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Switch on any gadget with a User Interface in the form of a screen and most of time, if not all, there is a possibility that you shall see one or the other animated character!

Besides the fact that most of these characters are out-right cute, are there any other reason for their popularity?

Well, there certainly is. Read on……2D & 3D Animation

–          Increase in the volume of business. You could remember the names of some of the animated movies made 2 decades back. Today, you would require your fingers to count them. A decade from now, even that luxury would be gone! Riding on a year-on-year growth close to 10% on a base of USD 220 billion in 2013, this is one industry which promises humongous growth which can mean only one thing. More jobs and more employment and more fun!

–          Increase in the complexity of business. A decade back, all that you saw in the name of animation were movies from known studios like Disney, Industrial Light and sound to name a few. Now, animation has a younger brother larger than itself called Sci-fi. Actually, it was always around. It got into prominence in the last few years due to systems, software and needs which have grown so huge that it was not possible to replicate it in reality. Movies like the Terminator series, Total Recall and the likes involving sci-fi of the foreseeable future depend heavily on animation and VFX which adds to the movie’s worth as also aiding the studios’ bottom lines.

–          Gadgets. Humans are not satisfied with movie screens, TV screens and computer screen anymore. If we had our way, everything which could show information would have a screen like a watch, a book, a mobile phone, a wallet, a match box……the possibility is endless. Try making animations for each of these formats…and understand the potential it holds in terms of employment! One word comes to mind. Humongous!

–          Cost cutting. If there is one thing which an animation (2D, 3D or as many Ds you can add!) can do which real action movies with real actors in real locale can’t, it is costs reduction, besides of course stretching the canvas and narratives into crazy dimensions. You can’t replicate actors, locations and set-ups as these are part of the movie. But these are rarely used in animation where all the action happens in a closed studio! The end result? Cost saved, time saved, efforts saved and add to the fact that these animations can be scaled-up or down to suit the medium be it a film screen or a tab screen.M.A. in Multimedia Animation 

–          Areas of application:  Simulators. Used by practically all the countries in the world to train prospective drivers, airline/ air force pilots and locomotive pilots is one example of using animation to train people without putting lives at risk and wasting money training on the real thing. Even the displays on most aircrafts these days which fly on the fly-by-wire mode use a lot of animation to get the information across to pilots. For that matter, any activity which needs prior planning like building a house and doing the interiors too use animation to form what is called a “walk-through” experience.


With respect to movies and entertainment, the way animation seems to be replacing real-life images, there may be a time in the foreseeable future when the need for real, flesh and blood actors may be done away completely and we may just be cheering another Archie Andrew kind of character who may live even after most of us have walked away into the setting sun.

To quote a Chinese curse, “may you live in interesting times”! How interesting it is just depends on one’s perception. Imaging asking an actor who has just lost his job to an animated character, for an autograph!

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The employment prospect in the field of animation and allied activities seems humongous!

The, our third installment in the field give you a lowdown on some more possibilities where you want to join the interesting and lucrative field of animations.

Read on…..and take the right steps…

Background Painter:

Dholakpur, Chotta Bheem’s village. It just reminds you of your own Grandpa & Grandma’s little village, high up in the hills with clouds and greenery to give company. Even to the adults and elderly, the village setting is a reminder of times when life was a lot easy. To bring about such details is then the handiwork of one they call the “Background Painter”. Depending on the requirements, most background painters work either in animation studios or film production studios and at times even in gaming studios. Besides being proficient in using computers and various software(s), a background painter ought to be good at sketching, drawing and painting.


As the name suggest, these are the folks who make the toons! Yes, they are the ones who draw and sketch the toons, and draw the models based on which the final toons are formed. The drawing can be by hand or through a computer though the basic requirement of knowing how to draw and illustrate remains.

In addition, they can be called to create and color background scenes and color patterns. As regard qualification, given the way animation and VFX has progressed, most employers insist that their future employee have a recognized qualification in illustration, anatomy, photography, graphics, drawing and painting among others along with a year or two of work experience in a relevant industry.

