The world of animation is full of geniuses who, with their hard work and determination, have managed to make the industry one of the most lucrative and profit-making ones in this highly competitive market. Let us have a look at some of the top animation gurus whose contribution to the field is indelible.Sam Fell: He is a British 2D & 3D Animationscreenwriter, film director, animator and voice actor. His directorial career started with The Big Cheese, a short film for 3 Peach Animation. However, soon, he became a part of Aardman, a British animation studio situated in Bristol, UK. Here, he worked on some of the most prestigious projects including Pop, Rex The Runt and Wat’s Pig, the short film by Peter Lord which was nominated for the Oscars. A television series for kids known as Rabbits was also developed by him.From 2001 to 2002, he worked on the script of Flushed Away which was finally made into a film in 2003. Along with directing, he also gave the voiceover for a number of characters including Ladykiller, Fanseller and Liam. Among his recent works, the most notable one is the film ParaNorman which he directed for Focus Features and Laika Studios. Here, he combined the techniques of traditional stop-motion with that of high-tech 3D.Barry Cook: Born and brought up in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, his first stint at filmmaking happened at the tender age of 10 on a super 8 camera. What is more, two prizes were won by him in the local Young Filmmakers Festival for “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide” and “The Vampire” when he was just twelve years old. With the intention of joining motion pictures, he soon shifted base to California.While studying at Columbia College, Barry used to spend a lot of time helping others to complete their student film projects. Finally, after working as an intern for some years, he became a part of Disney in the year 1981 and worked on “Tron”. From then on, it has been a successful journey for him having worked on numerous Disney films as an animator that include gems like “Captain EO” and “Oliver & Company”.

Jamie Beard: He had an inherent knack for animation and it certainly helped that he had very supportive parents who allowed him to study it and pursue a career in it. After working in London for many years, he was contacted by Weta one day to work on the cult Lord of the Rings series. It was a big opportunity for him and he immediately grabbed it and shifted base to New Zealand.

His association with Weta Digital resulted in many blockbuster films including King Kong. His latest work includes the much-acclaimed ‘The Adventures of Tintin”.

M.A. in Multimedia Animation Seamus Malone: His journey too began in Aardman Animations and he worked on several films as key animator that include Rex The Runt, Creature Comforts USA, Chicken Run, Creature Comforts 2 and A Matter of Loaf and Death to name a few. In 2002, he enhanced his skills by getting training in computer graphics and character acting development which he applied in Shrek 2, Flushed Away and Arthur Christmas.

These are some of the prominent names in the animation industry whose works give shape to the liveliest and most realistic animation movies.

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The Animation Gurus Worth Talking About

When one talks of animation, certain names of stalwarts come to mind. Five such personalities who are thought to be synonymous with animation are mentioned below:

Laurent Ben-Mimoun

UG & PG Animation DegreeThis French born artist has contributed concept art and matte paintings to films like ‘Tangled’, ‘Peter Pan’, ‘The Day after Tomorrow’, ‘Beowulf’, ‘Around the World in 80 Days’, ‘Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring’ and ‘Pearl Harbor’ to name a few.

He started out as a young artist in the animation studios of London where he first got noticed for the film ‘Seven Years in Tibet’ where he had to face the challenge of transforming Argentina to Tibet. It is for this film that he got the opportunity of going to America in 1997 and has been living there ever since.

He says that he likes the projects that offer him “creative freedom”, which he says to have got while working with Disney. He says that what he finds “engaging” and “interesting” about animation is that “everything is created”.

David Gilson 

This French artist and illustrator is well-known for ‘Tangled’ and ‘Magic’. He specializes as a character designer. After completing his training at CFT, he polished his art by working with various animation studios like Walt Disney, Feature Animation, Marathon etc. Being a huge fan of Disney princesses, it was his dream-come-true to work in ‘Tangled’.

Having “a gift for drawing”, Gilson wanted to work with everyone including Disney. He started out at Saban’s, designing secondary characters on the ‘Achille Talon’ series. He got a chance to work with Disney on Tarzan. He worked on the film for two years since April 1997. He says those were the two most important years of his life.

Barry Cook 

He was the first director to successfully fuse hand-drawn and computer animation in a film called ‘My Peoples’. It was based on his own short story ‘The Ghost & His Gift’. This film, however, never really got a release as Walt Disney Feature Animation Florida got closed, an experience that Cook described as “heartbreaking”.

