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LEARN PHOTOSHOP ONLINE “FREE” ! Yes You heard right. VEDA College is committed to its social responsibility and we understand that it is not possible for everyone to afford the fee. Google searches for Free Online Photoshop Course is increasing every month. It shows that a lot of students are interested and looking for a free photoshop course nowadays. 

Adobe Photoshop is a widely used industry’s one of the best Photo Editing and Photo Manipulation software. Use of Adobe Photoshop is there in almost all multimedia and advertising industry. Many schools  have added Adobe Photoshop course in their computer syllabus. However there are very few free photoshop courses available on Internet despite of a big demand. YouTube offers many free photoshop courses but it is recorded tutorials and you do not get the opportunity to ask your doubts to the instructors.  We are pleased to offer a comprehensive fundamental Photoshop course for free for needy and deserving students.  If you want to experience the power of this amazing software you are welcome in this course. It is a completely free Photoshop Course along with the college certificate of completion. There is no age bar to apply for this course. Minimum educational qualification is 10th and above. Knowledge of basic english is required.  Please note that this course is taught online and hence you need a speedy internet and computer/laptop at your end with the required software. In case you want to attend the classes physically you need to confirm the batch schedule by visiting the college.

Photoshop free course

About the course

Who should do it?

Free Photoshop Course is ideal for any learner who is new to Photoshop and wants to experience this capabilities of this application. 

What does it cover? 

In this course you will learn how to use Adobe Photoshop. Our mentors will guide you through the user interface and tools of photoshop. You will learn how to edit photos and design cool graphics using  your imagination and applications.  You will get photos and assignments by our mentors.

Key modules

At the end of the course you will present your portfolio/showreel to your mentor to assess your skills and provide you with a Free Photoshop Course Completion Certificate from our college. 

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“I was looking for a free Adobe Photoshop Course on the Internet and I came across VEDA College.Earlier I thought they will just teach me for 6-7 days and that too just basic as it is a free course. But I was wrong! The professors are extremely good and I have learnt more than I have expected. This Free Photoshop Course is 100 times better than many paid courses offered by other institutes. You can trust them blindly “
Chanchal Sethi
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