Character Animator:

An animator in its truest sense, they give the fluid-like motion to animated character like Chotta Bheem when he beats up Kalia Pehelwan! Bringing to life cartoons, animations and drawings seems easy but in reality is anything but easy. For this, in addition to knowing the right software like Flash, lightwave, Maya, they need to have a good hold over anatomy. Understanding how the body works, be it of humans or animals along with a good sense of geometry is the least one needs in this trade. Most of these come with experience which makes work experience very, very crucial as well.

They work in a team and see to it that every aspect of an animation strip is in sync with each other and the environment.

Given their specialization in a wide area, they have a huge field to themselves, be it film and video production, advertising, PR, software publishers, computer systems designing, graphic designing, game designing etc..

Effects Animator:

As is obvious from the name itself, these are the folks who add features both natural and otherwise to animated films and give it the effect. This is one field where the knowledge of painting, sketching etc takes a back seat and really needs to have a thorough knowledge of software(s) such as Nuke, Renderman, Mantra, and Houdini besides others. The raw stock in this trade called “art and design” comes from the art-related department which are then given the effect using a mix of 3D, 3D, lighting etc by the effects animator. They are part of a team consisting of art directors, creators, etc responsible for delivering a particular look.

Given that VFX both in 2d and 3D is the in-thing, this field has a good growth potential in places like animation studios, ad agencies, film and video production units, gaming companies and web and graphic design firms.

Do these jobs sound interesting? If so, do contact us at http://www.veda-edu.com/ to know more!

And yes, the hunt does not end only here! There is more to animation than meets the eye!UG & PG Animation Degree

So, keep your eyes peeled for more interesting info regarding careers in animation and VFX!

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Imagine yourself being a dentist trying to explain the sorry state of affairs existing in your client’s mouth. Or worse, a gastroenterologist trying to explain to your client the pathetic and painful condition forming in areas one is not too happy talking about.

Jokes and jibes aside, these are serious concerns that need to be addressed in a form both the Specialist and Client can understand while being on the same plane.

To their aid comes the new field in medicines. Medical Animation. No human intervention has increased the quality of human life more than medicines and nothing explains medicines better than Animation! Why? Because a picture explains a concept much better than a thousand words.2D & 3D Animation

Medical Animation involves putting forth accurate and inspirational medical graphics and animations which are intended to inform, educate and explain products and processes.

Specialized agencies have now sprung up which have on their board seasoned doctors with a passion for animation and graphics. Bringing all factors together is a well-drafted script and humongous amount of research and reference. What you get at the end is a well designed high-quality animation which gives accurate information in a manner which would interest both a layman as well as a medical practitioner.

What then have been the factors which have brought these changes?

  • Availability of technology in the field of medicines: Pin-hole surgeries, lasers, miniaturized cameras to go within the body etc. are some of the ways by which even the most difficult procedures can be filmed.
  • Availability of technology in the field of animation: 2D, 3D, high-end software, computers etc are just some of the technology which have made it possible to visualize the procedures and reactions that the body might be subjected to.
  • Availability of infrastructure to animate, record and transmit these animations. In the west, the existing where-with-all is good enough to create these animations but it is slowly trickling down to other not-so-well-to-do countries as well. Every country has its set of unique challenges that need to be dealt with individually and this is where a developed local infrastructure helps
  • Need to reduce costs and get information across vast distances, fast: Technologies like computers and the internet have seen to it that the final product can be made as per demand, fast and transmitted over very, very long distances thus reducing costs of medication in a big way.
  • Need to make technology accessible to all involved: Gadgets are no more the preserve of the rich and resourceful. Being relatively cheap with adequate capacity to host animated videos, they now do what till some time back was the exclusive preserve of medical practitioners in the western world.

What has the result of this revolution ?Foundation of art 

  • By using social media, a subject is accessible to a whole population instead of one individual. You cannot hide behind jargons, technicalities and talk of costs anymore!
  • Persons affected are more interested to know of their afflictions and that too in real time with the use of the best of technology making their experience very good. Not only is the condition explained with the latest available solution but it also leaves scope to explain the future trends and evolutions. These can be an educational, entertaining and engaging experience.
  • The tone of the presentation is more like a story or a documentary which can be radically different from a normal patient-doctor relationship. Doctors being busy individuals, penetrating queries can be time consuming. The field of medicines too is undergoing transformation at a quick pace and not all Medical Practitioners can be expected to keep pace. One good way to keep all abreast with the latest technology is by making relevant animation series.
  • Tough to replicate actions and procedures as also those which involving individual privacy can well be shown easily and with minimal issues.
  • Lengthy procedures can be made like a full-length movie.
  • These animated series remain in public domain for all times to come
  • Every doctor thus becomes a recipient and donor of valuable information.

