VEDA Entrance Examinaiton 2017-18 Rules

  1. This examination consists of 100 (one hundred) questions of 1 (one) mark each totaling up to 100 marks
  2. The time duration of the exam is 60 (sixty) minutes from its start.
  3. Your Registration ID is valid only for a single attempt of this examination.
  4. In the eventuality of power failure while the examination is in process, kindly contact on 020-64013441.
  5. Students are not to peruse any other screen, website or reference material as also use a mobile phone for the duration of this examination. If found doing so, the students shall immediately be debarred from the examination.
  6. Candidate(s) is/ are prohibited from bringing any wireless communication device like a cell phone, wireless set etc. to their desk under any circumstances during the examination.
  7. Answer to the questions in the exam are objective-type with a single correct option out of the four stated therein. BEWARE. If you don’t submit your choice, it will not be considered for evaluation.
  8. There is no negative mark in this examination.
  9. No comments, disputes, allegations shall be entertained with respect to the examination procedure, evaluation methodology, marking criteria, questions asked /topics covered in the examination.
  10. To maintain high standards of transparency, we capture information like IP address and install various scripts and cookies related to this examination in your system.
  11. All rights of Examination are reserved with the VEDA Entrance Examinaiton 2017-18 Committee and its decision is final and binding on all those to whom it applies and who stand affected.