2D & 3D AnimationHe also made a 3 minutes and 20 seconds long film as a young boy. This was an adaptation of Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’. He explains the brevity of the film by saying “that’s how long the cartridge in Super 8 film ran – three minutes and 20 seconds.”

He worked with Hanna-Barbara’s ‘The Smurfs’, where he worked on a 15 minute pilot. He joined Disney in 1981 and went on to work as a special effects animator in films like ‘The Black Cauldron’ (1985), ‘Captain EO’ (1986), ‘Oliver & Company’ (1988) and ‘The Little Mermaid’ (1989).

Margaret Kerry 

This Disney legend modeled for Tinker Bell in Peter Pan. She was also the voice and animation model for the red-haired mermaid in the ‘Neverland’ lagoon scenes. Her television work includes the role of Sharon in ‘The Ruffles’, one of the first network sitcoms on ABC-TV.

She provided her voice for Paddlefoot and Spinner for 52 episodes in the popular kids’ show ‘Clutch Cargo’.

Jamie Beard 

He is known as the animation supervisor for ‘Tintin’. Earlier he had worded on visual effects in films like ‘The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King’ (2003). ‘I, Robot’ (2004), ‘King Kong’(2005) and ‘Avatar’(2009).

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The latest developments that the world of technology has seen have made living easier and pleasurable. Be it communication or lifestyle, technology keeps pushing its boundaries because of which it has become indispensable in our lives. Who can imagine a life without cell phones and internet? Or for that matter even an opener or toaster? The younger generation may not be aware of the technological innovations but the older folks will surely agree that they are living in a world that they never thought could exist.

Technology design is a well-established profession and people are spending handsome amounts to get enrolled in animation college and gaming institute. This is because it is the pass outs from these institutes that develop new technologies and help make the world a smarter and easier place to live in.

When we look at a product, we are actually looking at the final result that may have developed from a simple drawing made by a designer. The various things that we need to use in our daily lives are all products of the creative mind of a designer. From the simple mousetrap of the old times to the new age mp3 players or cell phones, each and every invention has been of immense help to us. This makes composting course and editing courses so much useful.

These designers with a video editing course degree in hand incorporate art, engineering and business in order to design new products thus contributing to technology. It is Video-Editing-Coursethey who create its appearance, functions, quality and safety. They have the responsibility of designing while keeping a lot of things in mind like cost, style, quality and safety. No matter how great a product is, no one will buy it if it is not cost effective. Neither will any manufacturer manufacture it if it involves too much expense. Similarly, no matter how stylish a product is, it won’t be a success unless it has quality and safety.

Hence, we see that the job of a technological designer is anything but easy. Now, let’s have a look at the newest innovations in technology that has transformed our lives like never before.

Apple Inc.

The designers of this corporation have truly made our lives much more luxurious. Steve Jobs not only bestowed the company with the glamour quotient but also the fine details. Apple has gifted us with several innovative products like iPod, Graphical User Interface, iMac, iPhone, iPad to name a few.


image of web desiging courses in pune at VEDAThese are the latest features in the markup language. The video element makes adding video to a web page much simpler. It allows you to watch videos without the use of plug-ins like Silverlight and Flash. Creating animations and interactive games is made much easier with these. Animation college and gaming institute graduates are apt at handling such features.

LCD’s n LED’s

These are efficient, bright and stylish yet economical. LED boosts LCD performance which improves the image quality and enriches your viewing experience.

3D films

It involves technology which maintains or recreates moving images with an illusion of depth in it. Video editing courses and editing courses help in contributing to such films.

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Top Animation Portfolio sites, you must see 

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In this age of dynamic and interactive communication, animation has a significant role to play. The impact of animation is visible not only in the creation of web pages and web sites but also in entertainment and advertising industries. Special effects, now an integral part of cinema making is predominantly based on animation techniques. These effects are also used extensively in creation of advertisement films. The use of animated illustrations has become an inseparable part of image creation in every imaginable form.

A Combination of Inherent and Imbibed Skills

This is a specialised skill to be learnt in animation colleges. However, every learner cannot become a successful animator. For this, inherent qualities of artistry, story telling capacity, excellent understanding of size, ratio, motion, and a commendable sense of composition is necessary. For creative artists, this adds variety to their capabilities. Imaginations could be fructified after completing courses in this digital art form. With a combination of artistic brilliance and technological processes it is possible to create superlative digital displays that are visually appealing.