So the next time you fall ill, where do you go? A doctor or youtube?

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Continuing where we left off a few days back, mentioned below are some more avenues opening up in the animation and VFX industry.

Animation and VFX is one fast-growing industry with close to 10% growth Year-on-year. It is not without reason that the demand for trained (and preferably experienced) manpower is at its all-time high.M.A. in Multimedia Animation 


You have an idea of a cartoon character but have no idea of how to go about trying to put life into it. Well, hire an Animator. These are the chaps who bring life to an idea by conceptualize the idea, drawing and illustrating relevant parts to form a narrative, creating a storyboard, designing the entire package and pretty much do everything creative to create an animated character. The main job of an animator in most cases is to put life into an image by playing around with colors, backgrounds, light and shadows and creating an image of motion.

These days with the advent of technology, most of the work is done on machines ie., computers with various kinds of software like AutoDesk, Adobe etc.

3D Modelers:

The word 3D is a short form which expresses the fact that in the real world, everything that exists are measured for space utilized using its physical dimensions which is an amalgamation of its length, width and height.
One field where the concept of 3D is fast catching-up is animation which can be for entertainment like video games, movies, TV serials or stuff you can view on a tab. Besides entertainment, 3D modeling is fast catching up in important areas like training under virtual reality through a simulator, a walk-through for architects, interior decorator and builders, graphic designing, in-silico experiment of any kind etc.3Ds Max and AutoCAD 

3D modelers being more artists than animators, they find work in myriad fields such as excavation for geological studies, civil engineers, healthcare, aviation, strategists in the armed forces and more. Even a crime scene is a potential area for modeling and understanding facts.

Character Rigger:

Ever wondered how the characters in animated movies do obviously crazy stunt but still manage to keep themselves as also the scene in one piece? They never seem to be out-of-pace despite the obvious over-the-top action!
Thank the Character Rigger for this. They are the folks who minutely study the physicality of the onscreen character including the latter’s anatomy and physiology and gel this with the environment so as to derive actions that doesn’t look loud and over-the-top! Anatomy here is of primary importance and a detailed study of the same is carried out to get the best of the character.
Coming to their assistance are some really cool software programs like Motion Builder, Maya and Python. Given their stature within a set-up, they not only assist in the production of animated characters but also assist in fine-tuning and creating software products which suffice their needs.

Usual place of employment? Well, you find them wherever animated characters are produced, be it an animation studio, a games studio, software companies or web designers.

Digital Painter

Working as a part of the production team at animation companies, film production and gaming companies which may, amongst others, include color key artists, compositors and color stylist, a Digital Painter adds colors to 2D animation whether on paper or on a computer and 3D digital images. Their profile necessitates that they have a sharp eye for details re situation and colors. Their activity may include, amongst other things, first cleaning the images which come to them and then using programs like Opus, Illustrator and Photoshop add color to the images.

Do these jobs sound interesting? If so, do contact us at http://www.veda-edu.com/ to know more!

And yes, the hunt does not end only here! There is more to animation than meets the eye!

So, keep your eyes peeled for more interesting info regarding careers in animation and VFX!

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Indian Animation Industry – Animation and Gaming are big businesses in India. The former’s CAGR is close to 25% year on year whereas the latter, hold your breath! grows at a CAGR of 49%! If this is not growth, what is? In absolute terms it grew from INR 61000 crores in 2007 to INR 105200.00 crores in 2013.UG & PG Animation Degree
What have been the main growth engines? These have been the overall increase in the business world wide, part of which gets funneled into India as well. The next has been a huge, trained workforce which by western standards, continues to be very, very cheap but guarantees the best in term of results. As regards gaming, the increase besides the points mentioned here, has also been due to the humongous increase in the demand within the country from various sources be it the traditional mediums like the TV and computers to newer sources like the mobile phones, smart phones, tabs and lap-tops.

