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There is a recent trend among animation students to go for degree courses in animation rather than private certificates from autonomous bodies and private institutes. Top studios and MNCs which are venturing into animation are only looking for graduate and post-graduate candidates for the companies as it helps in further career development and also justifies their job profile.

image of bsc animation courses in pune at VEDA These are the some of the important points that you must follow before taking admission for degree in animation or before considering any animation degree course from a college.

1. Eligibility: You must pass 10+2 to get admission in any animation degree. In addition to it the courses in animation are also open for candidates who have completed Govt. recognized diplomas of 2 years (like polytechnic, ITI, etc.). So check if your eligible qualification matches the requirement of animation degree colleges or no before you enroll. Some colleges may consider drawing or fine art background as one of the mandatory requirement for their animation degree.

2. University: You should always verify the authenticity of the university that is offering the Animation degree through its various study centres. Do go to the University Grants Commission –


UGC website

–  and see if the University is enlisted in the website or it is in the Fake Universities section. Private animation Institutes have also mushroomed in all the cities but they do not offer any value to the degree as their status is like an autonomous coaching class. Beware from such traps before you consider your degree in animation.

You can check the website of Colleges offering animation degree which are recognized by a U.G.C. approved university.

 3. Duration of degree: All the Animation degrees offered as bachelor programe are of 3 years duration. Similarly, the post-graduate degrees in Animation ( PG in Animation) are of 2 years duration. The diplomas and certificates courses offered by Universities are of 1 to 2 years duration.

It depends on you to consider time in hand first, before you choose your animation degree course.

 4. Curriculum: The goal of doing Animation degree of 3 years is to get complete knowledge on the subject and animation pipeline. The acquired knowledge will further enable you to go for higher post-graduate degrees in Animation. The subject of Animation is practical – based as the students need to work in studios after getting jobs. You must take a look on the curriculum offered in the Animation degrees courses. The syllabus should be practical-oriented with theory portions for only understanding concepts. Like our B.Sc. in Animation program the curriculum should have a perfect blend of theory and practical part of animation movie life cycle. 5.Fees: The fees in the Animation degree colleges includes the University fees and the fees taken by the respective study centres providing the courses. Students should go through the fees structure thoroughly and accept it only when it seems justifiable. Now, the students must have got a clear idea of how to choose a University recognised degree in Animation from Animation degree colleges. VEDA as an Animation degree college offers degree courses in Animation i.e. B.Sc. in Media Graphics and Animation  and post-graduate (masters) in Animation i.e. M.A. in Multimedia.

The article named Review-Institute of Arena Animation Academy

Note : The aim and objective of this article is to present personal reviews on various private and recognized animation institutes and colleges of India. This article in no case advocate or criticize any animation institute mentioned here.

M.A. in Multimedia Animation Arena Animation: an Introduction – According to the official website of arena animation , it is an educational arm of Aptech Ltd. Mainly for animation , web designing , VFX and multimedia education. The institute further claims that it has trained more than 4 lakh students in animation and multimedia sector.  Arena animation was one of the first few institutes who started multimedia and animation education in the country but now there are many autonomous and university affiliated animation colleges available around us.

Arena Multimedia to Arena Animation – When Arena started its operation; animation was not so known in India so Arena started with the name of Arena Multimedia, but now Arena Multimedia is known by the name of Arena Animation Academy.

Arena Animation network – Over past 17 years, Arena Animation has opened branches in various cities of India. Arena Animation Academy works mainly on franchisee based model. These franchisee partners recruit their own staff to teach subjects like animation, multimedia, etc. to students who take admission in its institute.

image of bsc animation courses in pune at VEDAArena Animation Course – Arena Animation being an autonomous body, runs various short term and long term courses through its many franchisee. Students who wish to do courses in graphic design , web design , animation , vfx  and gaming, take admission in various Arena Animation centers of the country. Similar to all other private animation academies, Arena Animation offers private certificates to the students.