2D-AnimationThe use of technological processes being integrated in animation studies it is desirable that candidates have clear concepts in principles of physics, mathematics, operating systems, and specific software. A candidate with a comprehensive knowledge of these subjects and innovative artistic capability is likely to be successful as an animator. With advancement of technology there has been a conscious development in processes and applications. Initially, 2D animation courses formed the basis of lessons in dynamic image creation. This has been accentuated by inception of 3D training course which adds a higher dimension to dynamic image creation.

Creations in 3-dimension are more appealing to the eye and have a much greater impact on viewers’ minds than 2-dimensional videos. Ideas of space, size and motion are essential for perfect picture making. With use of animated creatures, objects, and background the possibilities increase significantly to a graphic artist. These graphics have wide applications in image building for cinemas, ad films, and internet sites. To get more out of this three dimensional courses, a 3d Max course is a superior attempt. This is particularly beneficial for video and online game developers. 3d Max training is normally taught after you are thorough with 2D and 3D training schedules.

2D & 3D AnimationCareers in Animation

After successful completion of an animation course you are able to join in film making, advertisement sector, or information technology including games development. Games development is the newest opportunity for animators and is a true test of creativity and brilliance. With the option of online games development, the challenge has increased manifold. You have the autonomy of creating games as per your imagination catering to players of all ages.

Advertising sector offers a rewarding career to graphic animators. Here the challenge not only lies in the visual appeal of the output but also in the time utilized. As slots are tied in television channels, the most popular of all entertainment media, creating an impact within a restricted time of ten or twenty seconds requires superior creating ability. Advertising is not only limited to television, but also extends to web sites. This offers an exciting scope to graphic artists.

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Video editing is a rewarding career both in terms of creativity and monetary compensation. Video editors find employment opportunities in film production houses, broadcasting studios, and advertising agencies. These editors have an important role to play in creating the ultimate footage or film that is produced. Job of video editors has been simplified since the use of digital cameras for shooting. This being a specialized job requires you to go through a video editing course from a recognized institute.

Video-Editing-CourseChanging Profile

A video editor is responsible for the ultimate production that we view in a cinema hall or on television screen. Long hours are spent on viewing unedited versions by an editor before the final production is made. In reality, several shots are taken for a sequence keeping allowance for mistakes that might have taken place during a shoot. Earlier when films were taken with rolls, these editors has to sit literally with scissors cutting unwanted portions. The procedure was same for feature films, documentaries, television productions, and advertisement footages.

The job of a video editor has become simplified with usage of digital cameras for shooting. With digital shots, editing is easier as it is not longer necessary to use a pair of scissors for editing. Elimination of digitised portions is done conveniently without using any cutters. An editing course has likewise made changes in its training procedures. With usage of digitised equipments and advanced techniques, a video editor’s job though has become easier, has become more technical. Inclusion of sound effects is an integral part of a video editor’s job. At every level of editing it is essential to include sound effects in perfect synchronicity to a particular scene. Background score is also included during editing process of a film or advertisement production. This is essentially the aspect taught in a composting course. As video is a combination of sight and sound its editing involves thorough understanding of both.

The Beginning

Audio and Video Editing Course Video editing courses are offered as post graduate courses of at least two years. These are conducted by both government and private institutes. Leading cinema production houses and television channels also impart training in video editing. After completing a course in editing, a candidate ideally begins his career as an apprentice or assistant in broadcasting stations, production houses, and advertisement agencies. It is necessary to work as an assistant or apprentice for a considerable length of time for gaining experience. Experience is the key to become a successful video editor. With more experience you understand the intricacies and finer points of this trade. With talent and experience you could work your way up from an assistant to senior positions.

An established video editor also has the option of working independently. This allows you in working for any production house or broadcasting studio depending on your preference and choice. Advertising houses also offer exciting careers in editing, more so because of the online advertisements being made. These test the ingenuity of video editors to the limit as the target audience is focused and knowledgeable.

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In the second decade of the 21st century there has been a remarkable change in graphics and multimedia as observed in websites and web pages. Web designing has matured to become more functional rather than being just a visual delight. World Wide Web (WWW) offers graphic artists and multimedia creators a platform for innovating ideas and creating designs that transcend barriers and explore opportunities. An effective web designing course would help you in gaining the expertise in creating websites keeping in conformity with these latest patterns.

