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Recognition of Degrees


Equivalence of Degrees awarded by Open and Distance Learning (ODL) Institutions are at par with the conventional Universities / Institutions (Regular Degrees)

Dear Students and Parents,

In our country there has been always a big debate and confusion between the authority and validity of a degree awarded under an Open and Distance Learning program and that awarded by a regular university. Lack of awareness amongst the public (Students & Parents) at large means there exist false notions and dual standards. For clarity’s sake, we mention below the Govt. Policy in this regard.

A letter sent by the University Grant Commission (U.G.C.) under reference # F. No. UGC/DEB/2013 dated 14 October 2013 to the Registrars / Directors of all universities in India clearly mentions that the Government of India has envisaged a great role for the Open and the Distance Education System. The envisioned role may be fulfilled by recognizing and treating the Degrees/Diplomas/Certificates awarded through open /distance mode at par with the degrees obtained through the formal system of education ie., though regular colleges /universities.

Open and Distance education in India is contributing in a big way to the expansion of Higher Education and is helping achieve the targeted GER without compromising on quality. Complete lack of recognition or recognizing as inferior, the qualification conferred by ODL Institutions for the purpose of promotion/employment and pursuing higher education may prove a deterrent to many learners and will ultimately defeat the purpose of Open and Distance Education.

A circular issued by UGC (letter F-1 No 52/2000 (CPP II) – Dated May 05, 2004) mentions that theDegrees/Diplomas/ Certificates awarded by Open Universities in conformities with UGC notification of degrees be treated as equivalent to corresponding award given by the traditional universities of the country too bolsters this fact.

These notifications are proof enough that students obtaining degrees under Open and Distance education have the same level of recognition and value as those issued by regular universities and that no one can discriminate the former based on this fact.

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You can also download the attached PDF copy of UGC letter for your ready reference.

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