Candidates who seek university affiliated Animation degree or courses can also search for animation colleges in their own cities and towns.

Arena Animation in Pune – Like all other cities in India , Arena Animation has its franchisee centers in Pune too. There are 7 Arena Animation centers in the city. Students of Pune city and its outskirts, who wish to seek private training in animation – join these Arena Animation in Pune centers.  As per the website of Arena Animation Academy, there are centres in  Chinchwad-Akurdi, Pimpri, Tilak Road, Wanawadi, Bund Garden, Ambegaon (Badruk) and Kharadi.

Options other than Arena Animation – As we know nowadays, internet has grown manifold and all information is available on our finger tips. Smart students look and search for genuine animation institutes before taking any decision. The recent popular trend in student community is choosing animation and multimedia degree courses than private certificates. Students after 10+2 apply for B.Sc. in Media Graphics and Animation degree course. VEDA being a university affiliated institute, offers only graduate degrees and post-graduate degrees in animation and multimedia .

VFX as a Career

Visual Effects is slowly becoming one of the biggest industry on its own. These days, no movies are made with regular budget without the use of VFX. VFX artists are in huge demand in the market more than ever. You need a professional degree in Visual effects to make a career in the this exciting field. To know more, read this blog.VFX

UG & PG Animation DegreeAre you creative at heart and do not want to join traditional jobs, then, animation is the field for you. Animation is an exciting and fun profession and this century is considered the age of entertainment and animation. Animation market value is in billions and you have a huge opportunity in the industry.

Learn Animation and prepare yourself for a thrilling Career in Animation and Multimedia

To know more, read this blog.

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2D-AnimationVEDA had organised a seminar on the art of animation. It was conducted by Mr. Nikhil Mhaisane, Art Director of Gurgaon-based advertisement firm River India. He discussed about the art of animation, principles used in making animation film. He also shared the secrets of making an art stand out. He also interacted with the students and answered to their queries. He showcased his work for the industry which was inspiring for the students.
Nikhil Mhaisane said that he found that the students of VEDA were talented and liked interacting with them. Sugam Kher, an ADWD student said,”It was one of the best and most unexpected seminar. I was lucky to attend it and had an honour to meet a great personality in animation.”

Clay Animation

Did you always have the hobby of making dolls or puppets and play with them. You have high interest in anything that is related to art and crafts. You always gift a hand-UG & PG Animation Degreemade card designed by yourself to your dear and loved ones for that special occasion. You ended up making beautiful castles and objects out of clay on every time you go to a beach for holiday. You never forget to switch on the television to watch the Wallace and Gromit flicks and the art and craft shows. Then, Clay Animation is your forte and it should be your right career choice.

Before you make the career choice; you should know – what clay animation is all about and what prospects it has to offer for everyone. So, let us give you a brief introduction about clay animation.

What is Clay Animation?
In simple words, clay animation is the art of animating clay models. Sometimes, it is also refereed as Claymation. Though, it is referred as Claymation; clay has been replaced by plasticine. Plasticine is modern brand of modeling clay which is used for sculpting purposes. It is soft, non-toxic and does not dry up on exposure to air. These qualities help in the sculpting process of the models. The animating process involves making sets, props and models. They are then designed and the animators use them to tell a story through action. Still photos are taken for each action and then the photo frames are run at a rate of more than 12 frames per second to create an animating illusion. Later, they are edited to add some effects to enhance the film.

Many Job Profiles:
• Art Director
• Storyboard Supervisor
• Prop Designer
• Storyboard Artist
• Set Designer
• Character Designer
• Scenic Artist
• Set Dresser
• Puppet Maker
• Set Builder

Remunerations available:
There will be a sharp increase in the wage of clay animators in the coming days. It will witness a growth of about 14% in 5 years which is 3% more than the last fiscal. Clay animators working in some big studios like Aardman earn a salary of $ 100,000 in a year. Other studios in Europe and Canada play their employers a mean salary of around $ 85,000.

