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For those of you who are into the field of animation for some time, in all likelyhood there may be a realization that it is time to increase one’s knowledge base and information. It is but natural given the field itself and the way it has grown in terms of work and areas it now covers. Software and means of production especially digital ones come and go with the speed of light making it imperative to be on top of the learning curve. At the same time, the very basic of what is entertainment undergoes a change very frequently.

In such a scenario, provided you have a B.Sc. degree in Animation, going ahead with a MSc in Animation or M.A. in Animation makes a lot of sense where you do it from the best animation institute in India. The-Hidden-Benefits-of-a-Degree-in-animationMind you,3D softwares like Autodesk Maya must be included in the course ! So if it is Maya you want to specialize in, there are some really good animation colleges in India giving certifications in MSc in Animation or M.A. in Animation!

Most of you would ask questions, its utilization, efficacy and the likes. Today we tell you the finer points in why it makes sense to do a specialization in Animation in the form of a MSc in Animation or M A in Animation.

An extra qualification is always an asset:

There is nothing like an over-qualification in the field of animation. With the way the industry moves and technology changes, one has to be constantly on one’s toes. That being the case a MSc in Animation or M A in Animation is only a stepping stone to better things in future.

A further qualification helps you specialize

in niche areas in the field: Animation is a vast, vast field which is growing exponentially in every msc or m a in animationdirection. Fresh fields and specialization herein come up with the speed of light and the only way to keep up is to have the right qualification from the right animation school. A M.Sc. in Animation or M A Animation like Pune’s famed Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Education Society’s (MCES) PA Inamdar College of Visual Effects, Design and Art.

Employers look at you positively where you have the right qualifications:

Animation companies need all kinds of employees and given the size and complexity of work they do, novel a qualification such as a M Sc Animation or M A in Animation with super-specialization is always very, very welcome. A M Sc in Animation or M A in Animation is a much sought-after though hard-to-get qualification and hence makes sense to get at the earliest.


Money worth spent to learn a new or existing subject where done from the proper place:

Instead of trying your hands at a new-fangled course from a yet-to-be-recognized or barely-recognized institute, why not do the real thing from the real place? A M Sc in Animation or M A in Animation from a recognized animation college such as Pune’s famed Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Education Society’s (MCES) PA Inamdar College of Visual Effects, Design and Art. It has all it takes to give you the right qualification such as a great, great ambience (on a 24 acre campus right at the heart of the city!), great teaching staff and infrastructure, world-class libraries and lots, lots more. Visit it in person to know more and for a start, visit www.veda-edu.com

You could yourself become a teacher:

A Master in Science, M Sc or Master in Art, M A in short in any subject, is the sought-after qualification for any teacher and more so where the subject is as technical and demanding as animation. Where you intend to teach and think you know the subject inside-out, better go for  a M Sc in Animation or M A in Animation from the right place. Put your heart and soul into it and you shall surely end-up being the most sought-after teacher in animation at possibly the best Animation institute of your city if not the country!

You could go out of your present circle and get the job of your choice. E.g. going out of the country:

Where you intend migrating for the sake of employment in the field of animation, a M Sc in Animation or M A in Animation could well be your passport to a great job abroad given that there are not many specialists in the field with a M Sc in Animation or M A in Animation. This is provided you do it from the right place which has international recognition and credentials to show.

We hope the above points point to the direction you ought to take i.e., getting Masters in Animation!


Happy studying! May your career be as resplendent as the sun!

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