We at Azam Campus encourage more Students and Staff members to utilize Wi-Fi facility provided for academic purposes and enjoy Internet access & Online Digital Library on the Laptops/ Tablets/ Smart Phone/PDAs anywhere any time on the campus.

Following is the simple procedure for Wi-Fi Connectivity:

  1. Fill the online form on website wifi.azamcampus.org and note user id.

  2. The manual Wi-Fi form should be filled by user and duly signed by Principal / HOD / Librarian with a copy of latest I-Card for device connection.

  3. The Form should be submitted to Server Room (2ndfloor), MCA Dept. Allana Institute of Management Sciences (Mr Kashyap / Mr Suraj

  4.  The connections will be provided after verification of manual form only. 

  5. Username & password will be sent to registered user’s email I’d.