The pay scale for Indian clay animators is not such high. But, recently some productions houses have shown interest and hiring skilled employers. They prefer candidates from fine arts background and with a bachelor’s degree with a few years experience in animation.

Indian animation has a great future as famous clay animator, Dhimant Vyas says, “Very optimistic!! We will have more and more films done in this medium and there will be Indian clay animation film in international market.”

Clay Animation Market:
The market for clay animation is increasing at a steady rate. It is unlike any other animation market. The market for clay animation films along with other job opportunities for artists to grow at a rate of around 11% along in the next 10 years. It has not yet reached its true potential as is evident in the words of Linda Simensky, Director of Animation for Nickelodeon “I think there is a general belief in the animation community that clay is just at the beginning as a medium.”

M.A. in Multimedia Animation The Indian scene has seen a huge boost after the success of Taare Zameen Par. Clay animation was used extensively inside the film and the credits, which garnered a positive response. It has further helped in generating interests about it among the children and youngsters. Many workshops are organized for them to learn more about this art. There is scope in mediums like films, serials and television commercials.

Now, after learning so much about the art and its bright future; you may be wondering who will guide you and where you can acquire proper training in this regard. You will happy to know to know that we provide such training. VEDA arranges workshops and classes about claymation. You can learn about the expertise needed to make a clay animation movie. We also provide software and studio facilities and all available infrastructures to bring out the clay animator hidden within you.

To enroll for it, go to our Courses page.

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College of Visual Effects,Design & Art (VEDA) held a seminar at the Ness Wadia College of Commerce  on Saturday, December 21. The seminar was held to introduce the students with the world of animation & visual effects and make them aware of the various scopes and job opportunities in this field. Shri Rishi Aacharya presided over the event in the presence of  Vice Principal Shri S.D. Pandit. After felicitation, the students were shown an informative presentation about this domain. More than 100 students attended the event and many showed interest in it and wanted to learn more about this new vocabulary.

Responsive Website Design and CSS 3

One of the most exciting jobs in our times is that of a web designer. As we are living in the age of internet and there are a hundred of websites being developed every hour, the opportunity in this profession is immense. The job of a web designer is to primarily design a web page and the added web interfaces to make it more user-friendly. Now, if you spend half our day on the internet and wish to design a website for your personal and commercial purpose, then go for it.

But before that, let me tell you something about web design and the various tools used for it like CSS.

Something about Web Design and CSS
Business Dictionary states web design as the task of designing HTML driven web pages to be displayed over the World Wide Web. It also encompasses a number of important elements such as color, layout and overall graphical appearance. It also considers the audience, function and traffic to specific sections while designing the site.

image of web desiging courses in pune at VEDAWebsite design is mainly about the creation of web pages which are part of a site using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and many other modern web languages. It consists of all the design elements like line, shape, texture and color. This helps to give an aesthetically pleasant and striking look for the website.

Cascading Style Sheets or CSS helps you to control the layout and some other features. CSS tags or properties make it easy for the users to look and feel the style of the pages. It is designed primarily to separate the identities of the document content for the web page and the different elements used in it.

Avenues to work for
• User Experience Designer
• Senior Graphic Designer
• Web Designer
• Front End Developer
• Digital Designer
• Interactive Designer
• Web Designer
• Junior Developer
• WordPress designer
• UI Designer
• Creative Designer
• Mobile Design Team Lead

Returns in this field
The major advantage of working in this field is that there is a huge market for freelance workers. For any upcoming industry, there is a huge gap between experience and new designers. There is a huge prospect for newcomers as there is work in plethora. According to the annual AIGA Survey which is considered as the most comprehensive report of the website design industry, the average pay for web designers in 2012 was around $ 75,000, which was an increase of 7.2 percent over last year. The web designers working at managerial capacity like creative directors, etc. command salaries around $125,000.

The Indian scenario is witnessing a recent surge in terms of salary. Whereas an intern earns around Rs. 144,000 but a candidate with experience of over five years in the field can easily command a salary of 15, 00,000 or above.

