Director’s Message

If India is a big canvas of creativity then you are the golden pixels
on it which go beyond adding charm and colour to this canvas. You add
purpose and conviction to it.

Your presence is one of the central reasons the Indian Visual Design
Industry is going through its astounding growth phase. Be it Editing
or VFX, Modelling or Animation, Graphics Designing or UI/UX design,
it’s people like you who are taking your organization(s) and the
country to newer heights.

We welcome you to the Golden Pixel Awards of 2019 and look forward to
your esteemed presence with an assurance that it would indeed be a
wonderful, wholesome day in the August presence of other great Indian
talents like you. These awards are to acknowledge and celebrate the
outstandingly creative talent we have in India in fields such as
Graphics Design, Web Design, Film Crafts, Animation, VFX and Gaming.

The awards ceremony will be held in Pune, a known seat of Education,
Dedication and Knowledge, with the MCE Society, the governing body of
PAI Veda College Pune and the force of inspiration behind this idea,
being at the centre of it.

Once again, we welcome you and all the nominees to this eventful occasion.

Thanking you

Sincerely your


Prof. Rishi Aacharya
M.Sc.-I.T. ,B.Sc. Multimedia
Principal & Director
University D.L. Programmes
MCE Society’s  College of Visual Effects,Design & Art
Ground Floor , Hotel Management Building ,Azam Campus , Camp, Pune 411001

Tel :7276023441/ 7276013441 , Mob : 8888808108

Rishi aacharya


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