UG & PG Animation DegreeRumours are that Pixar is going to make an Animation movie on Star Wars. This epic film will be jointly made by Disney, Pixar and LucasFilm. Audiences are waiting forthis movie and given that pixar takes 2-3 years to make a movie, viewers can expect its film release in sometime.

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Rio 2096 : A Story of Love and Fury

UG & PG Animation DegreeRio 2096: A Story of Love and Fury, has won Annecy Award and is also nominated in the category of Best Animated Feature. Debut director Luiz Bolognesi shares his experience of making this million dollar Brazilian movie in a candid interview. 

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‘Ernest & Celestine’


UG & PG Animation DegreeDidier Brunner does it again! His “Ernest & Célestine” is up against top American animation studios like Pixar, Disney and DreamWorks at Oscars. The characters of the film were created by Belgian artist Gabrielle Vincent. Brunner has the habit of being the underdog and hopes to beat them this time at Oscars.

Watch ‘Ernest & Celestine Official Trailer

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Frozen Wins Golden Globe Award

Foundation of art Disney film “Frozen” won multiple awards on film festivals. This animated musical won the hearts of children and adults alike. Golden Globe award in the category of Best Animated Film was won by Frozen.

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Watch Official trailer – Frozen



NACT – Film Award 2013


Animation Film Festival 2013

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Video-Editing-CourseNational Academy of Cinema and Television (NACT) Association has attained name and fame in providing technical training across National and International level since 2007 in the field of film and television. This association is successfully training students from India and also across the globe. Trained students are delightfully serving in films and in television.

The main intent of the association to conduct “Animation Film Festival 2013” is, to highlight India’s multi-language, multi-culture, spiritual customs, life style and also to set a platform for budding talents!

National Level Short film Animation Film festival Award 2013 is cordially inviting India’s fresh producers, directors, technicians and the students of Animation Film to participate in the competition.

Student Animation films (produced and directed by students)
• Children Related
• Scientific Related
• Social awareness
• Comedy
• Entertainment

Animation film categories:
• Best Animation Film
• Second Best Animation Film
• Third Best Animation Film
• Best Animation Film Modeling
• Best Animation Film Graphics
• Best Animation Film Direction
• Best Animation Film Special Effects

Duration: Not more than 15 minutes
Submissions: A minimum of 3 photographs of your working location (size- 3X6)
Prizes: Certificate, Medal, Trophy and cash prize for finalists
Format: DVD (PAL)
Last Date for entries: 21st October 2013

Nuke For sending entries, please fill the application form.
Contact details:
Address- National Academy of Cinema and Television
#389, Kempegodwa Layout, Outer Ring Road, Laggere
Bengaluru – 560058
(Towards Sumanahalli, Dr. Rajkumar punyaboomi and Kanteerava studio)
Phone- 080-32469070, 09901546474, 09741315777
Submission Fee: Rs. 1000
Validity of Films: Only films produced in 2012-2013 calendar are eligible for submission.

For more information, go to:

So this is the chance for all you creative guys, to show your talent.



How many of you think Winter as your favourite season? During the time of winter, in some parts, we can see this amazing thing called ice.  On that note, Disney has released its latest musical 3D animation film called “Frozen”  in this winter. Lets have a look, what this film is all about.

2D & 3D AnimationFrozen, co-directed by Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck of Surf’s Up fame is blows a cold breeze into the viewers. The amazing voices of  Idina Menzel of Brodway fame, Kristen Bell, Josh Gad, Santino Fontana and Jonathan Groff gave a new dimension to the musical musical. The songs were well written and scored by Christophe Beck bringing an innovative sound to the fore. The story which is inspired from the “The Snow Queen” by Hans Christian Andersen, was well framed by Shane Morris along with the directors.