Most of the growth in animation business in India has been due to the outsourcing of specific activity to India in a big way. From part players, we are now slowly the centre stage players in this field. This kind of a growth though is not forthcoming from within the country with very limited number of animation films being made for Indian audience. A recent survey terms this as an Indian mentality to spend more on movies and much less on animation as it is still looked upon as stuff for kid’s entertainment. Also, most Indian toons are far too preachy since most find their origins in our mythology and history and very few dealing with contemporary subjects which may be the reason the Far East and the West are still ahead in terms of content given that they rate originality above everything. On this front too, things may change with the change in viewer’s tastes.

Example of some great Animation work by Indian Animation experts.

Life of Pi!VFX

Worth every penny (or pai if you are Indian!) put behind it, this then is the perfect example of animation bring to life, life! A beautiful story which would not have been possible had animation technology not intervened.

At the time of its release, it came as a surprise for most Indians that part of the special effects was brought about by a Bangalore-based Animation studio by the name of Technicolor India.

Another noteworthy movie made possible by this animation studio is “Prometheus”, a somewhat kind of prequel to the 1979 blockbuster, “Aliens”. The former also did good business of USD 403.30 million.

Hoping for the best. Three cheers for the Indian Animation Industry!

Next, we bring to you a feature on the Best Animation Institutes in India!

Till then, enjoy your teens and toons!

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It all started with this one man. Walt Disney. He gave birth to an art which otherwise may have remained static as paintings on any wall. His artistry and foresight put life into hand-sketched forms and created something the world never saw before and has not forgotten ever since. In fact, it has only grown over the years to become an industry which boasts of multi billion USDs worth of business. Supporting this art form in no small measure now are computers, machines, software and mechanization of unthinkable kinds.

2D & 3D AnimationWhen it started off, animation had only a graphic artist making the sketches and someone to roll it together to bring out the effect of movement. All that is now as old as the long-dead-and-gone dinosaurs. Today, with technology, money and manpower, animation rivals (if not dwarfs!) real-life movies with its sheer variety. In fact, it is the normal movies which look-up to animation to help out with difficult-to-do scenes!
Animation was earlier synonymous with entertainment and nothing beyond. Imagine a mickey mouse showing you how to use industrial safety shoes or for that matter, how to correctly fly an aeroplane!

image of bsc animation courses in pune at VEDA

In the first of a series, we present the varied employment opportunities that this amazing industry is bringing fore.
Color Key Artist: Imagine doing an animation on the Taj Mahal where the Taj itself is anything but white! Or doing an underwater scene where the color of the sea is anything but watery! Well, here is where the color key artist comes in. Called variedly as the background painter or look development arstist, the specialize in preparing schemes which go with various light patterns. They also do light rigging.
Compositing Artists: They are the internal vigilance of any animation studio. Also called fault finder, they primarily add the finishing touches to any animation work after carefully looking to find, yes, faults and slip-ups. It is not as simple as it sounds. Picking out finely ingrained faults need an eye for details + knowledge of some complex softwares like Adobe After Effects, Nuke, Shake, Clipgenerator, IFF, Motion. They work in tandem with practically the entire production department like lighting, fx, illustration etc. to get a product that is error free.

Concept artists: Next to the originator of the ideas based on which an animated series is produced, this one tries to keep the whole flow of the idea as close to the original script and idea as possible. They are the arty kind who work with anything from charcoal to pencils and paper to very advanced software. From stuff meant for the military to environment to movies, you find them in any efforts to make animations whether in ad agencies, graphic designers, animation and gaming studios and even printers and publication companies. And yes, with animation growing they way it is, they even work with architects and interior designiers!

Like we mentioned before, these constitute only the tip of the iceberg which comprises the employability in the animation industry.
Watch this space….

