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Presidents Message

Dear Students,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to the College of Visual Effects, Design & Art (VEDA).The economic scenario worldwide, as you may be aware, is changing rapidly. What was modern yesterday is currently obsolete. In these times, our industry needs trained manpower who can innovate on their feet rather than merely following the crowd.

At the VEDA College, our goal is to produce this kind of talent, which is also a thorough professional besides being young and dynamic. Our students are trained and nurtured in an atmosphere which is creative, harmonizing and challenging to tackle the intense competition both at home and abroad. My firm belief comes from our experience that once our students set about achieving their goals, they are next to none in achieving the success they aim for.

My best wishes to the new batch of emerging design and animation professionals. I wish you all a fulfilling education and a bright future ahead. May you have a life full of opportunities and a career brimming with professional satisfaction.

P.A. Inamdar,
M.C.E. Society Pune

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