The story runs around two princesses who are the main protagonists of the film. They are the best sisters in their childhood but get separated as it is known that the older one possesses special powers that she can turn things to ice, she was locked up in a castle. The plot revolves around them and in bringing  them together by restoring order in the kingdom. The other characters help them in the journey including the ice guy and the nice guy. There are also two funny sidekicks in the film as Olaf and Sven and their enactment add new colors in the movie and they reminds us of the best jovial characters in the history of the Disney animation. All of them get together to fight the odds and bring back happiness to the land. The plot does have the old concept of reuniting of the separated siblings but the story has many twists and turns. To free the people from this harsh spell of eternal winter, they must rescue Elsa who is falsely convicted as a witch.

The dialogues in the film like “Let the storm rage! The cold never bothered me anyway” gives an impression that they were written with a lot of thoughtfulness. There are also many funny anecdotes like “I can’t feel my legs!…But those are my legs”. There is also a big snow monster who threatens their lives. There is also a lot of mix-up between the four characters as they find their way through the castle – the hideaway of Elsa. Then, starts the roller-coaster ride , where they encounter blizzard, fight the Duke’s men and Hans who wants to get the throne.

UG & PG Animation DegreeThe ice, snow particles and blizzard shown in the film made with the help of visual effects were really breathtaking and provided never-seen-before visuals for the audience. The ice castle puts a new feather in the caps of Disney and VFX industry for such an enthralling output.  Technical Director Stella Hsin-Huei Cheng and VFX Supervisor Steve Goldberg did a commendable job with this really challenging film.

But, only one thing can solve this mystery. What is that? You have to watch the movie for that and do share your views after watching it.

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2D & 3D AnimationThe year of 2013 is coming to an end! This year saw the release of many anticipated and breathtaking animation films. 2013 saw a plethora of good 3D animation films as very few 2D films of genuine content and storytelling released during this year. The animation industry saw a surge as good films were made in all over the world in diverse forms and languages. So, here is a list of the best 10 movies in animation among the whole list.

You can give you own reviews about the films and also share your list of top 10 animation films. Therefore, the list goes like this:



Planes was the third film from the stable of highly successful Cars franchisee. The idea of taking every popular public transport mode on earth and telling a enchanting story around them has been a great success for Pixar. The setup of fighters planes during the timeline of world wars gives a cinematic edge to the film. It fared average at the box-office but a sequel, maybe with modern jumbo jets is what the audience will be looking from this series.

Watch Planes Trailer


The idea of a super-fast snail is really innovative and eye-catching. Ryan Reynolds gave the voice -over of the snail whose
ultimate aim is of winning the Indy 500 racing event. The visual effects is the film were fabulous and never-before-seen. The film also had an enviable supporting cast including Ken Jeong, Paul Giamatti and Samuel L. Jackson. This was a real surprise for the animation lovers this year.

Watch Turbo Trailer


Despicable Me 2

M.A. in Multimedia Animation The story of a villain who is funny and good at heart at the same time, has really catch on with the audience as this movie is really doing good business in the market. Gru who has taken on himself to raise three orphaned girls and has taken over the world in his stride to accomplish the task. The thing that this franchisee has given to the world are minions. These minions get more importance in this film and characters are created out of them.

Watch Despicable Me 2



Disney has come up with another classic film from its kitty. The story is taken from a short which is based on a Nordic fable. A princess possess the quality that whatever she touches turns into ice and snow. This causes much despair for the people of kingdom and she flees into the wild. Her sister, who cares about her, begins a journey to find her. She is helped by the ice guy and snowman in this venture to fight against the odds like snow monster and kinsmen.

Watch Frozen Trailer


Monsters University

Monster University was definitely the funniest among the animation horror genre. The plot of monsters staying and studying together gives the viewers something funny to look forward to. The monsters in various shapes and sizes pitted against each other gives this one a feel of a college film. The Mike and Sully will something that the people will be looking forward to in this movie. So, do watch the movie to see, what they are up to.

Watch Monster University Tailer



The Croods

This film will be remembered for a long time for many reasons and one of them being characterization. The characters were brought to life like never before by the voice over artists. One among them deserves special mention and without whom the film would not have been a success is Nicolas Cage. The story of the cave men and women was laugh riot. The histrionics of the granny also added to it. The visuals in the film were really grand and reminds us of The Lion King. The theme of generation gap was told with humour.

