them are offering these degrees under open and distance learning mode.

image of bsc animation courses in pune at VEDA

Recently, about 2 years back India’s oldest and  renowned university, The University of Pune, has  also launched B.Sc. Degree in animation, under  the faculty of science. According to University “The consumer demand of high quality animation and visuals has fueled the growth of the animation industry in this decade. The visual artist with excellent design and computer animation skills and a firm understanding of animation technology. They are producing stunning visuals for games, multimedia, web, television and documentaries. This proposed degree program is focus on developing student’s creativity and the skills in the areas of design, computer animation, simulation, and advertisement etc. using cutting edge software. Successful graduates will complete a professional quality demo and able to prove animation abilities.”

Though because of its reputation, doing a degree in animation (B.Sc. in Animation) from Pune University is like a dream come true for most of the students, When I saw the curriculum and rules drafted by the university, I felt the entrance scope is very limited in this course.

I completely understand the critical process of drafting and preparing a new course by any good university like University of Pune , for which I have very high regards and respect. However I feel the rules and regulations drafted by the university for B.Sc. in animation are little tough and hard and may prevail creative students to make use of this course offered by Pune University.

First and foremost I wanted to make it clear that it is just my personal opinion and not the official comment or allegation against any university including university of Pune.

Under the present rules and regulation 2012 B.Sc. Animation from Pune University the rules of admissions are as follows:

1. Eligibility: Students must be HSC (or Equivalent ) with any three subject such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Geography, biology, etc.

But I personally feel that animation is a creative and artistic field, it has nothing much to do with students current educational background, I have seen many creative students from Arts and even commerce field and if given a chance they can perform much better than any other student.

2. Entrance test is compulsory by the college for B.Sc. animation which is based on the topics related with awareness of information technology, skill of visualization, lateral / create thinking, , English, non verbal reasoning & verbal reasoning.

Here I have seen that most of the creative students come from drawing (Artistic) background from fine arts schools and their command over English and reasoning may be weak. In this case such kind of creative student may feel difficulty to clear the entrance test. In my views the even if the entrance test is important for this degree in animation, it should focus exploring creativity skills, drawing and visual thinking of the candidate.

3. Even after the entrance test, a Merit list for admission is prepared by considering 50 % of total Marks obtained in Entrance Examination and 50 % of total Marks obtained in 12th or equivalent Examination ( Mentioned in eligibility criteria ).

Which makes it harder for a low scorer in 12th class to get in to this animation degree course by Pune University. However as per the syllabus documents, university and govt. of Maharashtra has full rights to give relaxation in the rules.

4. The medium of instruction for the course shall be English. This will make difficult for students from non English background to understand the lectures and subject in detail.

UG & PG Animation Degree

On the qualification of the faculties also university has made following rules to become the trainer (Faculty) for teaching animation:

1) M.Sc. ( Computer/electronics/Mathematics/Statistics /Physics) along with Minimum 2 years
diploma in Animation or any equivalent degree in Animation.
2) M.C.A.. ( Science/Engineering ) along with Minimum 2 years diploma in Animation or any
equivalent degree in Animation. Along with above mentioned qualifications, Qualifying in NET /SET examination is essential as per UGC & university rule.

In my views such kind of combination is not only difficult to find for the college but also increase the shortness of talent.
One more interesting fact about the B.Sc. in animation course offered by Pune University is, except one or two universities, none of the other universities mentioned above in my article included programming languages like C and Python in the first year on the course.
To summarize, creative students from non science background who want to make their career in animation field, should look some other options as university of Pune has not made any options for you to do degree in animation. However the good news is, India’s other reputed universities are offering B.Sc. in animation courses for non science students as well.

For more information check our B.Sc course.

