Frozen Wins Golden Globe Award

Foundation of art Disney film “Frozen” won multiple awards on film festivals. This animated musical won the hearts of children and adults alike. Golden Globe award in the category of Best Animated Film was won by Frozen.

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best student award 2

VEDA announces “Student of the Semester” award

Today VEDA announces the Student of the semester award. The award is a genuine effort to recognize the efforts of the students which they do in the entire semester. The prize of the award is yet a surprise.Maya

According to the HR, Ms Ketaki Pole “this award will be awarded to the students who are consistent with their efforts. The students will be monitored on the parameters of attendance, portfolio quality, internal marks along with university marks etc”.

The student receiving highest marks for the overall parameters will be declared as the winner at the end of Semester Examinations.

So best of luck to all the students & may the best performer win.

head over heels

Kudos to the entire team of the movie. Head over Heels, is the name of the movie made by a group of animation students from National Film and Television School in the UK.

It is a 10-minute stop-motion animated short film written and directed by Timothy Reckart at the National Film and Television School. A team of eleven students made the film over the course of 15 months.

The movie is about a couple who are married and after many years of marriage, husband and wife have grown apart: he lives on the floor and she lives on the ceiling. They live separate, parallel lives, never talking, barely even looking at each other. And finally putting their love life back on the track.
Maya The movie has already won certain award nominations already which include:

1. Best Film (Jury Prize), Best Film (Audience Prize), Best Student Film (Audience Prize), Anima Mundi, 2012.
2. Best Short Film and Crystal Heart Award, Heartland Film Festival, 2012.
3. Best Animated Short, Austin Film Festival, 2012.
4. Audience Award, Hiroshima International Animation Festival, 2012.
5. Best Short Film, Dinard Festival Of British Film, 2012.
6. Audience Award For Best Short Film, Animage Festival, 2012.

The movie is a product of tireless work of students while studying at their college; it definitely will boost the morale of every student across the globe who want to make their career in animation. The movie is a result of team work of 11 students so teaches us the need of team work in animation world.

College of Visual Effects,Design & Art, VEDA as one of the best college of animation wishes Best of luck to the movie to win the Oscars.

Disney’s Paperman movie is made in pure 2D animation & is directed by John Khars. When describing the inspiration for the film’s unique style of animation, Kahrs stated, Foundation of art “We brought together as best we could the expressiveness of 2D drawing immersed with the stability and dimensionality of CG”.

I m sure after seeing the movie you will realize that True Love Never Leaves you Alone.

The movie is in black n white & yet without any colour, it leaves a clear impression that the future of 2D animation is still really bright.

Video courtesy: Youtube