Watch The Croods Trailer


The Smurfs 2

UG & PG Animation DegreePlanes was the third film from the stable of highly successful Cars franchisee. The idea of taking every popular public transport mode on earth and telling a enchanting story around them has been a great success for Pixar. The setup of fighters planes during the timeline of world wars gives a cinematic edge to the film. It fared average at the box-office but a sequel, maybe with modern jumbo jets is what the audience will be looking from this series.

Watch The Smurfs 2 Trailer



Epic is a fantasy story about the prince and princesses. The story is a must watch for kids as it has many twists and turns in its story telling. The numerous characters in the films and the detailing that went through in creating them deserves a thumps up. This has surely taken animation to a whole new level. The moral of the story and the message that the director wanted to give to the viwers is commendable. The name “Epic” does goes in with the film.

Watch Epic Trailer


Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

The film that took everyone by surprise with its unique story line was obviously “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” and the people were waiting for more of those menacing foods and snacks. So, the creators had every reason to take this film to a whole new level. The story set up in a small town also get the directors a chance to broaden up their options and give them a more grand shape. People are waiting for more of those villainous eatables.

Watch Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 Trailer



Planes was the third film from the stable of highly successful Cars franchisee. The idea of taking every popular public transport mode on earth and telling a enchanting story around them has been a great success for Pixar. The setup of fighters planes during the timeline of world wars gives a cinematic edge to the film. It fared average at the box-office but a sequel, maybe with modern jumbo jets is what the audience will be looking from this series.

Watch Metegol Trailer


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Top 10 Film Editors in the world

Top Film Editors of world

There is not a person in the world who does not like to like films and the person who is responsible for bringing the visuals of the director into real effect for the audience is the film editor. He is the real architect of the film who defines the real flow of the story and corrects the flaws that was committed in the production process. He is also the person that the director trusts for giving the life to his idea of the film. Cut, continuity editing, dissolve, fade, establishing shot, crane Shot, dolly Shot, final cut and many more are the terms that every film editor is synonymous with.

image of bsc animation courses in pune at VEDANow, Let us hear what the great editor Walter Murch has to say about the art; “Film editing is now something almost everyone can do at a simple level and enjoy it, but to take it to a higher level requires the same dedication and persistence that any art form does.”

Here is the list of the top 10 film editors in the contemporary world. You can choose your favorites.

dede allen

Dede Allen: One of the most famous woman film editors in Hollywood. Allen is credited in some classic films like The Hustler (1961), Bonnie and Clyde (1967), Dog Day Afternoon (1975), Reds (1982) and The Breakfast Club (1985). She was a member of the Board of Governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.


Thelma Schoonmaker: Thelma is considered one of Martin Scorsese favorites and has worked in over 40 films with him. She had been nominated for the Oscars 7 nominations and has won in 3 occasions in the films Raging Bull (1980), The Aviator (2004) and The Departed (2006).


Michael Kahn: He is one who has who has worked in both the medium of television and film with equal success. He has collaborated with the great Steven Spielberg many times and has won the most Oscars that are 3 in best film editing category.


Arthur Schmidt: The son of an also eminent film editor, Arthur has worked in over 27 films but most with Robert Zemeckis of Back to the Future fame. His filmography includes films like Coal Miner’s Daughter (1980), Back to the Future (1985), Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988), Forrest Gump (1994), Last of the Mohicans (1992) and Cast Away (2000).


Dylan Tichenor: One of the new age film editors, Dylan Tichenor is worked in some famous films such as The Player (1992), Jazz ’34 (1996), Boogie Nights (1997), Brokeback Mountain (2005) and There Will Be Blood (2007).


