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Student Residential life

Our students’ well-being is a top priority for VEDA College. Our residential facilities are located mostly inside the campus to make life easy, and those outside are close by. Our campus has several girls hostels with all necessary facilities. The boys hostel is at a 5 min walk from the college.Armed with 150+ CCTV cameras on the campus, our campus security staff works hard to ensure safety for all.

Living on the campus during college days introduces you to a new way of life. You build friendships, expand your social horizons, and better understand yourself as also others.Want to experience campus life with the promises of developing your people skills and inner personality?

  • We strongly recommend you to join VEDA, live in the college hostel, and use its canteen.
  • As for food, there is the hostel canteen. There are also tiffins from various tiffin centers at very reasonable charges in the neighborhood. The latter can be tweaked according to your taste and brought straight to your room!
  • Our campus hostels offer accommodation to suit all your needs. These include –
  • VIP Boys Rooms: Executive Rooms with ground facing airy living space, including 4 beds, study table, attached washroom and Internet connection. The charges fare in the range of Rs. 48,000 to Rs. 50,000 per year.
  • Golden Jubilee Hostel: Economy Sharing Rooms for students with 4 to 6 beds. Typically this hostel fee range is from Rs. 26,000 to Rs. 30,000 per year.
  • Azam Campus, where VEDA is located, is just a stone’s throw away from the most fashionable shopping address in Pune, MG Road. Most students prefer to go there walking, thus reducing the need for one’s own vehicle.
  • Our campus, especially our hostels, are home to sincere and intellectual people who have spent time, money and efforts here. As such, we demand strict discipline.
  • Accommodation in campus hostels is subject to its availability on a first-come-first-served basis. Every year, many national and international students apply for hostel accommodation. Due to limited rooms, we can help only limited numbers. Suppose you miss the hostel accommodation or are interested in staying outside the college, there are many options like PG, sharing flats, hostels on a per-bed basis in the vicinity.
  • VEDA’s admission staff will help you find the right accommodation and help make your stay most comfortable.

To apply for campus hostel accommodation or seek help regarding residential facilities around the college, contact our residential coordinator Mr. Swatantra Jain (+91 8888808544). You could also send an email to


International Hostel 90
F. A Hostel 100
F.B Hostel 136
RG Hostel 148
NG 1 Hostel 104
NG 2 Hostel 76
Dental Hostel 80
VIP Hostel 72
MMERC Hostel 132
New Boys Hostel 160
B. A Boys Hostel 272
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