Animators: create 2D and 3D images in motion for animated films
3D Modellers: 3D modelers create models for video games

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Television viewers in the time of the grand-old Doordarshan when satellite and DTH were alien, would remember a small DAVP animation snippet which showcased the ill-effects of deforestation and how unity could solve the problem. Titled “Ek Anek Aur Ekta” with a very beautiful song starting with the words “Ek Chidiya, Anek Chidiyan….” it became quite a hit due to its sheer naivety, innocence and simplicity. Released in the year 1974, it was one of the most remembered animation short film in India.

2D & 3D AnimationAnimation came to India initially due to the initiative of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting under the Government of India. It was in the year 1956 that under the American Technical Co-Operation mission, the Government of India invited Clair Weeks of Disney Studios to help in the setting-up of India’s first animation studio. They also made India’s first animation film titled “The Banyan Deer” in the year 1957.

Things never looked back ever since though animation in the Indian context did not catch-up the way movies did. Short snippets like the one mentioned above were churned out intermittently though.

Economic liberalization seemed to have brought with it winds of change which mirrored the more mature markets in the west. Another noteworthy trend in the history of animation was that it started-off with television serials which 20-25 years back had limited budgets and were forced to use animation to cut cost and present the footage in a particular manner. Another interesting trend which enhanced the appeal of animation in India was (and still is) the use of history, mythology and folk-lore. Given India’s cultural depth, it was only a matter of time before subjects like Ramayana, Mahabharata, Lives of legends like Shivaji, Ranapratap etc would find its animated avatars whether in 2D or 3D.

M.A. in Multimedia Animation The year 1986 saw Director Suddhasattwa Basu’s animated television serial “Ghayab Aaya”. The last two decades beginning with the year 1992 has seen a steady stream of animated serials like “The Ramayana- Legend of Prince Ram”. Mentioned below is an exhaustive list in chronological order of Indian Animation / Indian Animated Cartoons series which would surely give you an idea of its significance:

Ramayana: The Legend of Prince Rama (1992)

Pandavas – The Five Warriors (2000)

Bhagmati – The Queen of Fortune First Live Action Animated Feature Film (2005)

Hanuman (2005)


The legend of Lord Buddha (animated film) (2005)

Kittu (2006)

Krishna (2006)

Return of Hanuman (2007)

Dashavatar (2008 film) (2008)

Ghatothkach (2008)

Cheenti Cheenti Bang Bang (2008)

Jumbo (2008)

Bal Ganesh (2007)

Lav Kush – The Warrior Twins (2010)

Toonpur Ka Superrhero (2010)

Ramayana: The Epic (2010)

Koochie Koochie Hota Hain (2011)

Alibaba Aur 41 Chor (2011)

Arjun – The Warrior Prince (2012)

Delhi Safari (2012)

My home is Green (2011)

Chintu Skool (2011)

Sons of Ram (2012)

Once Upon a Time (2013 film) (2013)

Mahabharat (2013 film) (2013)

Delhi Safari (2012)

Bal Ganesh 2 (2009)

Chhota Bheem and the Curse of Damyaan (2012)

Chhota Bheem and the Throne of Bali (2013)

Super K – The Movie (2011)

Lava Kusa: The Warrior Twins (2010)

Baru The Wonder Kid (2010)image of bsc animation courses in pune at VEDA

The Green Chic – Finding Dad (2011)

Crackers (2011 film) (2011)

Pangaa Gang (2010)

Mighty Raju : Rio Calling (2014)


The above list does show that despite its popularity, animation in India continues to be a television phenomenon but that is changing with bigger budgets, better software, trained manpower in plenty and availability of final products at competitive prices. The last is of particular importance as till a while back the animation work was done in the west which invariably was expensive and thus restricted its usage to select big budgeted movies. The recent presence of quality work within India at competitive prices means that in times to come, we shall see in good numbers, full-length 2D/ 3D animation movies and serials of a very, very high standard. Case in point? King Khan’s movies like RA One and Om-Shanti-Om which created new records on the box office!


So…dim your lights, wear your 3D spectacles and …..enjoy the spectacle!

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Animation industry is becoming bigger than IT industry. The IT industry has received a saturation point in its domain and with the huge influx of IT professionals, there has been a stagnation of the growth. On the other hand, with the growth of technology and other visual effects, the animation along with the real action movie industry is gradually increased to a trillion dollar industry from billion dollar industry in the coming years.