To stay updated, web designers need to explore and implement new trends and conGraphic Designingcepts that keep visitors attracted. In the last two years significant advancements were made on mobile web platforms, typography, coding techniques, and designing in general. In 2012 the stress is on making websites that are functional and trendy. The key areas of concern are:

HTML 5 and CSS3

Over the last few months graphic artists are using HTML 5 and CSS3 as never before. HTML 5 was particularly designed to release pressure on Flash but the latter has extraordinary features in creating outstanding designs. The beauty of HTML 5 is that it works equally effectively with all browsers such as Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome, and Safari. This language enables web developers greater flexibility in creating videos, audios, drawings and data.

CSS3 helps you in creating text shadows, box shadows, animated buttons, drop-down menus, transparent images, multiple backgrounds and many more such interesting features. CSS3 makes animation simple, easy and subtle.

Mobile Appliance Compatibility

Mobile appliance compatibility which began towards the end of last decade has gained momentum with more advanced mobile operating systems being integrated. Smartphones, tablets and cellular devices have increased the opportunities of graphic artists and web designers. Creating a complete site in conformity with any viewing medium is a veritable challenge for developers.

Touch Screen friendly designs

With more and more cellular devices having touch screen operations, it is esseimage of web desiging courses in pune at VEDAntial that services offered are accordingly capable. Designers and developers are attempting such functionalities in greater extents.

Colour Schemes 

Introduction of colour schemes in monotone is another new innovation of this year. Bright backgrounds in primary shades are catching the imagination of viewers and graphic artists alike. These not only make an image vibrant but inspiring. A very important aspect of these colour schemes is that they are kept simple. Instead of combination shades, monotones and primary colours are used.

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is a feature that is catching the fancy of viewers of websites and web pages. Here multiple images are arranged in layers and moved around a site at different speeds creating an impression of 3-dimensional movement. This is effectively done by using HTML 5, and CSS. Flash and JavaScript could also be used to create parallax scrolling.

These are some of the trends observed in graphics and multimedia designing for this year. Veda offers web designing course in Pune keeping in view these latest trends in mind.

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Career in animation is relatively new as compared to other traditional careers in manufacturing, services, or research. Animation is a combination of art and technologies wherein moving images are created in 2d and 3d to impress, educate, and entertain viewers and users. Animation involves creation of images from as simple as a leaves falling from a tress to a full fledged online computer game. The application of this from of creation is varied and its scope unlimited.

Animation is a specialised technique that is to be learnt in a proper manner from an animation college. VEDA is one such college that offers animation course in Pune, India. Through this course it attempts to teach students in areas of both 3d and 2d techniques enabling them to have a comprehensive knowledge about this subject. A full time study program leading to a Bachelor degree in animation is offered by VEDA. This institute offers full term 2d animation course in Pune and also extends its programs to 3d animation courses.

Scope of Animation of Indiaimage of bsc animation courses in pune at VEDA

After completing animation classes and acquiring a Bachelor’s degree, an animator could be absorbed in advertising, web designing, video making, editing, games development, and even in film industry. Special effects, which is now an important aspect of film making is a direct representation of 2d and 3d techniques as taught in animation courses.

Skills are taught by expert teachers and experienced professionals from different walks of animation industry. Students are thus exposed to the best of both academic and professional worlds before testing themselves. As these courses are hands-on the knowledge gained is appropriate to take on real life assignments. A thorough knowledge on animation techniques prepares the groundwork to take on actual assignments with ease. It helps students in building their confidence and prepare for tougher jobs.

Animation also allows freedom of expression in ways of visuals. It gives you the opportunity to express your ideas in the most fascination or weird forms. Successful animation often delves on the element of ‘shock’, and creative minds are breeding grounds for such type of ideas. Thus animation allows you to combine your creativity with technological brilliance.

Future of Animation in India and its Benefits 

Animation is an integral part of entertainment and ITES (information technology enabled services) industries. Candidates completing 2d and 3d animation classes successfully are in for a vast opportunity to test their skills and knowledge. Entertainment industry in India comprising films and television are among the leading in the world and a testing zone for aspiring animators. Use of special effects is gradually increasing in Indian films and television shows. Only trained animators are capable of creating fascinating special effects as we view on screens.

