For students, there are many ways to get involved in life outside of the classroom at VEDA.

The Student Life team strives to engage each student in innovating, creating, and developingideas using a student-centered approach. Our mission is to connect our community through dialogue, co-curricular experiences, and student engagement on every possible level.student

The campus committee of Student’s Life connects the students with various social activities like leadership workshops and working with global knowledge projects like free software club, Wikipedia club, TalentHouse team, Entrepreneurship Club etc.

We’ll not only guide you along the way but also encourage you to learn something meaningful from the experience.

The major clubs under Student’s development programs are:

VEDA Languages: Students of VL are expert   sin foreign languages like English, French etc. FLC club coordinators help students build competence in the language of their choice through various interactive programs.6

VEDA Sports:  Sportsperson students of the cell encourage others to come to the field and participate in various championships from time to time. It is great fun to be in VEDA Sports!

VEDA Creative: Creativity of this group is at its peak. They see what we can’t visualize and do what we can’t think. Involved as they are in all sorts of creative practices, they create the benchmarks at VEDA.

VEDA Wikis: Members of this club are experts and true lovers of Wikipedia and projects like Wikimedia commons. The club members are actively involved in donating creative photos and articles on Wikipedia.

picVEDA Scholars: Highly dedicated to their studies, they are intensely involved in exploring the art from top to down, revealing secrets of software and media. Their research papers always carry the tag “out-of-the-box”.

VEDA 4 Society: A CSR club of students who share the joy of sharing their time and knowledge for the betterment of society, the tag line of this club is “why do we condemned darkness, let’s instead light a lamp”.