Pietro Scalia: An Italian-American Nuke Pietro who learned direction at ULCA, later became on e of the well known film editor in Hollywood. He has edited films like Little Buddha (1993), The Quick and the Dead (1995), Stealing Beauty (1996), Good Will Hunting (1997) and Gladiator (2000). He also won the Oscar for Black Hawk Down by director Ridley Scott in 2001.


Curtiss Clayton: An editor who has also donned the hat of a director; Curtiss Clayton has worked on films Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988), Rick (2003) and The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007).


Richard Francis-Bruce: Another father-son duo who had followed the same profession. Australian Richard has worked with Miller in many of his films including The Dismissal (1983), Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome (1985), The Witches of Eastwick (1987) and Lorenzo’s Oil (1992).


James Haygood: James entered in the business first by working in various television commercials and music videos. He later edited some famous films like The Game (1997), Panic Room (2002), Where the Wild Things Are (2009) and TRON: Legacy (2010).

Walter Murch

Walter Murch: One of the most celebrated and recognized film editor and sound designer, Walter Murch is credited to have taken the art of film editing to a new level. The only film editor who have been nominated for the Oscars in four different systems; he has worked in cult movies like Julia (1977), The Godfather (1972), Apocalypse Now (1979), Ghost (1990), The English Patient (1996) and Cold Mountain (2003).

After knowing about the craft and the real masters in the field, you must be thinking of taking the plunge of becoming a film editor. Now, let me tell you that one should only take the task if the person about it and would love to make and edit films. You need patience and persistence to excel in the field as it takes time for results to take shape.

We at VEDA are offering our flagship course in post-production teaching audio and video editing where you will learn all the other tricks involved to make a film. We provide online video editing courses using the latest software used in the film editing process in our state-of-the-art studio.

Maya We also provide training in the field for everyone wanting to know: what is video editing? There is a huge scope in this career of film editing and the industry is highly short of video and film editors. As one of the leading film-editing institutes, we wish to create the best video-editors in the country.

To know more about our Diploma in Post-Production, go to our Courses page.

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Career in Video and Audio Editing

animation film making process

Nuke We love to see animated feature films on the big screen and enjoy the activities of our favorite cartoon characters but have you ever wondered how designers create animated films? An animation film making process is very complicated and quite challenging. Different types of professionals work in the entire film making process to bring life to artistic imaginations. From drawing sketches and creating 3D models to texturing and rigging, an array of professionals handles the different departments.

Different film production companies hire hundreds of 2D and 3D animators every year. The career in animation film making is extremely bright and anyone with a passion for creativity and a brain full of imagination can join this business. However, you must join a proper institute like Veda to sharpen your skills and then enter the professional world of visual wizards.

Let me share with you the animation film making process step-by-step along with the career possibilities in these areas.

Pre Production

Story boarding – It helps in the development of the storyline. Story boarding looks like a cartoon strip describing the film scene by scene. Designers often add text notes with story board to suggest camera movements, pause, zoom etc. so that animators can work accordingly. In short, you can call it the guidebook of any animation film. People with degree in drawing can work as story board artists.

Layouts – Once the storyboard is finalized, it goes to the layout department and artists work with the director to conceptualize the costumes and locations. Then they start creating scenes showing the position of characters in each scene.

Model sheets – It is the group of pictures that show the different postures of a character of a film. It highlights the characteristic details of the entire cast. Once model sheets are created in 2D, it is sent to the modeling department so that during the production phase, they can build the 3D models properly.

Animatics – To give the idea of motion and timing, the pre-visualization team within the VFX department designs simplified mock ups. These mock ups are called animatics. It helps the director plan the special effect sequences in the film.

Maya Production

Modeling – Modelers are generally divided into two different teams. While one team develops characters in 3D, the other creates the architectural background. They create things like weapons and buildings. They work closely with technical animators and add skeleton and skin to the models.

Texturing – Texturing artists add shades and textures to the scenes of the film and they transform the 3D models into life-like creatures.

Lighting – Lights set the mood and believability of a scene and lighting experts decide how to bring together all the elements created by the artists. They organize effects, camera movements and textures to make the entire scene more believable.