Apart from entertainment, advertising is one area where animation is used extensively. Most of the attractive commercials are handiwork of brilliant animation techniques. Both 2d and 3d techniques are used in creating television or web based commercials. Advertising is not only restricted to television but extends in a large way over the web. The internet is a platform for sharing information, images, videos, and messages among individuals throughout the globe. A successfully done web page animation is certain to attract millions of viewers from all over the world.

It is said that ‘A sketch is an outline of something, the groundwork of a picture.’ Whether it is a live sketch or a basic design, it is essentially the foundation of the whole picture. Just as painting would be lifeless without any colour, similarly, the world of animation will have a loose foundation without sketching.

Animation is the display of a sequence of images of 2-D or 3-D artwork that create an illusion of movement.  The most common method of presenting animation is as a motion picture or video program, although there are other methods.

Current tools for creating animation are extremely complex. This makes it difficult for designers to create animations Simple animation systems exist but severely restrict the types of motion that can be represented. Animation is a popular medium for entertainment, education, and communication.UG & PG Animation Degree

Sketching is an interesting, yet a powerful element of the entire designing process. Sketching is like a road-map for your journey towards a good design or basic frame on which your great design has to stand. Any creative process requires a lot of thinking and re-takes. Though we have discarded pen and paper for digital technology, the former is still the first step towards starting any creative process. Sketching as a function has slowly shifted to becoming a polishing tool. It gives the animator enough space for re-doing, altering and creating a rough product on paper. The final touches can be then worked on with the help of our latest technology.

VEDA  is an institute which provides us with the Fine arts knowledge , with the help of our very talented Ratan Gaikwad Sir. These lectures are held 5 days in a week for about an hour. It helps us to improve our sketching techniques and skills.

The sole purpose of the sketch is to guide our creative thinking towards our goal and don’t let it slip around in different (unwanted) directions. Sketch after sketch, the animator  improves and reaches  the final and the best layout for its design. This is an essential step in the design process. Although, you can create concepts on the computer as well, but sketching on paper is more effective and less complicated and manually it is faster too. Sketching lets one get all the obvious ideas out of the way and helps deliver more innovative concepts. There is no quicker method for exploring multiple visual solutions than manual sketching. Hand-drawn sketches play an important role in the field of digital arts. The larger a project is, and the more concepts a client will need to see, and so sketching will eventually end up even in the commercial process of animation  What one imagines is also put up on a paper.

An animator is required to have a keen eye for colour  sense , size, proportion ,perspective and visuals and regular sketching practice is the key to acquiring these skills. Whether one can sketch well or not need not matter. However, any designing process  whether fashion, architecture, graphics, interiors or moving on to 2D- 3D animation,  the pencil and paper are still the most powerful tools today. Hence I conclude by saying that sketching plays an important  and powerful medium in animation.Foundation of art 

Saniya  Motiwala
{B.Sc (MA) }

College Note :  This article is a part of students research project for university through the help of various medium like Internet , magazine , E-zine Articles, It has no commercial purpose of objective , College of Visual Effects,Design & Art hold no responsibilities for the subject matter, content , names, images or reference used for preparing this article. It is purely researched and produced / compiled by the individual student. 

Green Gold Academy of Animation (GGAA) part of Green Gold Animation, a successful producer of No.1 Indian TV cartoon series Chhota Bheem, announced the appointment of Tomasz Walczak as Chief Executive Officer of Green Gold Academy of Animation.Tomasz Walczak joins 2D & 3D AnimationGreen Gold Academy of Animation from Telemedia LLC a world’s leader in production of interactive TV Programs and premium telecommunication solutions provider. His success in growing companies through focused business strategy and solid execution made him the best choice for the position.Green Gold Academy of Animation has been founded in 2010, offers 1 year Diploma in 2D and 3D animation as well as specialization courses in Flash and Maya and Post Production and Digital BG painting courses.Green Gold Academy of Animation has been a talents catcher for its production house- Green Gold Animation, but with the constant success rate of Chhota Bheem series, Green Gold through it’s Academy of Animation would like to give the opportunity to youth to discover their creativity and teach them skills required by industries where artist-animator can contribute too.
Talking to Rajiv Chilaka, MD & Founder of Green Gold Animation shared, “Having Tomasz Walczak join our team is the next major step in evolution of Green Gold Academy of Animation. We have been cooperating with Tomasz Walczak since 2006, he knows Green Gold and its culture and therefore with his strong management and leadership skills he is an apt choice for the position of CEO of Green Gold Academy of Animation. We could not be happier with our choice.”60 students have already graduated from GGAA. Most of the students who have graduated so far have been placed in Green Gold Animation. The rest have either joined other Hyderabad Studios or have gone for higher studies.  GGAA gives 100% support to the students in placements, whether it’s their own studio or any other studio.

