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Review of B.Sc animation from  Pune university

12th Examinations are over in Maharashtra and elsewhere, and students along with their parents hunting for right course for career. Everyone knows that animation and media is a hot cake now a days. Career in animation is very bright; it has wide scope of creativity and huge earning potential. So keeping all such things in minds students and parents make lot of enquiries for searching a good Bachelor degree in animation and multimedia.

In India, few years before, animation courses were being offered by private institutes. But now as the demand for skilled animators are increasing day by day, many universities are offering various degrees in animation and other visual element designs. And since the choice is available, parents are selecting university animation courses over any private courses & Institutes.

Some of the most popular universities, offering degrees in animation, media and other visual arts are:

• Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra University
• Karnataka State Open University
• Manipal University
• Karnataka State Open University IGNOU
• Mahatma Gandhi University
• Punjab Technical University

These universities are offering degrees in animation like bsc in animation, BA in Animation, M.Sc. in animation, MA in animation etc. Most of them are offering these degrees under open and distance learning mode.

image of bsc animation courses in pune at VEDA

Recently, about 2 years back India’s oldest and  renowned university, The University of Pune, has  also launched B.Sc. Degree in animation, under  the faculty of science. According to University “The consumer demand of high quality animation and visuals has fueled the growth of the animation industry in this decade. The visual artist with excellent design and computer animation skills and a firm understanding of animation technology. They are producing stunning visuals for games, multimedia, web, television and documentaries. This proposed degree program is focus on developing student’s creativity and the skills in the areas of design, computer animation, simulation, and advertisement etc. using cutting edge software. Successful graduates will complete a professional quality demo and able to prove animation abilities.”

Though because of its reputation, doing a degree in animation (B.Sc. in Animation) from Pune University is like a dream come true for most of the students, When I saw the curriculum and rules drafted by the university, I felt the entrance scope is very limited in this course.

I completely understand the critical process of drafting and preparing a new course by any good university like University of Pune , for which I have very high regards and respect. However I feel the rules and regulations drafted by the university for B.Sc. in animation are little tough and hard and may prevail creative students to make use of this course offered by Pune University.

First and foremost I wanted to make it clear that it is just my personal opinion and not the official comment or allegation against any university including university of Pune.

Under the present rules and regulation 2012 B.Sc. Animation from Pune University the rules of admissions are as follows:

1. Eligibility: Students must be HSC (or Equivalent ) with any three subject such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Geography, biology, etc.

But I personally feel that animation is a creative and artistic field, it has nothing much to do with students current educational background, I have seen many creative students from Arts and even commerce field and if given a chance they can perform much better than any other student.

2. Entrance test is compulsory by the college for B.Sc. animation which is based on the topics related with awareness of information technology, skill of visualization, lateral / create thinking, , English, non verbal reasoning & verbal reasoning.

Here I have seen that most of the creative students come from drawing (Artistic) background from fine arts schools and their command over English and reasoning may be weak. In this case such kind of creative student may feel difficulty to clear the entrance test. In my views the even if the entrance test is important for this degree in animation, it should focus exploring creativity skills, drawing and visual thinking of the candidate.

3. Even after the entrance test, a Merit list for admission is prepared by considering 50 % of total Marks obtained in Entrance Examination and 50 % of total Marks obtained in 12th or equivalent Examination ( Mentioned in eligibility criteria ).

Which makes it harder for a low scorer in 12th class to get in to this animation degree course by Pune University. However as per the syllabus documents, university and govt. of Maharashtra has full rights to give relaxation in the rules.

4. The medium of instruction for the course shall be English. This will make difficult for students from non English background to understand the lectures and subject in detail.

UG & PG Animation Degree

On the qualification of the faculties also university has made following rules to become the trainer (Faculty) for teaching b.sc animation:

1) M.Sc. ( Computer/electronics/Mathematics/Statistics /Physics) along with Minimum 2 years
diploma in Animation or any equivalent degree in Animation.
2) M.C.A.. ( Science/Engineering ) along with Minimum 2 years diploma in Animation or any
equivalent degree in Animation. Along with above mentioned qualifications, Qualifying in NET /SET examination is essential as per UGC & university rule.

In my views such kind of combination is not only difficult to find for the college but also increase the shortness of talent.
One more interesting fact about the B.Sc. in animation course offered by Pune University is, except one or two universities, none of the other universities mentioned above in my article included programming languages like C and Python in the first year on the course.
To summarize, creative students from non science background who want to make their career in animation field, should look some other options as university of Pune has not made any options for you to do degree in animation. However the good news is, India’s other reputed universities are offering B.Sc. in animation courses for non science students as well.

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