Rigging – It refers to the process of adding bones to the characters and defining their muscle movements. To be precise, rigging experts add flexibility to a lifeless model and make it act like a human being.

Animation – Animators add soul to the 3D objects. They make them do all the actions depicted in the story board and create the film frame by frame. The effects team also works with the animators to add visual effects in films. They add elements like smoke, dust and water to the scenes as per the requirement of the story. Our visual effects course is perfect for those who want to have a bright career in animation.

Post production

Compositing – The composition team brings together all the elements created by the previous teams to create the final rendered image and make it ready for the film.

Sound editing – This department manages the audio mixing and lip syncing and also adds the necessary sound effects for the movie. We offer audio editing course at Veda to help our students learn the process of sound editing.

Video editing – Video editors organize the shots one by one to maintain cinematic flow and remove unwanted clips to maintain the flow in storyline. Veda’s video editing courses can help you learn this process with great detail and you can join an animation film production company as a video editing expert.

2D & 3D AnimationMore or less, the 2D and 3D animation film production process is the same. Though there are no 3D modeling in 2D animated films, rest of the process is the same considering the same core rules are followed in both cases. At Veda, we offer both 2D and 3D animation courses to our students and help them enter the world of animation.

Come join us today and shape up your future.

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History of Spiderman
History of Spider Man

When you think of the term “your friendly neighborhood”, which fictional character comes to your mind?

It’s Spider Man, right?

2D & 3D AnimationHe is one of the few super heroes to be created way back in the 60’s but still enjoying immense popularity in the second decade of the 21st century. From comic books and animated shorts to full length 3D animation and special effects-rich films, this web throwing young boy has always received audience’s appreciation.

The first Spider Man animation movie was made in the year 2002 and considering the technologies available at that time, the filmmakers did a great work. The visual effects team was supervised by John Dykstra who computer generated many of the spectacular scenes. The specialty of this Spider Man movie was that animators maintained the emotional tone of the characters even in the special effects-enriched scenes. Since the main two characters, Peter Parker and Green Goblin, both wore masks in the confrontation scenes, they used advanced technologies to heighten the emotional quotient of their body language and eyes.
The Spider Man 2 came in the year 2004 and it showed us what 3D animation was capable of. The first movie had increased expectations and Dykstra professionally lived up to that. Technologies like Blender 3D and CGI played a huge role in the animation. The main 3D animation software used in the film was Maya though. Almost 600 computer generated shots were created using Maya. The character of Doc Ock was created using Maya’s cutting edge modeling technology.

Spider Man 3 was the third and last film of this epic trilogy and the animation department of this film was supervised by Scott Stokdyk. Some of the softwares used by the special effects team were MAXON’s BodyPaint 3D and CINEMA 4D. They created CGI 3D models of villains and drew the environment so beautifully that all the action scenes seemed perfectly realistic.

This 3 film series was directed by Sam Raimi and after a gap of 5 years, in the year 2012, a new Spider Man movie was released. This new film was named The Amazing Spider Man and it also earned millions of dollars at the box office and viewers praised its animation effects. The film was directed by Marc Webb while the VFX team was managed by Jerome Chen. The Amazing Spider Man showed the true potential of 3D animation. The computer generated lizard is a testimony of the film’s animators’ expertise.Maya

However, animation movies are not the only medium that can be credited with bringing this super hero to life. With every installment of the Spider Man film franchisee, a new game had been released, which enjoyed blockbuster success. Most of the games were released for PlayStation and Xbox gaming consoles. Game designers paid rapt attention to every small detail and maintained fluidity in the movement of the characters to make sure players had an ultimate gaming experience.

Budding animators love to watch the Spider Man films and games and they should because watching any film or Spider Man game can help you learn a lot about animatronics. Being a reputed animation institute, we encourage our students to watch high quality latest animated films and games so that they can brush up their skills and be a better animator in future.

To know more about our teaching methods and other relevant details, check out her FAQ: Courses page.

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