When asked about the faculty at GGAA Tomasz Walczak replied, “Our faculty is part of the current production team at Green Gold and has in-depth knowledge of the art and techniques used in animation. Our methodology is such that students on completion of the courses offered are industry ready to face the demands of the real world and are not limited by software alone. We also have guest lectures from various Production heads. All this is done under the able guidance of our Dean for the Academy, Ross Adorable who has over 30 years of experience in the field of animation”.

Prior to joining Telemedia LLC, Tomasz Walczak worked in the web development field during the Internet boom of early 2000’s.

2D & 3D AnimationAs for the future plans of GGAA Tomasz  asserts, “We plan to introduce more courses in Fine Arts, Photography, Video Editing, Music and Design apart from our 1 year diploma in 2D / 3D Animation, B.G Digital Painting, Post Production & Web and Graphic Design. We plan to team up with schools to add animation as a subject in the academic curriculum. We also plan weekend hobby courses for working people. We create unified program to develop better academy franchise program. We already have our GGAA franchise in Pune (VEDA) and Dehradun (ITM)”.

“The Creative Side of the Course”- animation and graphic designing 
If you like to play around, showing your creative spurts in the form of images, designs, sketches, and other related art forms, probably you are cut out for the creative field of animation and graphic designing. Mark my words, it is not easy to carve a niche in a creative field as you are always required to come up with newer and fresh ideas while experimenting comprehensively with animations, multimedia, audio/video, texts, still images and other interactive contents. Well if you want to master the skills of animation and graphic designing, choose a course in the same field. College of Visual Effects,Design & Art offers world class web, graphics designing and animation courses where you can explore new avenues of artistic abilities.
Scope for animation and graphics in India

Today, animation and multimedia is everywhere, becoming a part and parcel of our lives. Right from glossy magazines to newspapers, comics, and books to the electronic media among others, the application of graphics and animation is widespread. This increasing incorporation of these creative aspects produces strong evidence that the industry is expanding its boundaries. Demand of animation and multimedia professionals is also witnessing a hike. India is also flowing in this same stream where you can find a thriving market for the   animation and graphic designing industry with innumerable options promising exceptionally lucrative career coupled with continued growth.

Areas covered in an animation and graphics course

The fields of animation and graphics call for people who possess the gift creativity and inventiveness and have an arty mind carve and know no boundary when it comes to experimenting. Animation and graphic designing courses are relevant for the following industries

  • Web design
  • 2D and 3D animation
  • Editing and Compositing courses
  • Architectural design
  • Video Production
  • Digital video
  • Storyboards
A rewarding career option

Since the modern business world is heavily dependent on computers and the internet technology in particular, for reaching out to their target audiences, online marketers are laying great stress on having their own company website to attain maximum global exposure. Websites are indispensible for an online business as it gives a fair chance to develop a strong presence through the vast World Wide Web. To create a successful website, it is essential to learn the ins and outs of web and graphic designing. College of Visual Effects,Design & Art offers professional web and graphic designing courses that will help you in exercising creativity and freedom for devising ‘out-of-the-box’ graphics.
Graphics and animation are considered powerful communication tools that convey an intended Media Graphics professionalmessage through ground breaking ways. With the advancement of the media, advertising and marketing industries, demand for professional animators and graphic designers has visibly shot up. Even the film industry is reaping full advantage of the advanced 2D and 3d animation techniques in the form of closer-to-life cartoon films. Animation is flourishing big time with the support of the gaming industry. If you wish to become a professional animator or graphic designer, consider undergoing training from industry professionals focusing both on the theoretical and practical aspects of the course. Career as a web or graphic designer or an animator is indeed a rewarding one where you will be able to express your true love for art and College of Visual Effects,Design & Art will fuel it further with their “state-of-the-art” training courses.