To VEDA its students’well-being is on top priority. To make life east, our residential facilities are located mostly inside the campus and those outside are close by. Hostels within the campus are segregated gender-wise with two largecapacity boys-hostel which includes a VIP hostel and one means for the girls. These maintain utmost hygiene and comfort at all times

The campus is constantly watched by our security staff physically in addition to 150 odd close-circuit day-night cameraswhich monitor activities on the campus 24*365. Besides this, high perimeter walls all around the campus ensure privacy with only a select few allows inside.

Living on the campus during college days introduces you to a new way of life. You build friendships, expand your social horizons, and better understand yourself as also others.

Want to experience campus life with the promises of develop your people skills and inner personality?

We strongly recommend you to join VEDA, live in the College hostel and eat in its canteen. Life after this will never be the same!

As for food, there is the hostel canteen. There are also tiffins from the tiffin centres in the neighborhood adjoining the campus. The latter can be tweaked according to your taste and brought straight to your room! In all most normal meals range from Rs. 25.00 to 50.00 per meal.

The hostel offers accommodation to suit your every need. These include

VIP Boys Rooms : Executive Rooms with ground facing airy living space, including 4 – beds Study Table, Attached wash room and Internet connections. Fees range is Rs. 48,000 to Rs. 50,000 Per Year.

– Golden Jubilee Hostel : Economy Rooms for students with 4 to 6 Beds sharing. Typically hostel fee range is Rs. 26,000 to Rs. 30,000 Per Year.

Azam Campus where VEDA is located is just a stone’s throw away from the most fashionable shopping address in Pune, MG Road. Most students prefer to go there walking thus reducing the need for one’s own vehicle.
Our campus, especially our hostels is home to sincere and studious people who have spent time money and efforts to be here. As such we demand Discipline very strictly.

Accommodation in the campus hostels is subject purely to its availability. First come, first serve. Every year large number of national and international students apply for college’s hostel accommodation, but due to limited rooms we can serve only limited numbers.If you happen to miss the hostel accommodation or are interested in staying outside the college, there are options like PG, sharing flats, hostels on per-bad basis etc.

The admission staff of VEDA will help you to find the right accommodation and help make your stay most comfortable.

Where you want to apply for the campus hostel accommodation or are seeking help regarding residential facilities around the college, do contact our residential coordinator Mr. Swatantra Jain. You could send a mail at or call on 020 640 13 441.