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Careers in Animation

2D & 3D AnimationDeciding a career after 12th or college is a challenging task. When you are going through your teenage years, it’s not easy to decide which career is suitable for you. Some students try different courses just because their friends or family members suggest them to do so and later repent for taking a poor decision. You must understand that the first few years after college determines the base of your future and if you take silly decisions, you may never get job satisfaction.
While choosing a career course, a student must pay attention to two things: what excites him and the job prospect of his chosen career path. Considering the current popularity of web and animation, joining web designing courses or an animation course can be a smart career move. If you are a creative person and have a passion for art, you have an added reason to cheer since there are a lot of job opportunities in these segments since every year several new 2D/3D animated films and websites come to the market.
Let me discuss some of the career wise lucrative courses you can join to excel in your professional life.
Web designing – Website design and development is highly popular these days as every new company is trying to establish its online presence by building a website. In Veda, we provide diploma in web design and help budding graphic designers fulfill their goals. Our experienced and dedicated teachers teach the use of variety of web design tools and share their experiences with the students. Once the course is complete, you can apply for a job in several web design and development agencies and earn a lucrative salary.
image of game designing courses in pune at VEDAGame designing – Do you love playing games on PlayStation and Xbox? How about developing a game that thousands of others can enjoy? Gaming is the new addiction of generation Y and considering the popularity and available game development platforms, it can be stated with confidence that this business will keep making profit in the years to come. Game development companies like EA and Ubisoft hire employees every year and they offer staggering remuneration. Our game designing course can help you learn how games can be developed. From character drawing and modeling to adding 2D/3D effects to the characters and environment, our professional teachers explain the entire process and provide hands-on experience. We provide our students with the latest game development software and encourage creative thinking so that they can create their dream game.
Animation course – You can also learn 2D and 3D animation to keep multiple career opportunities open. Once you become an expert in animation, you can join the film industry, gaming or ad business. Some of the biggest animation studios are outsourcing work to India and you can join an animation agency in the future to express your creativity. We offer both 2D and 3D diploma animation course and depending on your passion, you can join any one of them to enrich your knowledge and get ready for a bright future.
Visual effects courseVFXDo you love the extraordinary visual effects shown in films like Spider Man and Avengers? That is the work of visual effects experts. By joining our affordable visual effects course, you can fulfill your childhood dream and create a virtual world where your super heroes are faced with new challenges. Visual effects specialists generally get placements in film studios.
Veda offers a range of career oriented courses for students and our counselors discuss the prospects of each course with students personally so that they can take an informed decision. All our courses are quite affordable as we want to make India the biggest hub of animators in the near future.

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Pune: The Animatronics Hub

2D animation lab
India’s leading animation college College of Visual Effects,Design & Art Aka VEDA, in its endeavor to provide the best animation facilities to its students launched state of art 2D Animation Lab in the college premises.

2D & 3D AnimationThe lab has 22 light boxes with OH Projector and Fully Body Plastic Human Skeleton for students to learn about the Anatomy and Cleanup process of Classical animation. Hon’ble President MCE Society Shri P.A. Inamdar has inaugurated this new lab along with principals and Society Members. Mr. Rishi Aacharya the Head of the Dept. of PAI International Learning Solutions has informed that the purpose of this 2D Animation lab is to train the students in the best techniques and practices of classical animation.
He further informed that there are very few animation colleges in India those who have this kind of infrastructure with them as many animation institutes are just focusing on teaching 3D Animation courses directly to the students. Mr. Ratan Gaikwad the faculty of 2d animation course in VEDA said this animation lab is a big milestone in our institution’s history and has given a chance to our students to become the benchmark in the arena of 2d animation.
Students taken admission in in animation or 2d animation course in VEDA will take the advantage of the facilities. To view the latest photos of lab check out our animation page.

careers after 12th

Now that your 10+2 is over, it is time for you to ponder over what you want to do with your life. Are you confused and do not really know what to pursue? Well, you need not worry because this is a phase that everyone has gone through including your parents, relatives as well as your teachers. So, instead of stressing over it, just try and think logically.

UG & PG Animation DegreeThis is one time when you can have anything but a dearth of advice. Everyone around you will shower you with their apparently valuable advice. But you need to focus. Listen to everyone but let the final decision be yours because it is no one but you who knows what you are fit for. There is a plethora of career opportunities out there, among which you need to choose that you are seriously interested in.

It is always wise to choose a career that you know you will enjoy being a part of for the rest of your life. If you are someone who has a knack for art or are fond of video games, you can opt for a professional degree in animation.

A career in animation and gaming is one of the most happening career choices nowadays. It is a field that allows you to explore your imagination and creativity. Today, it is not just films and advertisements that employ animators but also the booming industry of video games. This is a career choice that can get you everything – job satisfaction, money and fame. But, it is also a career that does not have fixed working hours and requires loads of HARD WORK.

image of bsc animation courses in pune at VEDASectors like Information Technology, hospitality, medical, aviation, architecture, banking etc. are also increasingly using graphics, which shows how prospective a course in animation can be for you.

The main quality needed to make a career in animation after 10+2 is drawing. You should be pretty much skilled at it. Next comes getting admission in a good multimedia institute like our very own College of Visual Effects,Design & Art or VEDA. Affiliated with PTU or Punjab Technical University, we are a branch of PAI International Learning Solutions offering a bachelor degree in multimedia (animation).

We offer a three-year course that can be joined after you complete your high school. Programs offered by us are one of the most coveted in the industry of animation, visual effects and web and graphic design. Our animation syllabi include video graphics design, special and visual effects, web design and, of course, animation. It is designed keeping the present and future standards and needs of the industry in mind.

You need to have a 10+2 pass certificate for getting admitted to VEDA’s B.Sc. multimedia program while for a Master’s degree, you need to have successfully completed a bachelor’s degree in multimedia. The desirable qualities in the eligibility criteria include sketching, determination, creativity, passion, exploration skills etc. on the part of the student.

If you are serious about getting an animation degree after 12th, you can come to us and get set for a promising career in animation.

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