Animation Industry

2D & 3D AnimationThe animation industry in India is large & growing. Animation, gaming & web design professionals work on full-length animation movies, create TV commercials, education CDs, games for Internet, mobile, PC or consoles (like PlayStation or Xbox), work in the advertising industry or as web designers in various companies.
The field offers many exciting careers. Upon completion of a career course, you can choose to specialize & work in any of the following segments of the industry.

IT Industry

The Indian Information Technology (IT) and Information Technology enabled Services (ITeS) sectors go hand-in-hand in every aspect. The industry has not only transformed India’s image on the global platform, but image of internet digital marketing courses in pune at VEDAalso fuelled economic growth by energising higher education sector (especially in engineering and computer science). The industry has employed almost 10 million Indians and hence, has contributed a lot to social transformation in the country. There is a lot of scope in Animation Industry.

Furthermore, Indian firms, across all other sectors, largely depend on the IT & ITeS service providers to make their business processes efficient and streamlined. Indian manufacturing sector has the highest IT spending followed by automotive, chemicals and consumer products industries.

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Autodesk helps people imagine, design and create a better world. Everyone—from design professionals, engineers and architects to digital artists, students and hobbyists—uses Autodesk software to unlock their creativity and solve important challenges.

The different software of Autodesk are:Maya 

Maya 2015

Maya 2015 is the integration of the OpenSubdiv Libraries. OpenSubdiv is a huge addition to Maya allowing Maya to take advantage of parallel GPU and CPU processing on Subdivision surfaces. These are the same OpenSubdiv libraries that were open-sourced by Pixar studios. Voxel Geometric Binding is a new skinning method that can bind geometry to joint skeletons. What makes Geodesic Voxel Binding unique is that it can handle really complex meshes easily. Geometric Voxel Binding first voxelizes the input geometry, and uses that voxelization to calculate the binding weights. This is based on the distance between each voxel lying on a bone and all exterior voxels. This produces much smoother weights really quickly – at interactive rates. Because the weighting assignment calculations are separate from the distance calculations, its possible to modify weights interactively at pose time without the need for additional processing.

Max 2015

image of bsc animation courses in pune at VEDAMax 2015 gets support for point cloud data, streamlining the reality capture workflow with certain other Autodesk tools such as Autodesk ReCap, AutoCAD, Inventor, and Revit. With the new point cloud support in Max, you can now create more precise models from real world references. 3ds finally gets python scripting, making it easier to integrate 3ds into a python based pipeline environment.Enhancements have been made to ActiveShade with new support for mental ray, in addition to the iRay support. ActiveShade will let artists see instant results from lighting changes and materials, helping them work faster. The viewport in Max has been completely re-written from the ground up and now offers a substantially faster experience, living up to the name “nitrous”. The viewport in Max has a number of improvements that will accelerate navigation, selection, and viewport texture baking, resulting in greater interactivity, especially with dense meshes and scenes with many texture maps. In addition, anti-aliasing can now be enabled with minimal impact on performance.

Try Autodesk Maya 2015 30 Days free trial

Try Autodesk Max 2015 30 Days free trial


Image © google


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The photo shows images of famous Disney cartoon characters of Animation


Animation in India is growing at fast pace. The market share of  world animation is in trillions whereas the Indian market has already established a billion dollar industry. Along with outsourced works of the top foreign media companies, the Indian counterparts are benching out high quality animation of local content. Along with the big cities of India where Indian animation companies are growing rapidly, the trade is slowly moving in to the smaller tier-2 cities, also.


