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Graphic Designing The most recent development in the web-designing and graphic-designing industry revolves around providing the best User Interface design in the web media. Every website is thriving to give the users the best possible experience by applying the principles of User Interface Design. This parameter is marking the difference between an ordinary and user-friendly website. Here are some tips to create the best User interface Design for the web market.

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UG & PG Animation DegreeJapanese Animation has transcended borders and has reached the Cuban shores. ‘Manga’ as its popularly known in Cuba, has been popular among teenagers and more so with girls. The many famous animated series like Naruto, Hunter X Hunter and One Piece are being released in the version of DVDs for the Cuban Market.

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The most ornamented studio with Academy awards more than anyone – Disney studios celebrated after winning two Oscars after a long gap as the Nuke      recent winners were Pixar & Dreamworks.  Disney won the two Academy awards in the category of Best Animated Feature Film- “Frozen”

& Best Original Song- “Let It Go” from the same movie.

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PSquare, an American Pop duo has announced the launch of an animated TV series titled “The Alingos”. Psquare is also launching an app to connect and interact with their numerous fans and followers around the world as well as their flagship project The Alingos series. The animation is created by Spore Dust Media.UG & PG Animation Degree

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There is a huge scope of animation in the future. An animation is a century old art and has evolved over the years from Mickey Mouse to Avatar. As over a billion-dollar industry, an animation is used by all communication mediums and there is a huge demand for skilful animator professionals in the market.

UG & PG Animation DegreeCheck what John Lasseter says about future of animation.

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UG & PG Animation DegreeAre you creative at heart and do not want to join traditional jobs, then, animation is the field for you. Animation is an exciting and fun profession and this century is considered the age of entertainment and animation. Animation market value is in billions and you have a huge opportunity in the industry.

Learn Animation and prepare yourself for a thrilling Career in Animation and Multimedia

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The web has plenty of resources for animation students and professionals and also enthusiasts alike. Now, very few are resourceful and are just a Nuke      marketing gimmick of the parent sites. The animators need guidance in every step from learning, creating, marketing their work. Animators are also on the lookout for the right jobs for them based on their portfolio. For these specific requirements, there are very few genuine websites which are really useful for them.

Here is a list of the 10 most useful websites for animators  on the net:


11 Second Club is a animation competition website. It has updates and news of the industry. The website has over 1,25,000 members. There are resources for animators which will help you to create animations for the competition. generally, contests on themes are held in every month.


Animation World Network with the initials of AWN is one of the most popular websites for animation students and professionals alike. The website in visited by students, professionals, producers, ethusiasts and kids too. It covers all the sectors present in the animation industry.


Cartoon Brew is a highly resourceful blog for animation industry. It has news, events, film releases and related blogs. The website also features top animators, authors writing on the animation industry. It has extensions over feature films, TV serials, music videos and short films.


Animation Forum is the most popular forum for animators. With an existing 13,000 members, the forums have topics ranging for professionals and students. They have regular posts through co-ordinators and members with useful information from the users; for the users.


CG Society is the largest resource for CG artists and has the biggest forum for digital animators and artists. With numerous numbers of members and co-ordinators, this website works as a platform for portfolio showcase for professional and amateur digital artists on the web.


Big Cartoon DataBase is the database for cartoons on the web. The data is ideally synchronized and is available in yearly, popularity and creator parameters. The database is vast and has also many otherwise lost resources of the past. It also includes 3D, 2D and many other available mediums.


Animation Industry DataBase is the on the lines of Internet Movie DataBase, while the former is for the animation industry and the latter is of real-life action film. It has an authentic database including all the animation films in all the available mediums from all over the world.


Toonopedia of Don Markstein is the web encyclopedia of all related to cartoons, comics strips and animation. Founded in the 1999, the website has evolved as the digital of all things related to toons or cartoons. It has a huge database of books related to cartoons and animation.


CG Tantra is an online platform or forum for computer graphics and animation. It has included all the mediums like 2D, 3D, digital and also mixed media. The website also provides animation related news, resources, articles, videos and much more. It also has plenty of registered members.


All About Animation is the resource place for all things related to animation. It has updated in types of news, articles, videos, and film releases. The website also features interviews and guiding tips of top and recognized animators and professionals working in the animation industry.

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image of web desiging courses in pune at VEDASiggraph saw 3D content creation for the internet. Web-based 3D content may be the next big thing, according to market research.

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Mr. Magoo – A Shout Factory release


Audio-Editing-CourseShout Factory in association with Sony Pictures are slating to release in DVD format. A bunch of 53 shorts were made between the years 1949 to 1959. The DVD will also include 1001 Arabian nights – a Magoo feature film in it also.

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