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The University of Bradford, located in the city of Bradford, West Yorkshire Northern England came about in 1966 but its origins date back to the early 19th century. There are two campuses: the main campus located on Richmond Road and the School of Management, at Emm Lane.

The student population includes 10,525 undergraduate and 3,050 postgraduate of which 22% are foreign from over 110 countries. For the B.Sc. in Animation, the University of Bradford has, for the year 2015, 280 seats

The B.Sc in Animation from the University is also called “B. Sc (Hons) in Computer Animation and Visual Effects of 4 years”. This is a full-time course of 4 years which includes one year of placement and is highly suited for International Students.

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You may be tempted to ask, why the University of Bradford for the B.Sc. in Animation?

Well. the answer is

–   Of the pass-outs in the year 2012, an astounding 92% were employed or took up further studies- within 6 months of graduating! And those who found employment got a stating remuneration of in excess of £15,000.00.

–   Access to some of the most advanced software including Autodesk Maya, Motion Builder, the Foundry’s Nuke, Vicon Optical Motion Capture and Mudbox. Entrants may indulge themselves in professional-style production projects as part of their course replicating the real industrial experience.

–  One year in appropriate employment and which in the past included Disney Interactive and Redstar.

–   The Alumni of this institution are now important figures in the animation and games development fraternity with some doing work for features such as Avatar, Tron: Legacy, and the Batman and Harry Potter series. Some also have found employment in organisations such as Escape Studios, DreamWorks, Red Star 3D, Framestore, NCS Creative, Cubic Motion, Pinewood, Universal Live, and broadcasters such as the BBC and Channel 4. Still others have found employment as games designers, artists and testers, animation apprentices, 3D modellers, editors, graphic designers, new media consultants.

The four year B.Sc. in Animation from Bradford University begins with an introduction to 2D and 3D computer animation on industry-standard resources so as to familiarize the studentsB.sc animation course at VEDA animation college with the technologies of the trade. Also taught would be to observe and draw, photography, visual communication theory and digital imaging.

Into the second year, the students would be expected to recreate elements such as fire and rain through scripting; work with motion-capture technology; create live footage from composite graphics as also experiment with effective use of audio alongside your visual project work.

The third and final year would involve a flexible course allowing the students to select projects of their choice so as to become a specialist therein.

Admission criterion to the B.Sc. in Animation would include

–          A minimum 160 points from 2 full A levels, there being no specific subject requirements.

–          GCSE English Language and Maths at grade C.

–          English language requirements would include an IELTS score of 6 or its equivalent.

–          A personal interview based on the statement furnished by the aspirant and fulfillment of admission criterion. For the same, the aspirant must carry his/ her latest portfolio to readily demonstrate their skills and abilities as well as interest.

The University of Bradford does seem a great place to study B.Sc. in Animation.

Where you aspire to get an education on similar lines in India, VEDA would be the right place to approach. We hold B.Sc. in Animation of 3 years duration affiliated to the YCMOU University and would be more than happy to answer all our queries.  The college provide best academic facilities to the students with 100% placement assistance.  VEDA  animation college also conduct certificate course and Diploma course in 3d animation.

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