The Market scenario
The web design industry is now dominated by many small players and they take on few projects on cost-effective ways. They are doing a good job as the industry estimates their revenue of more than $ 1 million. But the market will witness a sea change and more and more small agencies will give way to large firms. In the next 2 to 3 years, these firms will provide for user-centric and technology prowess provided by today’s interactive agencies. They will build on new strategies where theses traditional advertisement agencies will look to deliver products rich in content and integrated connectivity. The industry is estimated to grow at a range of more than 25% in the next five to ten years.

image of web desiging courses in pune at VEDAAfter knowing about the website design industry and its huge potential, you want to be part of it. You also wish to learn more about web design and how you can create the most attractive and interactive websites using the different tools available. To do so, you have to learn the software and programming languages used for making a website. You also need to learn about the different design principles that goes on to make the most effective and user-friendly websites for web and also mobile applications.

To know more, go to our Diploma in Web Design page.

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Stop Motion Animation: The Real Illusion of eyes

Stop Motion Animation

Stop Motion Animation

You consider yourself a creative person and wish to make film making your career choice. You also love animation and wish to get a degree in animation. That will land you with a ob in an animation studio and you can also work as a freelancer to it possess a creative mind in the love animation and drawing. You gave grown up watching the animated serials like Gumpy and Waalace and Gomit broadcasted on television channels like cartoon network and pogo. You scribble those characters and create your own out of imagination in your home and love to make your hands dirty by creative this dolls and figures. You also wish to make it large in the animation industry like Nick Park and other big animators.

UG & PG Animation DegreeBut before you take a decision, you need to know about the art and how it is fairing also about its market presence.

Stop motion animation
Stop motion animation is a technique where an object is moved in small increments between individually photographed frames, creating the illusion of movement when the series of frames is played as a continuous sequence. Characters with movable joints or clay figures are often used in stop motion for their ease of repositioning. Not all stop motion requires figures or models; many stop motion films can involve using humans, household appliances and other things for comedic effect. Stop motion using objects is sometimes referred to as object animation. Stop motion is a broad term which includes specific elements like clay animation, sand animation and paper animation.

Different Avenues
• Visual effects artist
• Freelance designer
• Rigging artist
• Story Broad Artist
• Visualiser
• Rotoscopy artist
• Character designer
• 2D artist
• Web designer
• Multimedia artist
• 3D modeler

Remunerations available:
Stop motion animators netted a mean salary of $62,000. The bottom group of stop motion animators made $32,000, and the animators in the class that was the best paid earned about $99,000 each year. Five states that had the highest annual salaries included many American states like California, New York, Oregon, District of Columbia, and Connecticut.

They make a mean salary of Rs. 35,000 a month, and stop motion animators that live in the Delhi and Mumbai area specifically make the hugest mean national salary. This is an upcoming field and opportunities are huge.

Market scenario
A craze on the internet is animating with clay figures on public video sites. They are often simple, bordering on “freeform”, but effective. Some barely have a face, but the comedic or violence proportions exceeding those of conventional clay puppets, with grisly crime scenes riddled by clay gunfire and hapless victims falling in a sniper’s cross hairs. The comedy helps the viewer enjoy the animation without noticing the simplicity of the clay puppet. Many younger people begin their experiments in movie making with stop motion, thanks to the ease of modern stop motion software and online video publishing. Many new stop motion shorts use new techniques to showcase their art.

M.A. in Multimedia Animation Now, after knowing so much about stop motion animation: you may be waiting when you will make a stop motion animation film. In this regard Veda can help you. VEDA offers a plethora of courses in all forms of animation such as 2D animation, 3D animation and stop motion animation.

To know more, go to our Courses page

VFXThe government of India will be setting up a gaming college in collaboration with the country of Japan. The “National Centre for Animation, VFX and Gaming” is slated to come up in a cost of around 52 crores at Mohali in Punjab. The college will be presenting garduation and post-graduation courses in gaming, animation and visual effects.