The photo of banaglore city






Bangalore has become the animation hub of the country. Animation studios of various scales are opening up in the city. 1012 Media, 4 View Studios, Adimaya Animation Pvt.Ltd., Animagicks, Animation Bridge, AniThing Studios, Bangaloretoons, Bionic Informatics Pvt. Ltd., Blue Peral Info Media Pvt. Ltd., CG Gyan Idea Studio Pvt. Ltd., Chimera Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Connoiseur Media, Creative Jungle, Creative Mediapulse Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Deccan Media Pro Pvt. Ltd., DTS Network, Elixir Animations, Eternal Illusions Graphics, Fishbone Productions, Gokaldas UG & PG Animation DegreeExports Ltd., Greendot Digital Films Pvt. Ltd., iFactor Multimedia Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Images Chain Animations, JadooWorks Pvt. Ltd., Ken Multimedia Studios, Keyhole Studios, MediaJenie, Mediateck, Metalearn, Motif, Neo e-Watch Media, Nepathya Communications, Paprikaas Animation Studios, PlaNETsurf Creations.Pvt. Ltd., Pred Solutions, Rainbow Media Pvt.Ltd., Right Brain Design Solutions Pvt. Ltd., RiyazArts, SGS Creations, Shree Media Productions, Stylus Systems Pvt. Ltd., Sunnymedia, Swantha Software Solutions, SynclineFX Pvt. Ltd., Synergy Images Pvt. Ltd., TeamAce Creative Studios, The Odysium, Third Eye, Toon Media Technologies, Vast Studios, Vfxring, Visuals Art Interactive, Xentrix Studios.  Bangalore has top animation colleges and institutes to learn the trade to work in these top animation companies in India.


The photo of chennai city



Chennai is slowly becoming the southern headquarters of Animation and VFX industry. Companies are coming up to Anadocs IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Animation Griffiindor, Axes3 Media Work, Balaji Prakash Infotek Pvt.Ltd., Bhaarath Pragmatics, Black and White Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Blue Moon Studios, Bow and Baan Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Candee Studio, Carbonon Tech Pvt. Ltd., Cause And Effect Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., Sensoftmedia, Shivamaaya, Shy Communications Pvt. Ltd., Signz Chennai India, SmartFX Animation Studios Pvt. Ltd., Prasad Corporation Ltd., Praxis Information Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Protime Chennai India , Rajalakshmi Media Services, Raydrops Animation Studio Pvt. Ltd., Millennium Production India Pvt. Ltd., Moti Animation, Movin Stilz, Target Network Pvt.Ltd., Terminus Graphics Studios, Titalee Digital Studios, Toonwoods Animation. The Animation colleges in Chennai are providing students the skills to work in these top animation companies in India.


The photo of coimbatore city






Coimbatore along with Chennai is becoming the Animation centre of the country. Numerous animation companies are coming up in the city horizon. Some are Apxionz, Budnet, Campus Images, De Creative Media, Fxmediatraining, IACE, IFX, Mark IV Animation Studios, OpalDNext, PAX Animation Studio, Scream Animation Studio, Varnajaala Creative Studio. Many animation colleges are also opening up in this city to create top animators and help them get a job in these top animation companies in India.


The photo of ahmedabad city






VFXAhmedabad in the biggest city in Gujarat. It is growing into a prominent animation spot in the western part of the country along with Mumbai and Pune. The companies like 3dArtIndia, 3rDEye Creative Services, Animotionstudio, Art Effects, Bitscape IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Brain Arts Studio, Chrysalis Communications Pvt. Ltd., Colorbar Productions, D’zire Worx, DigitalEye, E-Telligence Technologies Ltd., Eyecircus Studio Pvt. Ltd., Flying Frames, Hitech Infosoft, Horus Design House, i3 Graphics, Meghna Infotech Pvt. Ltd., SVAS Animizm Studio, Tessell8 Studios, Topolate, Vama Toonz, Varmora Infotech Pvt. Ltd., Vision India, Willings. Animation colleges are coming up in Ahmedabad for helping the students get proper training in Animation and VFX.


The photo of indore city






Indore is slowly becoming the animation hub in the country. Centrally located, many animation companies are opening up like 5 Gates Multimedia Solutions, A4Consultants, Arun Toon Pvt. Ltd., Bracket Entertainment, EBOT Technosoft Ltd., Ecolor Studio, Fluids Work Production, Future Multimedia, Horizon Infotek, Nine Solutions, Pitara studios, Snap Animation Studio, Tuff Animation Pvt. Ltd., Virtual Hue.  Various animation institutes and colleges are also offering courses for the students to get jobs in top animation Companies in India.

Image © google


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